Voting on Discussion Board Posts


Voting ;;up;; or ;;down;; on a post
Hover your mouse over the Votes notation, just under each post and a ;;up;; ;;down;; will appear. By clicking one or the other, you vote on the post. Each player can only vote once per post. ps: this includes GoldToken moderators.

;;4;; Please do vote ;;up;; on posts that you appreciate. It encourages our more positive posters to keep posting when you do so. However, if a post is super negative, or obviously breaks a DB rule, then by all means, don't hesitate to vote ;;down;; on it. Opposite the ;;up;; vote, it will discourage the poster from continuing in the negative activity.

;;4;; Rude behavior isn't done one better by being told off. No, that only encourages it. Plus, it might make you feel worse, or angrier for having done so, as negativity begets negativity. Voting a post off the boards doesn't. Think about it: if a poster makes you really angry, you are going to feel much better ;;down;; voting his post than you are posting something negative in reply.

Players do the moderating
This is where you too have a say so! If a post gets ten ;;down;; votes, it is automatically removed by the database. However, every ;;up;; vote undoes every ;;down;; vote. So one ;;up;; vote and nine ;;down;; votes will not remove the post. Once a post is voted off the boards, our site moderators will review as time allows (for they have a lot of work to handle on GoldToken), to see if it broke any Discussion Board Rules or not, to determine if the post is able to return to the board. If it didn't break any site rules, the post is indeed returned to the board. Once returned, a post can no longer be removed or voted off the board. This allows you, and all players to get rid of unruly posts should it deserve removing while preventing a player from being picked on just because they have alternative views.