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Tournament NameGameDate StartedWinnerPrize
The Renegades Gaming October 2023 TournamentBackgammon 3 PT and Shake it FastOctober 1, 2023Shake it Fast winner: TaUrUsRoSe, Backgammon 3 Pt winner: { Player }5 Golderos each
The Renegades Gaming November 2023 TournamentAmerican Rummikub, Hypergammon, Zero G 4IAR, Triple Shake, Mahjong, Ludocrous, Tic Tac Stack, Dice Salvo (only one game started)November 1, 2023Tic Tac Stack winner: { Player }10 Golderos
The Renegades Gaming December Merry XMAS Tourny TournamentBackgammon Fast Game (1 day move)December 1, 2023Backgammon winner: { Player: # }10 Golderos
The Renegades Gaming January 2024 Happy New Year TournamentAcey Deucey, Loco Ochos, Triple ShakeJanuary 1, 2024Acey Deucey winner { Player: # }, Loco Ochos winner: { Player: # }, Triple Shake winner: { Player: # }5 Golderos each game
The Renegades Gaming February 2024 TournamentBackgammon, Shake it Fast, Hanging DiceMan, Ludocrous, Mini Reversi, American Rummikub SadFebruary 1, 2024Shake it Fast winner: TaUrUsRoSe10 Golderos
The Renegades Gaming March 2024 TournamentBackgammon, Shake it FastMarch 1, 2024Backgammon winner: { Player: # } Shake it Fast winner: { Player: # }5 Golderos each

Sitewide Club vs Club Tournaments Winner
The Site Wide CvC June 2023 Tourne-case TournamentThe Renegades Gaming Club
The Site Wide CvC August 2023 Mahjong TournamentThe Wolf Pack Club
The Site Wide CvC Sept 2023 Triple Shake Tournament{ Club }
The Site Wide CvC Oct 2023 Whist Tournament{ Club }
The Site Wide Club vs Club December 2023 Tic Tac Stack Tournament{ Club }
The Site Wide ClubvsClub Janurary 2024 Square Grabble Tournament{ Club }

Club vs Club Challenges

Interclub Results
Team AgainstGame PlayedResultsScoreCompleted Date
The Backgammon Club Revival Team 6 ClubBackgammonWon5-1May 13, 2023
The BACKGAMMON CHALLENGE REVIVAL 2021 ClubBackgammonTie4-4May 31, 2023
The Wolf Pack ClubBackgammonLost15-25October, 2023
The Backgammon Club Revival Team 2 ClubBackgammonTie5-5December 23, 2023
Club Officers
Club Owner: Lorraine of the Renegades
President: mcinturff
Pollster: Zanda
This club is open for anyone to join. However, you do not currently have the required Silver Level Membership needed to join a club. You will need to purchase a Silver Level Membership if you want to join this club.