Platinum photos

Posting photos from links

This feature is available for our Platinum members only.

  • Please note: All photos should comply with Goldtoken's strict discussion board rules.

To make a photo link you must have your photo already uploaded on a server .
The picture should be in .jpg or .gif format.

  • 2. Remove the http://

  • 3. The wiki code is ... {_*Image: link-without-the-http://_* }
    • There's a space either side of the { and }, and also a space after the word _ Image:
    • So it's { space Image: space link-without-the-http:// space _ }

  • 4. Preview, preview, preview!! Grinning Just to be sure it works BEFORE posting.

In the example:

You would put...


...and you would get...

{ Image: }

  • If your link has*_~~%20~~(this denotes a space)*in it then it will not work.
    • You will need to adjust the filename before re-uploading to your hosting server.
      • My picture change to Mypicture or My_picture or My-picture


  • All photos should comply with Goldtoken's strict discussion board rules.
    • Please see Discussion Board Rules if you are unsure.
      • Any unsuitable ones will be removed and the poster may face a ban.

  • Photos should be in .jpg or .gif format
  • Photos should not be bigger than 1000px × 600px, and should be less than 800kb if at all possible.
      • This is to ensure that players with slower connections or webTV boxes are able to view your photos.
  • Only two photos can be linked to per post.
  • Posting photos that are much bigger than the recommended dimensions or file sizes could also mean your photos are removed.
      • This is to be fair to all users. Fast connection or not, a post that takes several minutes to open isn't a good idea.
      • If you really need to post something large then just put a normal http link to it.

How to check the size of your picture before posting.

  • Preview your picture.
    • Right click on it in the preview pane.
    • A box will open... choose 'properties' (near the bottom)
      • In the properties box look at the picture dimensions. Less than 1000x600 is fine.
      • Also look at the file size. 800kb is about 102,800 bytes. So... less than 102,800 bytes if possible.

Using PAINT to resize your photo.

MS Paint is probably installed on your computer. It's part of the windows package.
  • Make a copy of the photo you wish to work on. Just in case you save it by mistake over the same file name.
  • Open your copy in paint. Then, from the menu bar at the top choose Image / attributes. Look at your current file size (in bytes) and dimensions (pixels). Write them down for reference. Close the box.
  • Go to Image / Stretch Skew
    • Put a value in the top two % boxes. Use the same value for both boxes. Click OK.
      • If you try 50% your image should shrink to half size. Use Edit / undo to undo your changes then try another value. 80% will shrink the photo just a little. Check, by looking in Image/attributes that your photo is small enough. Less that 500x400 is fine.
  • When you're happy go to File / Save AS - and save your photo as JPEG. Check the attributes again and you'll probably find the file size is reduced. Less that 102,800 bytes is best if possible, but anything near enough will do.