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Welcome to the GoldToken Wiki Web!

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invites any chess/dice team from the internet or any game club to visit Gold Token as a guest and challenge our Chess dice team
here to a game of friendly you think you can defeat our Team...
We Have the largest Chess Dice team on The Site.
Our chess dice Team has 20 members/ we can play 4 --- (5) man teams at the same time.
Our 10x10 has 19 members for large team member playing base.
if you do and so think you can; please get in touch with Knight Jarlynn or our famous CEO
If you contact me' I will let Badger know, right away' that you want to enter here as a guest and try your best to defeat our Chess Dice Team.
My Clubs on Gold Token are:
The World Chess Dice Club Fedration Club
if you are a TRUMP supporter; check out our support club:
if this excites you with the clock ticking away; take a quick look at out Politics Page where we need TRUMP supporters to vs. Hilary Clinton.
You may find the Politics page is indeed; extremely Interesting and FUN to express your opinion in a Political sense...
you do need a Gold membership, but if you know your politics and you are a voting American; this will help TRUMP very much; as each vote counts.
If you arrive here and decide to be a guest; you can play games here/join ladders and try out different things; however I am really writing to issue you or any Club on the Internet....
A FRIENDLY Dice/Chess Challenge with the best dice/chess team on the internet.
Have a Great day Day;
(unknown photo)
Knight Jarlynn

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