Jest for Puns - It's a pun contest. If you don't like it the Exodus over there. Hosted by hoot
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Wordplay is sadly pun-derrated. However, if you like coming up with groan-inducing quips, or have heard or seen one that you think is great just post yours on this board! Have fun

(unknown photo) Winners will be GONGED_WITH_THE_WIN! Gonged With The Win!

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To enter, just post your entries on the board by replying to the original post. (it makes it easier to keep track of)

1. Each person will be limited to 1 pun.
2. The poll will be posted Saturday morning. USA Eastern time.
3. Voting will end on Sunday evening. USA Eastern time.
4. The winner will choose the next weeks topic/subject.

Large Arrow RightPuns need to be no more than one sentence, in order for it to fit in the poll.Thank you

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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5390773Re: Topic: Vegetables **Lover of Darkness**26 Jun 2022 5:11PM
5390706Re: Topic: Vegetables monkeytyper26 Jun 2022 12:23PM
5390697Re: Topic: Vegetables Bullets9mm26 Jun 2022 11:53AM
5390066Re: Topic: Vegetables HeartOnFire25 Jun 2022 4:01PM
5390058Re: Topic: Vegetables ladyvic25 Jun 2022 3:48PM
5390044Re: Topic: Vegetables eliphont55125 Jun 2022 2:52PM
5390038Re: Topic: Vegetables hoot25 Jun 2022 2:13PM
5390037Re: Topic: Vegetables Jools25 Jun 2022 2:10PM
5390013Topic: Vegetables bestgremlin25 Jun 2022 1:36PM
5389891Winner of the Coffee Pun is bestgremlin hoot25 Jun 2022 5:46AM
5387406Re: Coffee jd9118 Jun 2022 5:56AM
5387396Coffee EZZ918 Jun 2022 5:14AM
5387232Re: Coffee bestgremlin17 Jun 2022 6:36PM
5386383Re: Coffee **Lover of Darkness**15 Jun 2022 6:24AM
5386007Re: Coffee hoot14 Jun 2022 5:41AM
5385982Re: Coffee RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack14 Jun 2022 2:46AM
5385924Re: Coffee HeartOnFire13 Jun 2022 8:47PM
5385911Re: Coffee anguslady13 Jun 2022 8:18PM
5385815Coffee Jools13 Jun 2022 1:27PM
5385741Re: Winner is monkeytyper monkeytyper13 Jun 2022 8:33AM
5385715Winner is monkeytyper hoot13 Jun 2022 4:52AM
5384715Re: Any Sleep Puns Jools10 Jun 2022 12:55AM
5384696Re: Any Sleep Puns monkeytyper9 Jun 2022 9:27PM
5384659Re: Any Sleep Puns LittleTree9 Jun 2022 5:08PM
5383952Re: Any Sleep Puns **Lover of Darkness**7 Jun 2022 5:43PM
5383950Re: Any Sleep Puns bestgremlin7 Jun 2022 5:41PM
5383916Re: Any Sleep Puns eliphont5517 Jun 2022 4:00PM
5383912Any Sleep Puns HeartOnFire7 Jun 2022 3:49PM
5383431We have a winner! hoot6 Jun 2022 5:55AM
5382426aquatic animals EZZ93 Jun 2022 10:16AM
5382182Re: Next topic: aquatic animals bestgremlin2 Jun 2022 7:28PM
5382055Re: Next topic: aquatic animals LittleTree2 Jun 2022 1:26PM
5381143Re: Next topic: aquatic animals **Lover of Darkness**31 May 2022 6:13PM
5381077Re: Next topic: aquatic animals eliphont55131 May 2022 3:20PM
5381054Re: Next topic: aquatic animals Bullets9mm31 May 2022 2:06PM
5381044Re: Next topic: aquatic animals Jools31 May 2022 1:01PM
5381031Next topic: aquatic animals HeartOnFire31 May 2022 11:56AM
5380945Our Poll winner is HeartOnFire hoot31 May 2022 5:39AM
5380012Poll is up!!!!!!!!!!! hoot28 May 2022 5:07AM
5379991Re: Board Games jd9128 May 2022 2:45AM
5379844Re: Board Games HeartOnFire27 May 2022 5:05PM
5379627Re: Board Games **Lover of Darkness**26 May 2022 11:33PM
5378589Re: Board Games rabbitoid24 May 2022 7:05AM
5378587Re: Board Games joenrondi24 May 2022 6:51AM
5378584Re: Board Games LittleTree24 May 2022 6:47AM
5378532Re: Board Games Jools24 May 2022 4:27AM
5378528Board Games bestgremlin24 May 2022 3:39AM
5378352Re: Our Poll winner is Big Giant Head eliphont55123 May 2022 3:58PM
5378348Re: Our Poll winner is Big Giant Head Big Giant Head23 May 2022 3:43PM
5378185Our Poll winner is Big Giant Head hoot23 May 2022 5:52AM
5377885Re: Poll is up!!!! hoot22 May 2022 2:30PM
5377388Poll is up!!!! hoot21 May 2022 4:55AM
5377143Allegedly on Earth Y ... M320 May 2022 9:12AM
5376555Re: topic: True Crime monkeytyper18 May 2022 8:15AM
5376254Re: topic: True Crime bestgremlin17 May 2022 12:38PM
5375942Re: topic: True Crime Big Giant Head16 May 2022 11:49AM
5375939Re: topic: True Crime jd9116 May 2022 11:41AM
5375926Re: topic: True Crime Lil Red16 May 2022 11:00AM
5375921Re: topic: True Crime Jools16 May 2022 10:43AM
5375884Re: topic: True Crime joenrondi16 May 2022 7:00AM
5375678Re: topic: True Crime LittleTree15 May 2022 3:43PM
5375676Re: topic: True Crime eliphont55115 May 2022 3:22PM
5375673Re: topic: True Crime HeartOnFire15 May 2022 3:11PM
5375549topic: True Crime bestgremlin15 May 2022 9:49AM
5374544Looks like we need a new topic... eliphont55112 May 2022 4:27AM
5374334Winner of our poll this week is hoot11 May 2022 2:23PM
5373259Re: Polls eliphont5518 May 2022 8:24AM
5373246Re: Polls rabbitoid8 May 2022 8:08AM
5373241Polls hoot8 May 2022 8:03AM
5372214Re: May-day Puns bestgremlin4 May 2022 7:11PM
5372205Re: May-day Puns LittleTree4 May 2022 6:05PM
5372198Re: May-day Puns **Lover of Darkness**4 May 2022 5:28PM
5372023Re: MY GREATEST PUN bestgremlin4 May 2022 6:37AM
5371756MY GREATEST PUN unbeatable3 May 2022 1:46PM
5371618Re: May-day Puns hoot3 May 2022 4:50AM
5371593Re: May-day Puns (((INTENSITY)))3 May 2022 3:53AM
5371579Re: May-day Puns Jools3 May 2022 3:21AM
5371502Re: May-day Puns anguslady2 May 2022 7:45PM
5371429May-day Puns EZZ92 May 2022 3:34PM
5371428May-day Puns EZZ92 May 2022 3:30PM
5371421Re: May-day Puns Bullets9mm2 May 2022 3:13PM
5371415Re: May-day Puns Paul D2 May 2022 3:07PM
5371300Re: May-day Puns monkeytyper2 May 2022 9:11AM
5371274Re: May-day Puns HeartOnFire2 May 2022 8:10AM
5371252May-day Puns Jools2 May 2022 6:38AM
5371242Weekly Contest hoot2 May 2022 6:00AM
5369992Poll is up hoot29 Apr 2022 6:31AM
5368050Re: Poll results LittleTree24 Apr 2022 7:28AM
5368047Re: Poll results HeartOnFire24 Apr 2022 7:25AM
5368045Re: Poll results Jools24 Apr 2022 7:23AM
5368038Re: Poll results eliphont55124 Apr 2022 6:32AM
5368022Re: Poll results joenrondi24 Apr 2022 5:22AM
5368020Re: Poll results joenrondi24 Apr 2022 5:20AM
5367278Poll results hoot22 Apr 2022 1:28PM
5365803Re: weekly contest marcmandy18 Apr 2022 9:31AM
5365790weekly contest shillotte18 Apr 2022 8:21AM
5365463Re: Weekly contest bestgremlin17 Apr 2022 7:52AM
5365191Re: Weekly contest HeartOnFire16 Apr 2022 11:16AM
5365180Re: Weekly contest monkeytyper16 Apr 2022 10:52AM
5365179Re: Weekly contest ladyvic16 Apr 2022 10:50AM
5365023Weekly contest shillotte16 Apr 2022 12:57AM
5364808weekly contest shillotte15 Apr 2022 8:44AM
5363410Re: This weeks pun monkeytyper11 Apr 2022 8:15AM
5363396Re: This weeks pun LittleTree11 Apr 2022 6:31AM
5363395Re: This weeks pun Jools11 Apr 2022 6:30AM
5363384Re: This weeks pun joenrondi11 Apr 2022 5:15AM
5363372Re: This weeks pun hoot11 Apr 2022 4:18AM
5363355Re: This weeks pun eliphont55111 Apr 2022 4:09AM
5363354This weeks pun eliphont55111 Apr 2022 4:09AM
5363337weekly contest shillotte11 Apr 2022 2:58AM
5362249weekly contest shillotte8 Apr 2022 4:17AM
5361829Re: Pun a Gnome this week jbdobie6 Apr 2022 8:48PM
5361264Re: Pun a Gnome this week HeartOnFire5 Apr 2022 6:15AM
5361145Re: Pun a Gnome this week Jools5 Apr 2022 12:58AM
5361082Re: Pun a Gnome this week bestgremlin4 Apr 2022 7:02PM
5361020Re: Pun a Gnome this week eliphont5514 Apr 2022 3:09PM
5360926Re: Pun a Gnome this week **Lover of Darkness**4 Apr 2022 8:38AM
5360924Pun a Gnome this week **Lover of Darkness**4 Apr 2022 8:32AM
5360869weekly contest shillotte4 Apr 2022 4:07AM
5360055weekly contest shillotte2 Apr 2022 4:25AM
5359782Re: weekly contest squiggy21 Apr 2022 10:02AM
5359653weekly contest shillotte1 Apr 2022 4:13AM
5359383Re: this weeks topic is.. **Lover of Darkness**31 Mar 2022 11:02AM
5359304Re: this weeks topic is.. Jools31 Mar 2022 4:39AM
5358949this weeks topic is.. monkeytyper30 Mar 2022 6:03AM
5358157weekly contest shillotte28 Mar 2022 5:26AM
5357792Re: Terrible Puns bestgremlin27 Mar 2022 6:36AM
5357450weekly contest shillotte26 Mar 2022 7:29AM
5356769Re: Terrible Puns Big Giant Head24 Mar 2022 9:35AM
5356768Re: Terrible Puns LittleTree24 Mar 2022 9:31AM
5356767Re: Terrible Puns Big Giant Head24 Mar 2022 9:30AM
5356765Re: Terrible Puns **Lover of Darkness**24 Mar 2022 9:18AM
5356762Re: Terrible Puns PattyMac24 Mar 2022 8:57AM
5356323Re: Terrible Puns Big Giant Head23 Mar 2022 1:48AM
5356300Re: Terrible Puns monkeytyper22 Mar 2022 9:34PM
5356108Re: Terrible Puns HeartOnFire22 Mar 2022 12:18PM
5356018Re: Terrible Puns Big Giant Head22 Mar 2022 5:50AM
5356017Re: Terrible Puns joenrondi22 Mar 2022 5:42AM
5355918Re: Totally Vegetarian Jools21 Mar 2022 10:42PM
5355886Totally Vegetarian bestgremlin21 Mar 2022 6:48PM
5355833Re: Terrible Puns eliphont55121 Mar 2022 4:04PM
5355831Terrible Puns **Lover of Darkness**21 Mar 2022 3:55PM
5355704weekly contest shillotte21 Mar 2022 5:36AM
5355000weekly contest shillotte19 Mar 2022 6:20AM
5353611Re: Peace **Lover of Darkness**14 Mar 2022 2:16PM
5353242Re: Peace PattyMac13 Mar 2022 9:41AM
5352835Re: Peace marcmandy12 Mar 2022 8:43AM
5351728Re: Peace Jools9 Mar 2022 11:11AM
5351703Re: Peace laura lee9 Mar 2022 9:36AM
5351695Re: Peace HeartOnFire9 Mar 2022 9:18AM
5351674Re: Peace monkeytyper9 Mar 2022 7:51AM
5351603Re: Peace volvath9 Mar 2022 3:35AM
5351602weekly contest shillotte9 Mar 2022 3:29AM
5351091Peace Jools7 Mar 2022 6:44AM
5351088weekly contest shillotte7 Mar 2022 6:19AM
5351078weekly contest shillotte7 Mar 2022 5:02AM
5350185weekly contest shillotte4 Mar 2022 4:54AM
5348977Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire1 Mar 2022 3:07AM
5348817Re: weekly contest PattyMac28 Feb 2022 4:42PM
5348791Re: weekly contest **Lover of Darkness**28 Feb 2022 3:27PM
5348733Re: weekly contest Jools28 Feb 2022 1:04PM
5348662Re: weekly contest monkeytyper28 Feb 2022 8:51AM
5348596weekly contest shillotte28 Feb 2022 5:41AM
5347340weekly contest shillotte25 Feb 2022 4:19AM
5346327Re: Electric / Electricity Puns monkeytyper22 Feb 2022 8:14AM
5345974Re: Electric / Electricity Puns bestgremlin21 Feb 2022 1:12PM
5345968Re: Electric / Electricity Puns Jools21 Feb 2022 12:36PM
5345917Re: Electric / Electricity Puns **Lover of Darkness**21 Feb 2022 10:09AM
5345897Re: Electric / Electricity Puns LittleTree21 Feb 2022 8:05AM
5345885Re: Electric / Electricity Puns PattyMac21 Feb 2022 7:21AM
5345835Re: Electric / Electricity Puns laura lee21 Feb 2022 6:37AM
5345831Re: Electric / Electricity Puns Clem361021 Feb 2022 6:19AM
5345828Electric / Electricity Puns HeartOnFire21 Feb 2022 6:07AM
5345817weekly contest shillotte21 Feb 2022 5:46AM
5345429weekly contest shillotte20 Feb 2022 2:32AM
5344689weekly contest shillotte18 Feb 2022 6:38AM
5344265Re: Love / Romance Jools17 Feb 2022 8:24AM
5344260Re: Love / Romance monkeytyper17 Feb 2022 7:38AM
5344180weekly contest shillotte17 Feb 2022 2:49AM
5343180Re: Love / Romance HeartOnFire14 Feb 2022 8:23PM
5343030Re: Love / Romance PattyMac14 Feb 2022 11:50AM
5343000Re: Love / Romance laura lee14 Feb 2022 8:25AM
5342994Love / Romance Jools14 Feb 2022 8:10AM
5342963weekly contest shillotte14 Feb 2022 5:23AM
5342211weekly contest shillotte12 Feb 2022 3:18AM
5341575weekly contest shillotte10 Feb 2022 3:07AM
5341209Re: Space Science puns HeartOnFire9 Feb 2022 6:34AM
5341177Re: Space Science puns joenrondi9 Feb 2022 5:08AM
5340954Re: Space Science puns ladyvic8 Feb 2022 1:29PM
5340894Re: Space Science puns Jools8 Feb 2022 10:00AM
5340885Re: Space Science puns LittleTree8 Feb 2022 9:40AM
5340884Re: Space Science puns PattyMac8 Feb 2022 9:27AM
5340653Space Science puns bestgremlin7 Feb 2022 5:49PM
5340473weekly contest shillotte7 Feb 2022 7:36AM
5339172weekly contest shillotte4 Feb 2022 4:00AM
5338143Re: Flower/Plant Pun Jools1 Feb 2022 10:46AM
5337952Re: Flower/Plant Pun HeartOnFire1 Feb 2022 12:51AM
5337825Re: Flower/Plant Pun Clem361031 Jan 2022 1:43PM
5337823Re: Flower/Plant Pun bestgremlin31 Jan 2022 1:30PM
5337723Flower/Plant Pun PattyMac31 Jan 2022 6:40AM
5337681weekly contest shillotte31 Jan 2022 4:02AM
5337670weekly contest shillotte31 Jan 2022 3:59AM
5337669weekly contest shillotte31 Jan 2022 3:57AM
5337070weekly contest shillotte30 Jan 2022 2:32AM
5336719weekly contest shillotte29 Jan 2022 4:00AM
5336156While we're on the subject of Mothers-in-Law bestgremlin27 Jan 2022 10:44AM
5336117Re: Mother-In-Law Puns rabbitoid27 Jan 2022 8:17AM
5336114Re: Mother-In-Law Puns monkeytyper27 Jan 2022 8:10AM
5336031weekly contest shillotte27 Jan 2022 3:28AM
5335187Re: Mother-In-Law Puns **Lover of Darkness**24 Jan 2022 9:46PM
5335044Re: Mother-In-Law Puns HeartOnFire24 Jan 2022 2:19PM
5335012Re: Mother-In-Law Puns bestgremlin24 Jan 2022 1:27PM
5334989Re: Mother-In-Law Puns PattyMac24 Jan 2022 12:21PM
5334985Re: Mother-In-Law Puns Jools24 Jan 2022 12:08PM
5334974Re: Mother-In-Law Puns PattyMac24 Jan 2022 11:28AM
5334957Mother-In-Law Puns HeartOnFire24 Jan 2022 11:06AM
5334781weekly contest shillotte24 Jan 2022 2:53AM
5334304weekly contest shillotte23 Jan 2022 2:37AM
5333687weekly contest shillotte21 Jan 2022 7:14AM
5333585Re: Job / Work Puns Big Giant Head20 Jan 2022 11:46PM
5333457Re: Job / Work Puns ladyvic20 Jan 2022 12:01PM
5333390Re: Job / Work Puns Jools20 Jan 2022 8:53AM
5333386Re: Job / Work Puns Clem361020 Jan 2022 8:18AM
5333382Re: Job / Work Puns monkeytyper20 Jan 2022 7:36AM
5333371Re: Job / Work Puns LittleTree20 Jan 2022 7:05AM
5333363Re: Job / Work Puns laura lee20 Jan 2022 6:22AM
5333317weekly contest shillotte20 Jan 2022 3:54AM
5332290Re: Job / Work Puns PattyMac17 Jan 2022 12:29PM
5332173Job / Work Puns HeartOnFire17 Jan 2022 5:14AM
5332161weekly contest shillotte17 Jan 2022 4:09AM
5331762weekly contest shillotte16 Jan 2022 2:39AM
5330853weekly contest shillotte14 Jan 2022 2:45AM
5329575Re: Flying bird HeartOnFire10 Jan 2022 9:39PM
5329454Re: Flying bird joenrondi10 Jan 2022 2:08PM
5329453Re: Flying bird LittleTree10 Jan 2022 1:55PM
5329443Re: Flying bird PattyMac10 Jan 2022 1:33PM
5329419Re: Flying bird ladyvic10 Jan 2022 12:24PM
5329414Re: Flying bird Jools10 Jan 2022 12:08PM
5329408Flying bird bestgremlin10 Jan 2022 11:45AM
5329343Re: weekly contest monkeytyper10 Jan 2022 7:53AM
5329246weekly contest shillotte10 Jan 2022 1:12AM
5328779weekly contest shillotte9 Jan 2022 12:51AM
5328144weekly contest shillotte7 Jan 2022 4:59AM
5325957Re: Its almost 2022 Jools2 Jan 2022 7:59AM
5325797weekly contest shillotte2 Jan 2022 1:02AM
5325364Re: Its almost 2022 HeartOnFire31 Dec 2021 10:05PM

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