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which pun is the best?
What do you call a camel without any humps? Humphrey 43%
How does a cool camel say hello? "How you dune?" 29%
Which car from the Japanese manufacturer did the camel dream of buying? Toyota Camelry. 14%
When a camel serves tea, she asks: "One hump or two?" 14%
A crying camel is known as a humpback wail. 0%
What did the eye witness say about the camel who was using the bushes as a bathroom, I saw the hump take a dump in a clump 0%
What did the camel say to the Oasis? I won't ever desert you! 0%
What is the camelsí favorite nursery rhyme? Humpday dumpty 0%
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Wordplay is sadly pun-derrated. However, if you like coming up with groan-inducing quips, or have heard or seen one that you think is great just post yours on this board! Have fun

(unknown photo) Winners will be GONGED_WITH_THE_WIN! Gonged With The Win!

1. Each person will be limited to 1 pun.
2. You will have until Thursday morning to post your pun, at which point a poll will be started.
3. You will then have until Saturday evening to vote for your favourite pun.
4. The winner will receive a gong or 20th Anniversary token & will get the chance to choose the next weeks topic/subject.

To enter, just post your entries on the board by replying to the original post. (it makes it easier to keep track of) Thank you

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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5169431weekly contest shillotte3 Dec 2020 4:43AM
5169089Re: Camels PattyMac2 Dec 2020 8:06AM
5168051Re: Camels Lil Red30 Nov 2020 9:57AM
5167948Re: Camels HeartOnFire30 Nov 2020 4:32AM
5167943Re: Camels shillotte30 Nov 2020 3:44AM
5167860Re: Camels Lil Red29 Nov 2020 8:52PM
5167850Re: Camels Jools29 Nov 2020 7:52PM
5167831Re: Camels HeartOnFire29 Nov 2020 6:20PM
5167827Re: Camels **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB29 Nov 2020 5:59PM
5167790Re: Camels LittleTree29 Nov 2020 4:22PM
5167748Re: Camels amthevessel29 Nov 2020 2:06PM
5167706Re: Camels HeartOnFire29 Nov 2020 11:44AM
5167698Re: Camels HeartOnFire29 Nov 2020 11:20AM
5167591Re: Camels bestgremlin29 Nov 2020 5:53AM
5167556Re: Camels llwgirl29 Nov 2020 4:14AM
5167449Camels **Lover of Darkness**28 Nov 2020 8:00PM
5167437Re: weekly contest Jools28 Nov 2020 7:33PM
5167337weekly contest shillotte28 Nov 2020 1:10PM
5167111weekly contest shillotte28 Nov 2020 3:30AM
5166431Re: cows Lil Red26 Nov 2020 2:30PM
5166266weekly contest shillotte26 Nov 2020 3:11AM
5165822Re: cows HeartOnFire24 Nov 2020 4:29PM
5165278Re: cows Jools23 Nov 2020 12:42PM
5164729Re: cows bestgremlin22 Nov 2020 6:27AM
5164714Re: cows llwgirl22 Nov 2020 4:31AM
5164700Re: cows shillotte22 Nov 2020 2:37AM
5164699Re: cows shillotte22 Nov 2020 2:35AM
5164550Re: cows RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack21 Nov 2020 5:06PM
5164547cows ozallan21 Nov 2020 5:00PM
5164546cows ozallan21 Nov 2020 4:58PM
5164545cows ozallan21 Nov 2020 4:57PM
5164544Re: cows bestgremlin21 Nov 2020 4:53PM
5164533Re: cows **Lover of Darkness**21 Nov 2020 4:40PM
5164532cows ozallan21 Nov 2020 4:39PM
5164528Re: cows RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack21 Nov 2020 4:33PM
5164523Re: cows bestgremlin21 Nov 2020 4:22PM
5164434Re: cows PattyMac21 Nov 2020 1:57PM
5164424cows shillotte21 Nov 2020 1:24PM
5164423weekly contest shillotte21 Nov 2020 1:23PM
5164421weekly contest shillotte21 Nov 2020 1:12PM
5164178weekly contest shillotte21 Nov 2020 3:04AM
5163290weekly contest shillotte19 Nov 2020 2:42AM
5162483turkey **Lover of Darkness**17 Nov 2020 6:11AM
5161872Re: Turkey **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB15 Nov 2020 4:34PM
5161854Re: Turkey LittleTree15 Nov 2020 3:43PM
5161817Re: Turkey PattyMac15 Nov 2020 2:48PM
5161694Re: Turkey **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB15 Nov 2020 10:18AM
5161680Re: Turkey Lil Red15 Nov 2020 9:15AM
5161670Re: Turkey llwgirl15 Nov 2020 8:15AM
5161659Re: Turkey HeartOnFire15 Nov 2020 7:37AM
5161658Re: Turkey HeartOnFire15 Nov 2020 7:35AM
5161655Re: Turkey **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB15 Nov 2020 7:28AM
5161635Re: Turkey hoot15 Nov 2020 6:18AM
5161608Re: Turkey monkeytyper15 Nov 2020 5:59AM
5161606Re: Turkey bestgremlin15 Nov 2020 5:45AM
5161574Re: Turkey Jools15 Nov 2020 3:34AM
5161568Turkey shillotte15 Nov 2020 2:52AM
5161355weekly contest shillotte14 Nov 2020 1:20PM
5161157weekly contest shillotte14 Nov 2020 2:37AM
5160217weekly contest shillotte12 Nov 2020 2:49AM
5159868in ancient Rome bestgremlin11 Nov 2020 8:17AM
5159830Re: scissors HeartOnFire11 Nov 2020 5:02AM
5159825Re: scissors HeartOnFire11 Nov 2020 4:40AM
5158534Re: scissors **Lover of Darkness**8 Nov 2020 11:17AM
5158522Re: scissors **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB8 Nov 2020 10:32AM
5158500Re: scissors RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack8 Nov 2020 9:22AM
5158495Re: scissors **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB8 Nov 2020 8:56AM
5158490Re: scissors Lil Red8 Nov 2020 8:39AM
5158467Re: scissors PattyMac8 Nov 2020 6:53AM
5158457Re: scissors Big Giant Head8 Nov 2020 6:33AM
5158355scissors shillotte8 Nov 2020 12:39AM
5158297Re: weekly contest monkeytyper7 Nov 2020 7:04PM
5158221weekly contest shillotte7 Nov 2020 2:11PM
5157938weekly contest shillotte7 Nov 2020 1:27AM
5157046weekly contest shillotte5 Nov 2020 3:03AM
5155722Re: Lions monkeytyper2 Nov 2020 8:43AM
5155666Re: Lions PattyMac2 Nov 2020 6:29AM
5155209Re: weekly contest **Lover of Darkness**1 Nov 2020 11:12AM
5155171Re: Lions **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB1 Nov 2020 9:47AM
5155145Re: Lions Jools1 Nov 2020 9:04AM
5155136Re: Lions HeartOnFire1 Nov 2020 8:46AM
5155109Re: Lions HeartOnFire1 Nov 2020 7:49AM
5155105when it counts bestgremlin1 Nov 2020 7:28AM
5155066Lions bestgremlin1 Nov 2020 4:52AM
5155064Re: weekly contest bestgremlin1 Nov 2020 4:48AM
5154884weekly contest shillotte1 Nov 2020 12:37AM
5154454weekly contest shillotte31 Oct 2020 2:42AM
5153890Re: Breakfast Cereals bestgremlin29 Oct 2020 5:19PM
5153856Re: Breakfast Cereals Eggy29 Oct 2020 3:13PM
5153690weekly contest shillotte29 Oct 2020 2:42AM
5152473Re: Breakfast Cereals **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB26 Oct 2020 3:15PM
5152462Re: Breakfast Cereals HeartOnFire26 Oct 2020 2:39PM
5152450Re: Breakfast Cereals LittleTree26 Oct 2020 1:52PM
5152397Re: Breakfast Cereals HeartOnFire26 Oct 2020 10:47AM
5152206Re: Our next topic is: FOOD Jools26 Oct 2020 3:33AM
5152036Re: Breakfast Cereals Eggy25 Oct 2020 4:57PM
5151943Re: Breakfast Cereals PattyMac25 Oct 2020 1:01PM
5151811Breakfast Cereals bestgremlin25 Oct 2020 8:23AM
5151785Re: weekly contest Silkwood25 Oct 2020 6:33AM
5151633weekly contest shillotte24 Oct 2020 11:56PM
5151272weekly contest shillotte24 Oct 2020 3:00AM
5151179Re: Our next topic is: FOOD Lil Red23 Oct 2020 8:01PM
5151139Re: Our next topic is: FOOD llwgirl23 Oct 2020 6:02PM
5151130Re: Our next topic is: FOOD **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB23 Oct 2020 5:50PM
5151101Our next topic is: FOOD bestgremlin23 Oct 2020 4:37PM
5150435weekly contest shillotte22 Oct 2020 4:53AM
5150041Re: Halloween Puns llwgirl21 Oct 2020 8:34AM
5149932weekly contest shillotte21 Oct 2020 2:47AM
5149015Re: Halloween Puns Silkwood19 Oct 2020 11:40AM
5149002Re: Halloween Puns HeartOnFire19 Oct 2020 11:19AM
5148547Re: Halloween Puns Big Giant Head18 Oct 2020 2:37PM
5148377Re: Halloween Puns Lil Red18 Oct 2020 8:34AM
5148375Re: Halloween Puns LittleTree18 Oct 2020 8:27AM
5148351Re: Halloween Puns monkeytyper18 Oct 2020 7:47AM
5148287Re: Halloween Puns PattyMac18 Oct 2020 5:38AM
5148252Halloween Puns HeartOnFire18 Oct 2020 2:43AM
5148224weekly contest shillotte18 Oct 2020 1:26AM
5147692weekly contest shillotte17 Oct 2020 2:56AM
5146685weekly contest shillotte15 Oct 2020 3:36AM
5146592Re: Horses thebodywall14 Oct 2020 10:39PM
5146587Re: Horses HeartOnFire14 Oct 2020 9:58PM
5145389Re: 21st token time hoot13 Oct 2020 5:39AM
5144934Re: 21st token time Eggy12 Oct 2020 7:53PM
5144896Re: 21st token time HeartOnFire12 Oct 2020 7:05PM
5144894Re: 21st token time thebodywall12 Oct 2020 7:02PM
5144819Re: 21st token time Otto the octopus12 Oct 2020 5:25PM
5144695Re: 21st token time Jools12 Oct 2020 2:27PM
5144678Re: 21st token time Candy Cane Kaz12 Oct 2020 2:06PM
514467321st token time hoot12 Oct 2020 1:57PM
5144446Re: Horses squiggy212 Oct 2020 8:31AM
5144408Re: Horses Jools12 Oct 2020 7:44AM
5144405Re: Horses PattyMac12 Oct 2020 7:37AM
5144020Re: Horses monkeytyper11 Oct 2020 8:10PM
5144017Re: Horses HeartOnFire11 Oct 2020 8:02PM
5143762Re: Horses RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack11 Oct 2020 2:06PM
5143753Re: Horses bestgremlin11 Oct 2020 1:59PM
5143403Horses shillotte11 Oct 2020 2:31AM
5143402weekly contest shillotte11 Oct 2020 2:30AM
5142768weekly contest shillotte10 Oct 2020 2:58AM
5141955Difference!?!? HeartOnFire8 Oct 2020 8:41PM
5141372weekly contest shillotte8 Oct 2020 3:15AM
5141038Re: Children Jools7 Oct 2020 10:21AM
5140843weekly contest shillotte7 Oct 2020 2:38AM
5140791Re: Children HeartOnFire6 Oct 2020 11:54PM
5139064Re: Children **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB4 Oct 2020 2:44PM
5139036Re: Children LittleTree4 Oct 2020 1:27PM
5139007Re: Children PattyMac4 Oct 2020 12:11PM
5138972Children bestgremlin4 Oct 2020 10:10AM
5138843weekly contest shillotte4 Oct 2020 2:38AM
5138479weekly contest shillotte3 Oct 2020 2:35AM
5137660weekly contest shillotte1 Oct 2020 12:58AM
5137043Re: Weekly Contest ~ Squirrels PattyMac29 Sep 2020 9:48AM
5136478Re: Weekly Contest ~ Squirrels HeartOnFire27 Sep 2020 2:57PM
5136476Re: Weekly Contest ~ Squirrels HeartOnFire27 Sep 2020 2:46PM
5136425Re: Weekly Contest ~ Squirrels RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack27 Sep 2020 10:50AM
5136422Re: Weekly Contest ~ Squirrels monkeytyper27 Sep 2020 10:21AM
5136418Weekly Contest ~ Squirrels PattyMac27 Sep 2020 10:06AM
5136342weekly contest shillotte27 Sep 2020 2:39AM
5136022weekly contest shillotte26 Sep 2020 2:55AM
5135688Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire25 Sep 2020 8:05AM
5135197weekly contest shillotte24 Sep 2020 3:06AM
5134780Re: Weekly Contest ~ "Pirates" LittleTree22 Sep 2020 6:47PM
5134612Re: Weekly Contest ~ "Pirates" HeartOnFire22 Sep 2020 10:15AM
5134130The pirate's bird was heard to say... bestgremlin21 Sep 2020 5:08AM
5133926Re: Weekly Contest ~ "Pirates" amthevessel20 Sep 2020 1:39PM
5133919Re: Weekly Contest ~ "Pirates" PattyMac20 Sep 2020 1:27PM
5133850Re: Weekly Contest ~ "Pirates" monkeytyper20 Sep 2020 7:07AM
5133849Re: Weekly Contest ~ "Pirates" HeartOnFire20 Sep 2020 6:55AM
5133822Weekly Contest ~ "Pirates" RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack20 Sep 2020 5:30AM
5133820Re: weekly contest RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack20 Sep 2020 5:29AM
5133746weekly contest shillotte20 Sep 2020 1:59AM
5133423weekly contest shillotte19 Sep 2020 2:57AM
5132759weekly contest shillotte17 Sep 2020 3:42AM
5132204Re: Bird pun contest bestgremlin15 Sep 2020 9:44AM
5131828Re: Bird pun contest PattyMac14 Sep 2020 6:44AM
5131607Re: Bird pun contest LittleTree13 Sep 2020 12:19PM
5131596Re: Bird pun contest HeatherN13 Sep 2020 10:12AM
5131569Re: Bird Pun Contest monkeytyper13 Sep 2020 7:27AM
5131565Re: Bird Pun Contest HeartOnFire13 Sep 2020 7:15AM
5131563Re: weekly contest RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack13 Sep 2020 7:03AM
5131557Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire13 Sep 2020 6:47AM
5131556Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire13 Sep 2020 6:43AM
5131507Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire13 Sep 2020 5:19AM
5131494weekly contest shillotte13 Sep 2020 2:53AM
5130500weekly contest shillotte10 Sep 2020 3:05AM
5130362Re: weekly contest RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack9 Sep 2020 5:29PM
5130196weekly contest shillotte9 Sep 2020 11:00AM
5129312Re: Food Pun Contest bestgremlin7 Sep 2020 10:06AM
5129012Re: Food Pun Contest PattyMac6 Sep 2020 1:02PM
5129008Re: Food Pun Contest HeatherN6 Sep 2020 12:38PM
5129007Re: Food Pun Contest HeartOnFire6 Sep 2020 12:37PM
5128948Food Pun Contest LittleTree6 Sep 2020 7:52AM
5128937Re: weekly contest monkeytyper6 Sep 2020 6:35AM
5128743weekly contest shillotte5 Sep 2020 2:29PM
5128740weekly contest shillotte5 Sep 2020 2:23PM
5128357weekly contest shillotte4 Sep 2020 5:31AM
5127426Re: Talent contest? HeatherN1 Sep 2020 12:59PM
5127417Re: weekly contest HeatherN1 Sep 2020 12:24PM
5127302weekly contest shillotte1 Sep 2020 3:04AM
5127301Re: weekly contest shillotte1 Sep 2020 3:02AM
5127195Re: Talent contest? HeartOnFire31 Aug 2020 7:25PM
5127082Re: Talent contest? HeatherN31 Aug 2020 1:29PM
5127073Re: Talent contest? HeartOnFire31 Aug 2020 12:55PM
5127066Talent contest? HeatherN31 Aug 2020 12:34PM
5127064Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire31 Aug 2020 12:29PM
5127062Re: weekly contest HeatherN31 Aug 2020 12:27PM
5127061Re: weekly contest HeatherN31 Aug 2020 12:25PM
5127030Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire31 Aug 2020 10:40AM
5126641Re: weekly contest firefly30 Aug 2020 8:29AM
5126640Re: weekly contest monkeytyper30 Aug 2020 8:26AM
5126556weekly contest shillotte30 Aug 2020 1:57AM
5126392Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire29 Aug 2020 7:44AM
5126081Re: weekly contest monkeytyper28 Aug 2020 7:37AM
5125416weekly contest shillotte26 Aug 2020 11:54AM
5124156weekly contest shillotte23 Aug 2020 2:00AM
5124090Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire22 Aug 2020 7:19PM
5123990Re: weekly contest Lil Red22 Aug 2020 1:47PM
5123987weekly contest shillotte22 Aug 2020 1:41PM
5123929Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire22 Aug 2020 11:06AM
5123407Re: weekly contest Lil Red21 Aug 2020 8:47AM
5123382weekly contest shillotte21 Aug 2020 7:03AM
5121124weekly contest shillotte16 Aug 2020 2:45AM
5120087Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire13 Aug 2020 8:29AM
5120005weekly contest shillotte13 Aug 2020 3:09AM
5119386Hockey season bestgremlin11 Aug 2020 9:08AM
5118577weekly contest shillotte9 Aug 2020 12:49AM
5118112Re: weekly contest bestgremlin7 Aug 2020 12:40PM
5118072Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire7 Aug 2020 8:43AM
5118011weekly contest shillotte7 Aug 2020 3:35AM
5116345weekly contest shillotte2 Aug 2020 2:42AM
5115579weekly contest shillotte30 Jul 2020 12:38PM
5115333Re: weekly contest bestgremlin29 Jul 2020 6:51PM
5114504Crows bestgremlin28 Jul 2020 10:18AM
5114082Carpetbagger bestgremlin27 Jul 2020 9:00AM
5113696Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire26 Jul 2020 10:43AM
5113447weekly contest shillotte26 Jul 2020 12:36AM
5113139Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire25 Jul 2020 10:51AM
5112310weekly contest shillotte23 Jul 2020 2:39PM
5112159Re: weekly contest bestgremlin23 Jul 2020 8:34AM
5110401weekly contest shillotte19 Jul 2020 2:37AM
5110181Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire18 Jul 2020 11:35AM
5110166Re: weekly contest firefly18 Jul 2020 9:54AM
5110102Re: weekly contest monkeytyper18 Jul 2020 6:39AM
5110100Re: weekly contest PattyMac18 Jul 2020 6:35AM
5109896Re: weekly contest bestgremlin17 Jul 2020 7:05PM
5109882Re: weekly contest firefly17 Jul 2020 6:43PM
5109760Re: weekly contest bestgremlin17 Jul 2020 2:21PM
5109723Re: weekly contest shillotte17 Jul 2020 1:53PM
5109623Re: weekly contest monkeytyper17 Jul 2020 5:48AM
5109606weekly contest shillotte17 Jul 2020 4:33AM
5107147weekly contest shillotte11 Jul 2020 12:42PM
5106896Re: Weekly contest monkeytyper10 Jul 2020 8:18PM
5106712Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire10 Jul 2020 11:33AM
5106705Re: weekly contest firefly10 Jul 2020 11:02AM
5106418Weekly contest shillotte10 Jul 2020 1:22AM
5105024weekly contest shillotte6 Jul 2020 5:13AM
5104578Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire5 Jul 2020 8:21AM
5104576Re: weekly contest firefly5 Jul 2020 8:01AM
5104068Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire4 Jul 2020 2:40AM
5104014Re: weekly contest firefly4 Jul 2020 12:19AM
5104006Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire3 Jul 2020 11:18PM
5103841Re: weekly contest firefly3 Jul 2020 12:18PM
5103817Re: weekly contest monkeytyper3 Jul 2020 10:56AM
5103322weekly contest shillotte2 Jul 2020 3:50AM
5101394weekly contest shillotte28 Jun 2020 3:36AM
5100684Jest one - emphasizing quality over quantity bestgremlin26 Jun 2020 8:01AM
5100444Re: weekly contest David25 Jun 2020 4:39PM
5100355Re: weekly contest firefly25 Jun 2020 1:24PM
5100346Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire25 Jun 2020 11:19AM
5100313Re: weekly contest monkeytyper25 Jun 2020 8:25AM
5100309weekly contest shillotte25 Jun 2020 8:05AM
5098680Re: weekly contest firefly21 Jun 2020 10:09AM
5098675Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire21 Jun 2020 9:21AM
5098265Re: weekly contest shillotte20 Jun 2020 11:34AM
5097212Re: weekly contest firefly17 Jun 2020 1:10PM
5097182Re: weekly contest LittleTree17 Jun 2020 12:17PM
5097057weekly contest shillotte17 Jun 2020 5:51AM
5095645weekly contest shillotte13 Jun 2020 11:29AM
5095037Re: weekly contest amthevessel11 Jun 2020 3:30PM
5094963Re: weekly contest HeartOnFire11 Jun 2020 2:41PM
5094826Re: weekly contest monkeytyper11 Jun 2020 7:55AM
5094824Re: weekly contest firefly11 Jun 2020 7:39AM
5094816Re: weekly contest LittleTree11 Jun 2020 6:56AM
5094813weekly contest shillotte11 Jun 2020 6:32AM
5092667weekly contest shillotte6 Jun 2020 1:01PM

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