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Tournament NameGameDate StartedWinnerPrize
The Renegades Gaming October 2023 TournamentBackgammon 3 PT and Shake it FastOctober 1, 2023Shake it Fast winner: TaUrUsRoSe, Backgammon 3 Pt winner: { Player }5 Golderos each
The Renegades Gaming January 2024 Happy New Year TournamentAcey Deucey, Loco Ochos, Triple ShakeJanuary 1, 2024Acey Deucey winner { Player: # }, Loco Ochos winner: B*Elanna, Triple Shake winner: TaUrUsRoSe, PurrMomma and TimeBomb5 golderos
The Renegades Gaming March 2024 TournamentBackgammon, Shake it FastMarch 1, 2024Backgammon winner: { Player: # } Shake it Fast winner: Susie5 Golderos each
The Renegades Gaming April 2024 TournamentLoco Ochos, Dice Salvo, Acey Ducey, Fast Cribbage, Kickback hangman (started dice salvo, kickback hangman and loco ochos)April 1, 2024{ Player: # }5 Golderos each
The Renegades Gaming May 2024 TournamentHypergammon (3 Point), Shake Your Bootie, Ludocarte, Rummikub (50-point), Dice salvo and SwitchMay 2, 2024Shake Your Bootie Winners: TaUrUsRoSe and PurrMomma, Dice Salvo Winner: Zanda5 Golderos each
The Renegades Gaming July 2024 TournamentAcey Deucey, Fast Cribbage, Shake It Fast, Grabble Race, Kickback Hangman, Ludocrous, Mahjong, Rock Paper ScissorsJuly 1, 2024Winners: { }5 Golderos each
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Pollster: Zanda
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