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Do you know what your IQ is?
No but it would be nice to know 39%
No I don't care to know 24%
Yes it's about 130-144 13%
Yes it's about 120-129 9%
Yes, and I'm in MENSA 4%
Other ( Discuss on Poll DB ) 4%
Yes it's about 110-119 4%
Yes it's about 90-109 2%
Yes it's about 70-89 0%
What an IQ? 0%
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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5540806Re: All I can say is... fozzie3 Oct 2023 3:49AM
5540755Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Big Giant Head2 Oct 2023 9:51PM
5540750Re: Graduated Falsecut2 Oct 2023 8:21PM
5540738Re: Do you know what your IQ is? fatdaddy2 Oct 2023 7:37PM
5540734Re: All I can say is... bobby b 712 Oct 2023 7:03PM
5540729All I can say is... Stinger22 Oct 2023 6:48PM
5540728Re: Do you know what your IQ is? bobby b 712 Oct 2023 6:46PM
5540715Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Robyn Hode2 Oct 2023 4:53PM
5540714Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Kat2 Oct 2023 4:46PM
5540708Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Whafflet2 Oct 2023 4:07PM
5540702Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Jools2 Oct 2023 3:10PM
5540699Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Jools2 Oct 2023 3:06PM
5540669Re: Graduated Falsecut2 Oct 2023 1:02PM
5540660Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Big Giant Head2 Oct 2023 12:06PM
5540651Re: Graduated jbdobie2 Oct 2023 10:59AM
5540633Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Falsecut2 Oct 2023 7:20AM
5540605Re: Do you know what your IQ is? rabbitoid2 Oct 2023 4:16AM
5540586Re: I was tested in 1966 . . . Jools2 Oct 2023 3:39AM
5540585Re: Do you know what your IQ is? Jools2 Oct 2023 3:37AM
5540566I was tested in 1966 . . . Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe2 Oct 2023 2:22AM
5540564Re: Do you know what your IQ is? bobby b 711 Oct 2023 11:53PM
5540559Do you know what your IQ is? GinnyB1 Oct 2023 9:48PM
5540163Re: Graduated Byteme30 Sep 2023 4:07PM
5539752Re: Graduated Jools29 Sep 2023 5:29AM
5539739Re: Graduated bobby b 7129 Sep 2023 3:28AM
5539681Re: Graduated Whafflet28 Sep 2023 11:45PM
5539489Re: Graduated High School Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe28 Sep 2023 5:42AM
5539488graduated in Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe28 Sep 2023 5:40AM
5539485Re: Graduated Jools28 Sep 2023 5:36AM
5539473Re: Graduated Whafflet28 Sep 2023 4:23AM
5539452Re: Graduated Jools28 Sep 2023 2:58AM
5539276Re: Graduated High School fatdaddy27 Sep 2023 5:09PM
5539272Re: Graduated High School hoof hearted27 Sep 2023 4:49PM
5539233Re: Graduated Buddha27 Sep 2023 3:03PM
5539232Re: Graduated Whafflet27 Sep 2023 2:47PM
5539230Re: Graduated Jools27 Sep 2023 2:38PM
5539212Re: Graduated High School Jools27 Sep 2023 2:26PM
5539198Re: Graduated dolcol (LAW-10)27 Sep 2023 1:07PM
5539183Re: Graduated High School Jools27 Sep 2023 12:27PM
5539178Re: Graduated High School bobby b 7127 Sep 2023 12:14PM
5539151Re: Graduated Jools27 Sep 2023 9:14AM
5539126Graduated Cinnamon27 Sep 2023 6:09AM
5538909Re: (no subject) amthevessel26 Sep 2023 10:12AM
5538901(no subject) Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe26 Sep 2023 9:03AM
5538661Re: Hot dog Jools25 Sep 2023 8:39AM
5538602Re: Hot dog bobby b 7125 Sep 2023 3:47AM
5538584Re: Hot dog notabot25 Sep 2023 3:17AM
5538544Re: Hot dog Jools25 Sep 2023 1:36AM
5538439Hot dog Christinelmn24 Sep 2023 1:11PM
5538100Re: How about.. Robyn Hode23 Sep 2023 9:24AM
5537998Re: How about.. Big Giant Head23 Sep 2023 1:08AM
5537988Re: How about.. GinnyB23 Sep 2023 12:04AM
5537802Re: How about.. ladyvic22 Sep 2023 9:37AM
5537687Re: How about.. mojodanielle21 Sep 2023 9:24PM
5537679How about.. kittyrambo21 Sep 2023 8:11PM
5537668Re: Yummmmmmm!!!? hoof hearted21 Sep 2023 7:22PM
5537630Yummmmmmm!!!? Belfast Queen21 Sep 2023 5:46PM
5537416Re: Tomatoes GinnyB21 Sep 2023 12:21AM
5537255Re: Tomatoes Jools20 Sep 2023 9:32AM
5537235Re: Tomatoes fatdaddy20 Sep 2023 8:02AM
5537228Re: Tomatoes Whafflet20 Sep 2023 7:40AM
5537227Tomatoes Cinnamon20 Sep 2023 7:37AM
5537220Tomatoes Jools20 Sep 2023 7:06AM
5536841Re: (no subject) Jools18 Sep 2023 3:45PM
5536591(no subject) Belfast Queen17 Sep 2023 9:35PM
5536562Red Wolf fatdaddy17 Sep 2023 6:18PM
5536287Re: Elephants bobby b 7117 Sep 2023 4:59AM
5536240Re: Elephants Jools17 Sep 2023 2:07AM
5536155Elephants Mystic Dreamer16 Sep 2023 2:54PM
5535935What color best suits me... Callie15 Sep 2023 9:10PM
5535112Re: Pokemon Jools13 Sep 2023 10:43AM
5534781Re: Pokemon Whafflet12 Sep 2023 11:23AM
5534779Re: Pokemon Lady Butterfly12 Sep 2023 11:20AM
5534743Re: Pokemon Jools12 Sep 2023 7:07AM
5534619Re: Pokemon Mystic Dreamer11 Sep 2023 4:50PM
5534602Pokemon EZZ911 Sep 2023 4:08PM
5533913Re: Out Of Body... fatdaddy9 Sep 2023 2:30PM
5533875Re: Out Of Body... Ziggy Zugzwang9 Sep 2023 11:17AM
5533445Re: Out Of Body... fatdaddy7 Sep 2023 6:21PM
5533377Out Of Body... Ziggy Zugzwang7 Sep 2023 8:47AM
5533293(no subject) CarolP7 Sep 2023 2:19AM
5532541Pastime HeatherN4 Sep 2023 6:58PM
5532539Re: Favorite past time mojodanielle4 Sep 2023 6:28PM
5532535Favorite past time karynsong4 Sep 2023 6:05PM
5532436Re: My favorite pass time lwmc4 Sep 2023 12:23PM
5532423Re: My favorite pass time Model A4 Sep 2023 11:18AM
5532422My favorite pass time squirly1384 Sep 2023 11:00AM
5530781Re: I chose spring. Buddha29 Aug 2023 7:54AM
5530652I chose spring. DoubleU28 Aug 2023 7:21PM
5530596Re: Choosing a Season fatdaddy28 Aug 2023 5:04PM
5530278Re: Objection! Re: Poll on Seasons JGY27 Aug 2023 2:55PM
5530260Objection! Re: Poll on Seasons Bunchita27 Aug 2023 1:59PM
5530239Choosing a Season mojodanielle27 Aug 2023 12:54PM
5530218RATINGS ? murrsquito27 Aug 2023 11:48AM
5529984Re: What ratings???? fatdaddy26 Aug 2023 7:51PM
5529960What ratings???? phil26 Aug 2023 4:57PM
5529445Re: Ratings??? fatdaddy24 Aug 2023 3:50PM
5529355Ratings??? Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe24 Aug 2023 8:31AM
5529353Re: RATINGS M324 Aug 2023 7:59AM
5529332Re: RATINGS rabbitoid24 Aug 2023 6:57AM
5529328Re: RATINGS Jools24 Aug 2023 6:32AM
5529151Re: RATINGS amthevessel23 Aug 2023 12:24PM
5528989RATINGS murrsquito23 Aug 2023 12:12AM
5528969Re: Multiple squirly13822 Aug 2023 7:48PM
5528519Re: TACOS Jools21 Aug 2023 3:22AM
5528479tacos GinnyB21 Aug 2023 12:04AM
5528477Re: TACOS bobby b 7120 Aug 2023 10:43PM
5528472Re: TACOS rabbitoid20 Aug 2023 9:53PM
5528466Re: TACOS Jools20 Aug 2023 8:40PM
5528463Re: TACOS Jools20 Aug 2023 8:36PM
5528445Tacos Bunchita20 Aug 2023 5:03PM
5528417Re: TACOS fatdaddy20 Aug 2023 3:28PM
5528413Re: What is...? fatdaddy20 Aug 2023 3:24PM
5528411Re: TACOS rabbitoid20 Aug 2023 3:05PM
5528395Re: TACOS Jools20 Aug 2023 2:24PM
5528347Re: What is...? RubyJoy20 Aug 2023 11:34AM
5528344TACOS murrsquito20 Aug 2023 10:55AM
5528343Re: What is...? rabbitoid20 Aug 2023 10:55AM
5528342What is...? Stinger220 Aug 2023 10:49AM
5527666Re: Multiple JGY17 Aug 2023 9:10PM
5527590Re: MATTRESS fatdaddy17 Aug 2023 2:29PM
5527502Multiple Withacee17 Aug 2023 8:47AM
5527496Re: MATTRESS bobby b 7117 Aug 2023 8:25AM
5527440Re: MATTRESS Pinksmoke17 Aug 2023 4:15AM
5527353Oh No! Bus Driver Dan16 Aug 2023 4:05PM
5527307Re: MATTRESS fatdaddy16 Aug 2023 2:23PM
5527275MATTRESS murrsquito16 Aug 2023 11:33AM
5526660Wow such great polls! Pollmaster14 Aug 2023 7:52AM
5526629My SPECIAL PET! bobby b 7114 Aug 2023 5:01AM
5526607Re: Dogs or cats yes.. Buttttt verclo14 Aug 2023 3:37AM
5526584Re: Dogs or cats yes.. Buttttt Jools14 Aug 2023 2:31AM
5526570Dogs or cats yes.. Buttttt GinnyB13 Aug 2023 9:49PM
5526522Pets in bed Cinnamon13 Aug 2023 3:46PM
5526480Re: What do I want on walls? Jools13 Aug 2023 1:28PM
5526472Re: What do I want on walls? Oartkickel of the Wolf Pack13 Aug 2023 12:36PM
5524814Re: Living room walls GinnyB7 Aug 2023 9:47PM
5524707Re: Living room walls fatdaddy7 Aug 2023 1:07PM
5524647What do I want on walls? Mystic Dreamer7 Aug 2023 9:18AM
5524641Living room walls rabbitoid7 Aug 2023 9:00AM
5524104Re: Too Many Times Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe5 Aug 2023 5:24AM
5524025Re: Too Many Times fatdaddy4 Aug 2023 8:35PM
5524023Green rules!! bobby b 714 Aug 2023 8:24PM
5524020Re: Too Many Times Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe4 Aug 2023 7:04PM
5524017Re: Too Many Times (steelbound)4 Aug 2023 6:55PM
5523969Re: Too Many Times fatdaddy4 Aug 2023 3:08PM
5523958Too Many Times (steelbound)4 Aug 2023 2:31PM
5523928I'm HOPING to get called for jury duty.... nj_diver4 Aug 2023 12:43PM
5523909Re: jury duty amthevessel4 Aug 2023 10:43AM
5523877Re: Jury duty RaeRae4 Aug 2023 7:10AM
5523873Re: jury duty Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe4 Aug 2023 6:44AM
5523787Re: jury duty Jools3 Aug 2023 11:02PM
5523772Re: jury duty foster0073 Aug 2023 8:44PM
5523769Re: jury duty Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe3 Aug 2023 8:39PM
5523768Re: jury duty foster0073 Aug 2023 8:30PM
5523765Re: jury duty Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe3 Aug 2023 8:24PM
5523753Re: jury duty jbdobie3 Aug 2023 7:52PM
5523704Winner Pollmaster3 Aug 2023 5:03PM
5523697Re: jury duty fatdaddy3 Aug 2023 4:26PM
5523645Jury duty once Mystic Dreamer3 Aug 2023 11:31AM
5523608Re: jury duty Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe3 Aug 2023 8:08AM
5523528Jury duty kess&ellie3 Aug 2023 2:31AM
5523525Re: reincarnated rabbitoid3 Aug 2023 2:25AM
5523523Re: reincarnated Jools3 Aug 2023 2:18AM
5523486Re: reincarnated fatdaddy2 Aug 2023 8:53PM
5523485Re: reincarnated bobby b 712 Aug 2023 8:30PM
5523484Re: jury duty Jools2 Aug 2023 8:24PM
5523435Re: Poll Mary2 Aug 2023 5:05PM
5523375Jury Duty Man of Steel2 Aug 2023 1:50PM
5523373jury duty Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe2 Aug 2023 1:45PM
5523368Re: jury duty Begadoonie2 Aug 2023 1:33PM
5523359jury duty foster0072 Aug 2023 1:16PM
5523328Re: Poll Jools2 Aug 2023 11:28AM
5523323Re: Poll jbdobie2 Aug 2023 11:17AM
5523214Re: Poll squirly1382 Aug 2023 6:20AM
5523199Poll squirly1382 Aug 2023 5:39AM
5521432you forgot A bull in a china shop..... pepperbeach26 Jul 2023 8:31PM
5521076The tardigrade fatdaddy25 Jul 2023 10:39AM
5520905Definitely an "It depends..." Bunchita24 Jul 2023 5:52PM
5520816Re: Would you prefer lwmc24 Jul 2023 8:59AM
5520802Re: Would you prefer nightingale24 Jul 2023 8:04AM
5520800Would you prefer EZZ924 Jul 2023 7:51AM
5520764Re: Would you prefer fatdaddy24 Jul 2023 3:57AM
5520761Would you prefer Watson24 Jul 2023 3:37AM
5520708Re: Depends kittyrambo23 Jul 2023 10:53PM
5520697Re: Depends Jools23 Jul 2023 8:21PM
5520691E-Mail fatdaddy23 Jul 2023 6:43PM
5520685Depends tuxedo cats rule23 Jul 2023 6:21PM
5520558Re: new backgammon ..fire spiller? ladyvic23 Jul 2023 10:47AM
5520300new backgammon ..fire spiller? karynsong22 Jul 2023 12:19PM
5519961Re: New spiller games Oartkickel of the Wolf Pack21 Jul 2023 9:18AM
5519800Re: New spiller games oldog20 Jul 2023 5:25PM
5519735Re: New spiller games fatdaddy20 Jul 2023 12:01PM
5519734Re: New spiller games mojodanielle20 Jul 2023 11:56AM
5519727Re: New spiller games fatdaddy20 Jul 2023 11:42AM
5519692New spiller games mojodanielle20 Jul 2023 8:34AM
5519584Re: spiller Jools20 Jul 2023 1:25AM
5519506Re: spiller hoof hearted19 Jul 2023 5:17PM
5519503spiller RaceMom19 Jul 2023 5:06PM
5519493Re: SPILLER POLL Falsecut19 Jul 2023 4:43PM
5519414Re: SPILLER POLL z71cat19 Jul 2023 12:19PM
5519410SPILLER POLL squirly13819 Jul 2023 11:44AM
5518925Shopping oldog17 Jul 2023 6:35PM
5518874Don't forget! Pollmaster17 Jul 2023 4:01PM
5518708Re: Shopping Diabeditor17 Jul 2023 6:43AM
5518694Shopping tuxedo cats rule17 Jul 2023 5:43AM
5518612Re: Shopping Jools16 Jul 2023 11:48PM
5518610SHOPPING squirly13816 Jul 2023 11:22PM
5518609Re: Shopping rabbitoid16 Jul 2023 10:51PM
5518608Shopping Belfast Queen16 Jul 2023 10:42PM
5518368Which of these beaches..: clandestine 116 Jul 2023 6:55AM
5518132Re: Beaches amthevessel15 Jul 2023 10:56AM
5518123Re: CALI beaches Model A15 Jul 2023 9:26AM
5517727New Smyrna 1flipflop13 Jul 2023 7:48PM
5517694Re: Newfoundland canada beaches steve11113 Jul 2023 4:22PM
5517680Re: Newfoundland canada beaches Buddha13 Jul 2023 3:35PM
5517646list so narrow bacchant13 Jul 2023 12:42PM
5517511Re: Beautiful Beach mojodanielle12 Jul 2023 11:14PM
5517510Re: Beautiful Beach mojodanielle12 Jul 2023 11:12PM
5517496CALI beaches heyblue3212 Jul 2023 10:22PM
5517495The Jersey shore LOLL GinnyB12 Jul 2023 10:20PM
5517492Re: No idea Jools12 Jul 2023 10:01PM
5517481Re: never been Cinnamon12 Jul 2023 9:08PM
5517476Re: Newfoundland canada beaches pepperbeach12 Jul 2023 8:40PM
5517474Re: Beautiful Beach Cinnamon12 Jul 2023 8:17PM
5517467Re: never been tuxedo cats rule12 Jul 2023 7:57PM
5517466Beautiful Beach mojodanielle12 Jul 2023 7:56PM
5517443Re: No idea fatdaddy12 Jul 2023 6:56PM
5517442Re: never been fatdaddy12 Jul 2023 6:55PM
5517428never been tuxedo cats rule12 Jul 2023 6:13PM
5517357BEACHES murrsquito12 Jul 2023 12:51PM
5517332Re: No idea Jools12 Jul 2023 11:09AM
5517329Re: No idea lwmc12 Jul 2023 11:04AM
5517327Re: No idea rabbitoid12 Jul 2023 10:54AM
5517312Beaches squirly13812 Jul 2023 10:22AM
5517306Re: No idea RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack12 Jul 2023 9:50AM
5517291Re: No idea fatdaddy12 Jul 2023 9:00AM
5517278No idea Jools12 Jul 2023 8:07AM
5517264Newfoundland canada beaches foster00712 Jul 2023 7:14AM
5517232Re: sugar free almond milk Jools12 Jul 2023 4:14AM
5517104Re: sugar free almond milk bookfox11 Jul 2023 1:42PM
5517096Re: sugar free almond milk foster00711 Jul 2023 1:10PM
5517091Re: sugar free almond milk mahonna11 Jul 2023 1:05PM
5517053Re: sugar free almond milk foster00711 Jul 2023 7:53AM
5517034Re: Coffee with French Vanilla Creamer. Buddha11 Jul 2023 6:23AM
5516938Energy Drink Mix - mixed with water masterkiller10 Jul 2023 9:39PM
5516931Coffee with French Vanilla Creamer. GinnyB10 Jul 2023 9:01PM
5516923Instant breakfast drink Jools10 Jul 2023 8:10PM
5516912Re: sugar free almond milk EZZ910 Jul 2023 7:12PM
5516899first drink fatdaddy10 Jul 2023 6:26PM
5516885First drink of the day Cinnamon10 Jul 2023 5:32PM
5516879Re: sugar free almond milk bookfox10 Jul 2023 5:16PM
5516820Re: sugar free almond milk Big Giant Head10 Jul 2023 1:18PM
5516790sugar free almond milk foster00710 Jul 2023 11:11AM
5516784Poll Couples murrsquito10 Jul 2023 10:17AM
5516574Re: Book Rodney9 Jul 2023 3:31PM
5516456Married with children The Viking9 Jul 2023 7:09AM
5516281Best Romance Gracie P8 Jul 2023 9:22AM
5516099Who remembers Yenta7 Jul 2023 6:02PM
5516061Re: Book fatdaddy7 Jul 2023 3:16PM
5516054Re: Book Mystic Dreamer7 Jul 2023 3:06PM
5516038Re: Book fatdaddy7 Jul 2023 2:37PM
5516002Re: Book Mystic Dreamer7 Jul 2023 11:46AM
5515992Re: poll couples LittleTree7 Jul 2023 11:22AM
5515915poll couples Wild Girl7 Jul 2023 7:49AM
5515869Re: Basi & Sybil Big Giant Head7 Jul 2023 5:28AM
5515783Re: TV couples rabbitoid6 Jul 2023 10:54PM
5515747Re: TV couples Jools6 Jul 2023 7:22PM
5515743Greatest TV Romance Callie6 Jul 2023 7:03PM
5515734Re: Book fatdaddy6 Jul 2023 6:02PM
5515730Book Mystic Dreamer6 Jul 2023 5:33PM
5515661Yorkie & Kelly smooth move6 Jul 2023 2:29PM
5515648Ted & Robin EZZ96 Jul 2023 12:54PM
5515643Joey and Pacey GoldiLocks6 Jul 2023 12:40PM
5515641Rob and Laura Petrie fatdaddy6 Jul 2023 12:38PM
5515602Re: Basi & Sybil Buddha6 Jul 2023 9:07AM
5515597Re: TV couples foster0076 Jul 2023 8:27AM
5515595Re: TV couples grade1teacher6 Jul 2023 8:21AM
5515574Basi & Sybil Jools6 Jul 2023 6:32AM
5515570TV couples JCavanaugh6 Jul 2023 5:54AM
5515566Married with children Xandu6 Jul 2023 5:30AM
5515565couple from little house on the prairrie foster0076 Jul 2023 5:22AM
5515481Re: How do I like my eggs. hoof hearted5 Jul 2023 9:19PM
5515362over easy Watson5 Jul 2023 12:59PM
5515353Poached HeatherN5 Jul 2023 12:28PM
5515021Re: How do I like my eggs. Jools4 Jul 2023 12:28PM
5515010Re: How do I like my eggs. fatdaddy4 Jul 2023 12:06PM
5514989quail eggs Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe4 Jul 2023 11:07AM
5514979Re: How do I like my eggs. Mystic Dreamer4 Jul 2023 9:53AM
5514960Re: How do I like my eggs. Mary4 Jul 2023 8:43AM
5514815Re: How do I like my eggs. GinnyB4 Jul 2023 1:20AM
5514811Re: How do I like my eggs. rabbitoid3 Jul 2023 11:51PM
5514807How do I like my eggs. GinnyB3 Jul 2023 11:15PM
5514707To a WILD 4th.of July! bobby b 713 Jul 2023 12:46PM
5514692June's winner! Pollmaster3 Jul 2023 11:40AM
5514167Re: This one hoof hearted1 Jul 2023 5:50PM
5513598This one Point01IV29 Jun 2023 7:47PM
5513343Keep those submissions coming! Pollmaster28 Jun 2023 7:16PM
5513078Which poll was June's best? Pollmaster27 Jun 2023 3:57PM
5512949Re: juice Buddha27 Jun 2023 7:18AM
5512894POG marcmandy27 Jun 2023 5:48AM
5512771juice Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe26 Jun 2023 5:18PM
5512391Re: Bloody Mary mix Jools25 Jun 2023 3:46PM
5512258Bloody Mary mix Buddha25 Jun 2023 5:30AM
5512238Juice EZZ925 Jun 2023 3:30AM
5511425Re: A couple or so hoof hearted22 Jun 2023 1:09PM
5511337Pear juice Lou Siffer22 Jun 2023 6:37AM
5511330A couple or so Wild Girl22 Jun 2023 6:04AM
5511242Re: Juice Jools22 Jun 2023 12:11AM
5511233Blueberry Juice? Mark S21 Jun 2023 10:20PM
5511228Is coconut water also considered a "juice"? Bunchita21 Jun 2023 8:55PM
5511226Re: A couple or so fatdaddy21 Jun 2023 8:39PM
5511220Re: Juice Diabeditor21 Jun 2023 7:13PM
5511207Re: Juice verclo21 Jun 2023 4:56PM
5511205Re: Juice Gracie P21 Jun 2023 4:37PM
5511164A couple or so Mystic Dreamer21 Jun 2023 12:36PM
5511136Juice laura lee21 Jun 2023 10:37AM
5511132SPEEDWAY Model A21 Jun 2023 10:28AM
5510517AFL Grand Final globalroamer19 Jun 2023 1:55AM
5510478MMA AND WWE Solway Firth18 Jun 2023 7:06PM
5510477Last sports laura lee18 Jun 2023 6:53PM
5510476Re: Sporting event DBowler197018 Jun 2023 6:51PM
5510437Re: 1983 Jools18 Jun 2023 4:34PM
5510423Re: 1982 fatdaddy18 Jun 2023 3:26PM
55104171984 kittyrambo18 Jun 2023 3:02PM
5510401Re: Latest sporting event Mystic Dreamer18 Jun 2023 2:30PM
5510359Latest sporting event karynsong18 Jun 2023 11:15AM
5510352Drags Mystic Dreamer18 Jun 2023 10:55AM
5510331Re: Re last sporting... Pollmaster18 Jun 2023 8:48AM
5510328Re: Re last sporting... bengt18 Jun 2023 8:33AM
5510326Re: Re last sporting... marcmandy18 Jun 2023 8:21AM
5510319Re: Re last sporting... Pollmaster18 Jun 2023 8:09AM
5510315Re last sporting... KG_202018 Jun 2023 8:01AM
5509377Other - Hot Stinger215 Jun 2023 5:57AM
5509276Re: Hot outside mojodanielle14 Jun 2023 10:11PM
5509257Forest and brush fires and ONE more thing! bobby b 7114 Jun 2023 7:28PM
5509194Re: Hot outside Jools14 Jun 2023 3:42PM
5509151Hot outside brown-bread14 Jun 2023 2:16PM
5509141Re: Hot outside Jools14 Jun 2023 1:32PM
5509117Re: Hot outside lwmc14 Jun 2023 12:01PM
5509096Re: Hot outside Jools14 Jun 2023 10:06AM
5509077Re: Hot outside mojodanielle14 Jun 2023 8:02AM
5509076Hot outside Jools14 Jun 2023 7:58AM
5509073When it's hot outside mojodanielle14 Jun 2023 7:50AM
5508675Re: BANDS? fatdaddy12 Jun 2023 6:08PM
5508647BANDS? murrsquito12 Jun 2023 3:38PM
5508578No pick for none EZZ912 Jun 2023 10:33AM
5508425Re: Phoenix mojodanielle11 Jun 2023 4:50PM
5508406Re: Phoenix rabbitoid11 Jun 2023 3:06PM
5508400Re: Phoenix Byteme11 Jun 2023 2:40PM
5508391Re: Phoenix mojodanielle11 Jun 2023 2:04PM
5508389Re: Pets mojodanielle11 Jun 2023 1:56PM
5508388Re: Pets mojodanielle11 Jun 2023 1:55PM
5508367Re: Pets Jools11 Jun 2023 12:05PM
5508365Phoenix Byteme11 Jun 2023 11:57AM
5508354Re: Bands? murrsquito11 Jun 2023 10:58AM
5508352Re: Pets Lew11 Jun 2023 10:32AM
5508342Pets Stinger211 Jun 2023 9:05AM
5508331Dragons Jools11 Jun 2023 7:38AM
5508296Re: Alive steve11111 Jun 2023 5:34AM
5508243Re: Alive Jools10 Jun 2023 11:33PM
5508242Alive Lady Butterfly10 Jun 2023 10:53PM
5507897Re: Bunny Berrigan karynsong9 Jun 2023 4:31PM
5507700Re: Other Jools9 Jun 2023 4:25AM
5507554Other Buddha8 Jun 2023 4:43PM
5507519Big Band IDamian8 Jun 2023 2:07PM
5507504Re: Bands? hoof hearted8 Jun 2023 12:28PM
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5507118Bands? marcmandy7 Jun 2023 8:04AM
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5506563Re: pictorial instructions Micky215 Jun 2023 9:50PM
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5506158Re: Instructions Jools4 Jun 2023 11:24PM
5506086Instructions Mystic Dreamer4 Jun 2023 6:03PM
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