BACKGAMMON KINGDOW FROM CHESSARAMA copyright as an ideaC Information
The BACKGAMMON KINGDOW FROM CHESSARAMA copyright as an ideaC Club Bam!this is the correct page the other blank pages are in error.
T H I S I S T H E CO R R E C T P A G E Bam!Bam!Bam!::
this is the number shown above[I will find out what happened}.
is the combination of our sister clubs The BACKGAMMON CHALLENGE REVIVAL 2021 Club and The BACKGAMMON CHALLENGE The Stage Riders Club
both clubs right now operate as individual units BUT together they form///
BACKGAMMON KINGDOM' from CHESSARAMA Copyright on Gold Token Game Site is an
idea of a specialty club for backgammon players and their backgammon clubs.
we put in a couple extra gamEs like dice chess, salvo, checkers, chessgi, and there will be others hopefully...I am thinking bout Chess.
[but you do not have to play any game you do not sign on for}
WE are BACKGAMMON kINGDOM and we don't fool Around when it come to Ladders...…we have
in the playing ladders department a grand total of [37] yes that's right
we have thirty seven[37] playable and useable Ladders/
[I wanted a MacDonald's Play ground but legally they wouldn't let me do it"...<><>
Backgammon more than 5000 years old and one of the first board games...this is why they probably called the pieces 'stones' and not checkers because they were, in fact,
(unknown photo) :swim::::swim::::swim::::raft::::boat::::swim:
Sailboat Sailboat
(unknown photo)
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as always we are just setting up and
always be good to your self,
beaware of your surroundings
and play to WIN!.

Knight Jarlynn
Club Officers
Club Owner: Knight Jarlynn
This club is open for anyone to join. However, you do not currently have the required Silver Level Membership needed to join a club. You will need to purchase a Silver Level Membership if you want to join this club.