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This is an original Goldtoken Club. We was here when Goldtoken first started clubs. The Renegades Club have been in existence since 2001. It will be in existence as long as I am here!


The Renegades*game* playing Club has come to an end.
Although the Club itself will remain in existence as long as I am here, there will no longer be any games played from this club.
The older I get and the stress from all the extra hours I put in on the job that I love, gives me less time to keep the club moving.
Small Pink Horse I want to thank Phoenix for the Club existence.
Small Pink Horse I want to thank everyone who came through the Renegades Club door, which allowed the club to operate.
Small Pink Horse I want to issue a special thanks to mcinturff and Zanda for helping out in the club. I am very grateful for the tireless efforts you put into the operating of this club. You worked so hard to keep it going.

Small Pink Horse To all the players that actively participated in the club games...thank you from the bottom of my heart.


See you on the game board!

Club Officers