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(#5250361) Re: 6-15-21 round entries
Posted by Catmane on 23 Jun 2021 at 10:48AM

Spring is here! I got so excited I wet my plants!

Teslas don't come with a new car smell. They come with an Elon Musk.

One should never mention the number 288. It's just two gross.

There's a fine line between a numerator and a denominator. Only a fraction of people will find this funny.

Did you know that French fries weren't actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece.

I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I'll let you know.

My friend keeps saying "Cheer up, man, it could be worse! You could be stuck underground in a hole filled with water!" I know he means well.

What does a vegan zombie eat? GRRRRAAAAAAIIIINNNNSSSSS!!!

Justice is a dish best served cold. If it were served warm it would be justwater.

My invisible friend turned down the job offer. He just couldn't see himself doing it.

Grandpa: I have a "dad bod."

Dad: To me it's more like a "father figure."

What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?

"Aye matey!"

Three unwritten rules of life:


This guy tells the worst puns ever. How dairy!
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