GoldToken 15-Year Anniversary!
Dear GoldToken Friends and Family, :)

:TRUMPETR: It is with great excitement that we announce GoldToken's unofficial 15th Anniversary Reunion Party, scheduled for October 5, 2014! :TRUMPETL:

Why "unofficial", you ask? Because while players were able to sign up early, the site wasn't officially active until January 1, 2000. We want to celebrate the very beginnings of GoldToken, and we want everyone to participate! :DANCE:

If you have friends who have been away from the site, please do invite them to come back for a reunion bash! There will be contests and prizes, lots of memories shared, fun and laughter. Special, limited edition, Profile Tokens will be issued the day of the party. Be sure to attend and join in the fun and games and claim your Tokens! :GOLD:

If you haven't logged into your account in the recent past, be sure to double check your account now over at, so you can easily be part of the fun on D-Day! See you there! :HAVEFUN: