Questionable Grabble Words

  • 10-19-2015 - A note from Badger This questionable word list is checked as time allows. Some words take longer to research, and discuss, than others. Such is the case with the English Language! As noted below, we cannot guarantee a timely response to such a request, nor will the game play be paused while we consider the request; in other words you must still make your move before the time runs out. Writing to GoldToken Support to pressure the "Word Smith Team" will NOT make this process faster, nor will we respond to any such messages.

-------- WARNING: Only the Grabble Crew may remove words. --------
Anyone found deliberately removing other members' words from the Questionable Grabble Words list may lose their wiki editing abilities.
  • If the system rejects a word which you feel is a valid word, you may request that we add that word to our dictionary, but we cannot guarantee a timely response to such a request, nor will the game play be paused while we consider the request; in other words you must still make your move before the time runs out.
      • Please also let us know words that should be removed.

Please post your Questionable English Grabble Words here for the Grabble Crew to look up.

  • Please do not post any more 2 letter words. All allowable ones have been checked and no more will be added for a while. A list of all allowable ones that can be played, found here... Grabble FAQ... scroll to the bottom. Hg

We are using the following printed dictionaries:

What kinds of words are not valid?

  • Grabble does not allow abbreviations, short forms, acronyms, slang, non English words, proper nouns, infractions, interjections, prefixes or suffixes unless it forms a word in its own right, variant spellings, alternative spellings, obscure/obsolete words, or words not found in a modern dictionary.
  • Any word that is not allowed on the discussion boards will not be allowed in Grabble either so please, do not even ask.

Other words ] <~~ This is for words that have previously been checked.
Questionable wordBrief comment on why it should or should not be allowed
ligulasDone - Tongue-like parts please add s
seisor/sNot Valid - Variant of seizor one who takes legal possession of land
osetra/sDone caviar
keet'sNot Valid - Not found birds
koi-sNot Valid - koi is singular and plural please add s ...
synechiaDone an adhesion in parts of the body
patzer/sNot Valid - Slang an ameteurish chess player
agismDone discrimination against the elderly
retinolsDone - Oils distilled from resin please add s
moroRemoved Pls remove - Proper noun Name for a specific group of Muslims.
fieDone - doomed; under the shadow of death; forseeing the future posting for bowler
souksDone please add s A market
holist/sDone - One who practices a form of medicine focusing on the whole person
marmite/sDone an earthenware cooking pot
chamisesDone please add s. An evergreen shrub
spurtlesDone please add s. A stick used for stirring porridge etc.
moilersDone please add s. To work hard
aula-s-eNot Valid - Latin the brain
falchionsDone please add s. A sword
pandemicDone an epidemic over a large area
dafterDone to be more daft
LaniNot Valid - Proper noun Hawaiian for Heaven
nodder/sDone a person who nods. American heritage dictionary
ecotourNot Valid tourism that involves scenic or natural areas
ecotourDone wouldyou please have another look as it shows it as a noun in the American Heritage dictionary
inboxesDone several dictionaries have it with no hyphen
Borneol/sNot Valid - Not found in either dictionary A lumpy slightly water soluble alcohol
tonner/sNot Valid as a stand-alone word - part of a two word, hyphenated compound, as "two-tonner" a lorry having a specified number of tonnes. Chambers dictionary
foretopsDone please add s. A platform on a ship
bawNot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionary ball (Scots)
nep-sDone - catmint plants please ad an "s"
drantDone scottish for speaking
gurn/sNot Valid - Variant of girn to pull a grotesque face
glue-rValid and Currently Working valid?
limoNot Valid - Short form
juratsDone - Sworn officers please add s
outsertsNot Valid - outsert is removed/ please add s An additional folded sheet
cibol-sDone onion ...
posableDone Adjective: able to be posed; able to assume a particular attitude or stance. American Heritage Dictionary
marid-sDone british ..spirits .........
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