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Welcome to the West of the Setting Sun

This Club is dedicated to the Game of Stones - Go. We also play Renju and Connect Six.

For those unfamiliar with the game of Go it originated in China around 3000 years ago and is the oldest game still played in its original form. It has only recently become popular in the West (from around 1970 onwards :) )

It is a board game played on a 19x19 grid with black and white stones and a few simple rules. A game of flowing beauty and vast complexity it has fascinated players for centuries.
It was also the last game where human minds reigned supreme over AI ... until AlphaGo in 2016. :fall:

The West of the Setting Sun Club is open for anyone to join. We have regular tournaments and an annual Go tournament, called the West of the Setting Sun Meijin Tournament, where members compete for the Meijin Profile Token. This token is only held for one year and then handed on to the next Meijin champion.

West of the Setting Sun has a special set of Club icons - Dragon Eyes [ Main: West of the Setting Sun ]. These Club icons are available only to Club member.


Notice Board

The first of the 2018 Meijin tournaments is underway and the second is available for signup :up:

And a reminder there is an additional tempter for the 2018 Meijin winners:
1st placeMeijin Champion Profile Token1 year platinum membership
2nd place1 year gold membership
3rd place1 year silver membership

The 2017/18 LC & WSS Holiday Season Tournament continues with two wins for our Club so far out of four :)

The final 2017 Meijin 19x19 tourney is still going. Once complete the Meijin Profile token will be awarded :five:

The 2016 Meijin Profile Token tally is:

First place with 23 points - tzorec
Second place with 21 points - PeeGee
Third place with 11 points - klaashaas

Congrats to tzorec who receives the Meijin Profile token for 2016.




West of the Setting Sun Meijin Tournaments ]

The Meijin score card:

2018 Meijin Score Card ]
2017 Meijin Score Card ]
2016 Meijin Score Card ]


The 2018 Meijin 13x13 Tournament


The 2018 Meijin 19x19 Tournament
The 2017 Meijin 19x19 Tournament

Tournaments and Matches ]

We do accept challenges issued through the automatic team-challenge feature,
but please contact us first so that we can make the arrangements.

Welcome to The West of the Setting Sun Club, created in January 2009.
We are dedicated to playing Go and Renju and are not limited to just discussing them.
We play Go 7x7, Go 9x9, Go 13x13, Go 19x19, Basic Renju and all six Renju variants available here. We also play the new Renju style game called Connect Six.
We do not play any other games.
We have active ladders and tournaments and are open to interclub matches.

Anyone is free to join the club.
Just click «Yes» under «Invitations» in the upper-right corner of the Main Club Screen.

Make sure you are always notified.
  1. Go to «Club Boards» in the upper-right corner of the Main Club Page. Put a check mark in the empty box in front of «West of the Setting Sun Club».
  2. Under «Club Options» on the right side of the Main Club Page, click on «Membership». Then, under «Club Preferences», make sure that the club-news option is turned on.
  3. You may also check for updates right here under «West of the Setting Sun Information».
The status of current tournaments and matches is always given just a few lines below.

Sign up under «Our Teams» by putting a check mark in the box for each of your choices.
Although the heading says «Teams», these are really club ladders.
Click on «View the ladder for this team» for any variant to find the ladder.
Seat numbers are a second ladder; you can challenge players above you and move up.

GoldToken provides for playing Go with handicaps.
Handicap games should always be unrated.

  1. Politics and religion, being too divisive, are not to be discussed on this open forum.
  2. Discriminatory statements, sexual matters, personal accusations and mean-spirited comments are all to be avoided.
  3. If you break these rules, you must apologise.
  4. If you refuse to apologise, you will be thrown out of the club.
  5. If you continue to break the rules, you will be thrown out of the club.
  6. It is everyone's responsibility to maintain a friendly environment.

For those new to Go here is a guide to the game

Main: Go Learning Help ]

See also the links below to find out more about Go.

For those new to Renju here is T-Rex's excellent guide.

Renju How to Play ]

See also the links below to find out more about Renju.

Here are some links that Club members may find interesting—
  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game) Good general introduction and overview
  2. http://senseis.xmp.net/ Lots of good stuff
  3. http://www.usgo.org/ American Go Association
  4. http://itsyourturn.com/t_helptopic2120.html Tutorial about how to play
  5. https://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/english/howto/howto1.htm Another tutorial about how to play
  6. http://www.britgo.org/index.html British Go Association
  7. http://playgo.to/interactive/ Interactive way to learn Go
  8. http://www.gokgs.com/ KGS Go Server (real-time)
  9. http://gobase.org/ Lots of information
  10. http://www.goproblems.com/ Online Go problems
  11. http://go4go.net/v2 Huge database of games by professional players
  12. http://igokisen.web.fc2.com/news.html Good overview of ongoing professional tournaments
  13. http://www.wbaduk.com/ Real-time game server with live-broadcast professional games
  14. http://web.archive.org/web/20100103114505/http://goldtoken.com/games/info?infoid=49 Go - an addictive game - GoldToken at the Internet Archive

:thanksb: to the folks at the Internet Archive -- http://www.archive.org/ -- for preserving that page which used to be this website's Information item #49 and
:thanksb: to Badger and GoldToken Support for letting them archive it! :up:

Here are some more links that Club members may find interesting—
  1. http://www.renju.net/ Renju International Federation (RIF)
  2. http://www.renju.net/study/openings.php Renju openings and responses
  3. http://renjuoffline.com/index.htm Renju Offline, turn-based site in English exclusively for Renju where strong players play
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renju Wikipedia article on Renju
  5. http://www.renjuclass.com/ Online Renju Class, for serious students of the game

The Forks & Fouls club (Renju) was merged into WSS as of 11 September 2014.
Club Officers
Club Owner: tzorec
President: Kookaburra
President: M3
This club is open for anyone to join. However, you do not currently have the required Silver Level Membership needed to join a club. You will need to purchase a Silver Level Membership if you want to join this club.