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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5463315Way Too Long bestgremlin31 Jan 2023 8:13PM
5463139anymore jokes to post??? monkeytyper31 Jan 2023 7:30AM
5463043Re: (no subject) Jools30 Jan 2023 10:49PM
5463023(no subject) Oartkickel of the Wolf Pack30 Jan 2023 8:38PM
5461359He's nice bestgremlin25 Jan 2023 6:04PM
5460982Re: H202 Whimjest24 Jan 2023 9:05AM
5460970Re: H202 Jools24 Jan 2023 8:32AM
5460900H202 Whimjest24 Jan 2023 4:09AM
5460262Re: Make Up Your Mind theoldmaster22 Jan 2023 6:49AM
5460260Re: waitress theoldmaster22 Jan 2023 6:46AM
5458895(no subject) Sundrop kid18 Jan 2023 4:03AM
5458774Bald laura lee17 Jan 2023 4:50PM
5458649waitress Silkwood17 Jan 2023 9:12AM
5458627Spider Jools17 Jan 2023 8:07AM
5458310The little boy eliphont55116 Jan 2023 3:16PM
5458196Make Up Your Mind LittleTree16 Jan 2023 9:35AM
5455858Re: Modern romance Begadoonie9 Jan 2023 3:02PM
5455845Re: Modern romance foster0079 Jan 2023 1:57PM
5455844Modern romance bestgremlin9 Jan 2023 1:49PM
5455613Re: Making edam cheese foster0078 Jan 2023 8:51PM
5455612Making edam cheese hypnotist8 Jan 2023 8:48PM
5455568Re: We have a winner bestgremlin8 Jan 2023 4:45PM
5455397We have a winner monkeytyper8 Jan 2023 8:18AM
5453325Re: ready to vote jroyster2 Jan 2023 3:56PM
5453218Re: ready to vote marcmandy2 Jan 2023 10:14AM
5453186Re: Happy New Year theoldmaster2 Jan 2023 8:09AM
5453037Happy New Year **Lover of Darkness**1 Jan 2023 8:47PM
5452531ready to vote monkeytyper31 Dec 2022 12:19PM
5450504anymore jokes to post??? monkeytyper26 Dec 2022 8:31AM
5450033Drinking jroyster24 Dec 2022 3:29PM
5448626Re: Christmas joke bestgremlin20 Dec 2022 2:15PM
5448617Christmas joke Jools20 Dec 2022 12:54PM
5448523Memory bestgremlin20 Dec 2022 6:23AM
5448432snoowmen foster00720 Dec 2022 1:27AM
5448352Ethel & Bea laura lee19 Dec 2022 4:26PM
5445054Searching for a Christmas tree. eliphont5519 Dec 2022 8:10AM
5445052Old Age Frame of Mind LittleTree9 Dec 2022 7:49AM
5444628Just Desserts bestgremlin7 Dec 2022 6:18PM
5444041Festive GT joke Jools6 Dec 2022 10:09AM
5444031anymore jokes to post??? monkeytyper6 Dec 2022 8:01AM
5443390Re: We have a winner.. monkeytyper4 Dec 2022 6:12PM
5443171Re: We have a winner.. eliphont5514 Dec 2022 7:17AM
5443159We have a winner.. monkeytyper4 Dec 2022 6:52AM
5442827anymore votes? monkeytyper3 Dec 2022 9:56AM
5442364Little Johnny eliphont5512 Dec 2022 5:15AM
5438787Jokes are ready for your vote.. monkeytyper22 Nov 2022 12:20PM
5437613Husbands request jroyster19 Nov 2022 8:55AM
5437562are all the jokes posted? monkeytyper19 Nov 2022 6:20AM
5437064Re: Tom Jones bestgremlin17 Nov 2022 5:37PM
5436935Re: Tom Jones Jools17 Nov 2022 10:01AM
5436932Re: Tom Jones jd9117 Nov 2022 9:25AM
5436927Tom Jones jroyster17 Nov 2022 8:49AM
5436767Fired **Lover of Darkness**16 Nov 2022 6:09PM
5436260Re: Smart dog marcmandy15 Nov 2022 4:30AM
5434737The Dog was Smater than Him bestgremlin9 Nov 2022 6:09PM
5434715Smart dog eliphont5519 Nov 2022 4:17PM
5429933Been thinking Sundrop kid26 Oct 2022 7:12PM
5429033Gone to the dogs **Lover of Darkness**23 Oct 2022 8:49PM
5428910Gotta Love Painters! LittleTree23 Oct 2022 1:41PM
5428878we have a winner.. monkeytyper23 Oct 2022 11:00AM
5425889Re: Kids Will be Kids theoldmaster14 Oct 2022 7:37AM
5425538Adopted? eliphont55113 Oct 2022 6:30AM
5424758Kids Will be Kids LittleTree10 Oct 2022 6:02PM
5424287Poll is up..please vote... monkeytyper9 Oct 2022 8:08AM
5423167So the Pope is SUPER early for his flight **Lover of Darkness**6 Oct 2022 7:20AM
5423163Re: anymore jokes to post??? Jools6 Oct 2022 7:10AM
5423155anymore jokes to post??? monkeytyper6 Oct 2022 6:45AM
5422906Re: GoldTokens 23rd anniversary ladyvic5 Oct 2022 1:20PM
5422801Re: GoldTokens 23rd anniversary LittleTree5 Oct 2022 7:37AM
5422796GoldTokens 23rd anniversary ladyvic5 Oct 2022 7:30AM
5421360Re: Return to Sender hoof hearted1 Oct 2022 8:26PM
5419844Return to Sender bestgremlin29 Sep 2022 4:50AM
5418258It really happened and it's a good joke, too Whimjest24 Sep 2022 4:36AM
5417799Re: Words jroyster22 Sep 2022 1:22PM
5417725Words bestgremlin22 Sep 2022 6:22AM
5417436we have a winner.. monkeytyper21 Sep 2022 9:04AM
5417090last chance to vote monkeytyper20 Sep 2022 9:04AM
5416991Re: Succession and Coronation Jokes Hillbilly19 Sep 2022 8:33PM
5416862Re: Succession and Coronation Jokes Sir Face of the GoldTable19 Sep 2022 1:04PM
5416514Re: Succession and Coronation Jokes hoof hearted18 Sep 2022 8:52AM
5415763Re: Succession and Coronation Jokes Jools16 Sep 2022 1:12AM
5415745Re: ready to vote monkeytyper15 Sep 2022 8:54PM
5415633Re: ready to vote hoof hearted15 Sep 2022 11:46AM
5415337Re: ready to vote bestgremlin14 Sep 2022 6:11PM
5415200ready to vote monkeytyper14 Sep 2022 8:36AM
5414840Last Day monkeytyper13 Sep 2022 8:24AM
5414839Re: Joke for the heck of itSmiling jroyster13 Sep 2022 8:15AM
5414838Joke for the heck of itSmiling **Lover of Darkness**13 Sep 2022 7:56AM
5414530Re: #dadjokes Sundrop kid12 Sep 2022 9:28AM
5414529Re: #dadjokes Sundrop kid12 Sep 2022 9:25AM
5414528#dadjokes Sundrop kid12 Sep 2022 9:21AM
5413676Power Outage jroyster9 Sep 2022 3:56PM
5413624Succession and Coronation Jokes bestgremlin9 Sep 2022 12:34PM
5411981My wife found this meme jroyster4 Sep 2022 7:16AM
5411958modern transportation bestgremlin4 Sep 2022 5:12AM
5409012Re: Amish Family theoldmaster25 Aug 2022 7:06AM
5408888Amish Family jroyster24 Aug 2022 3:10PM
5408718Ouch LittleTree24 Aug 2022 7:09AM
5408709incentive bestgremlin24 Aug 2022 6:07AM
5408583winner monkeytyper23 Aug 2022 8:36PM
5408061last chance to vote monkeytyper21 Aug 2022 8:40PM
5407778incentive bestgremlin20 Aug 2022 7:49PM
5407228to those who know everything! bobby b 7118 Aug 2022 8:53PM
5406819ready to vote monkeytyper17 Aug 2022 7:54AM
5405669Loving the Irish kruntessa13 Aug 2022 10:21AM
5405313Re: where are all the jokesters? All on vacation. rabbitoid12 Aug 2022 9:08AM
5405309where are all the jokesters? monkeytyper12 Aug 2022 8:23AM

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