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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
4955369Petrucci, John Robyn Hode17 Jun 2019 9:39PM
4955363Ottorino Respighi fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 8:34PM
4955354Nikki Sixx Robyn Hode17 Jun 2019 7:54PM
4955345Marianne Faithfull fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 6:48PM
4955344Lou Reed Abby Normal17 Jun 2019 6:47PM
4955088King Harvest fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 6:32AM
4954928James Brown Abby Normal16 Jun 2019 6:39PM
4954925Iggy Pop Robyn Hode16 Jun 2019 6:37PM
4954914Heart fatdaddy16 Jun 2019 6:02PM
4954424Green, Peter Robyn Hode16 Jun 2019 11:30AM
4954269(no subject) jamchug16 Jun 2019 12:01AM
4954254Eagles Robyn Hode15 Jun 2019 8:53PM
4954212Doobie Brothers Abby Normal15 Jun 2019 5:16PM
4954127Creme, Lol fatdaddy15 Jun 2019 2:18PM
4954124Bozzio, Terry Robyn Hode15 Jun 2019 1:44PM
4953941All The Yong Dudes Abby Normal14 Jun 2019 10:30PM
4953938Zappa, Dweezil fatdaddy14 Jun 2019 10:19PM
4953856Yngwie Malmsteen Robyn Hode14 Jun 2019 3:20PM
4953822Xavier Cugat fatdaddy14 Jun 2019 2:03PM
4953766Walker, T-Bone Abby Normal14 Jun 2019 9:29AM
4953659Virginia Plain fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 10:11PM
4953561Uli Jon Roth Robyn Hode13 Jun 2019 5:38PM
4953560Talking Heads Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 5:33PM
4953351Simon, Paul fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 12:04PM
4953349Rickie Lee Jones Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 12:01PM
4953346Quincy Jones fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 11:58AM
4953344Paul Butterfield Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 11:57AM
4953332Overend Watts fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 11:27AM
4953318Nick Lowe Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 10:49AM
4953260Mick Taylor Robyn Hode13 Jun 2019 8:51AM
4953213Lionel Ritchie Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 6:06AM
4953017Kennedy, Myles Robyn Hode12 Jun 2019 3:28PM
4952733Johansen, David fatdaddy11 Jun 2019 1:50PM
4952731INXS Abby Normal11 Jun 2019 1:40PM
4952557Herman Li Robyn Hode10 Jun 2019 10:08PM
4952104Glenn Frye Abby Normal9 Jun 2019 11:07AM
4951931Felder, Don fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 7:39PM
4951930Easton, Elliot Robyn Hode8 Jun 2019 7:35PM
4951927Davies, Ray fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 7:23PM
4951831Cantrell, Jerry Robyn Hode8 Jun 2019 2:28PM
4951819Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 1:10PM
4951815Allman, Duane Robyn Hode8 Jun 2019 1:03PM
4951813Re: (no subject) fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 12:45PM
4951812Zappa, Moon Unit fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 12:45PM
4951782Young, Malcolm Robyn Hode8 Jun 2019 11:05AM
4951781Re: (no subject) Robyn Hode8 Jun 2019 11:04AM
4951763Xanadu fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 10:22AM
4951762(no subject) fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 10:20AM
4951445Walk This Way Abby Normal7 Jun 2019 2:41PM
4951373Ventures, The fatdaddy7 Jun 2019 11:17AM
4951354Under My Thumb -- The Rolling Stones Robyn Hode7 Jun 2019 10:40AM
4951211T-Rex Abby Normal6 Jun 2019 10:19PM
4951182Schenker, Michael Robyn Hode6 Jun 2019 7:25PM
4951172Robert Johnson Abby Normal6 Jun 2019 7:01PM
4951069Queen Jane Approximately Robyn Hode6 Jun 2019 3:24PM
4951037Pratt, Andy fatdaddy6 Jun 2019 2:23PM
4951033Ozzy Abby Normal6 Jun 2019 2:17PM
4950922Nugent, Ted Robyn Hode6 Jun 2019 9:41AM
4950903Marriott, Steve fatdaddy6 Jun 2019 7:54AM
4950793Led Zeppelin Abby Normal5 Jun 2019 8:29PM
4950766Katz, Gary fatdaddy5 Jun 2019 6:31PM
4950741Jones, Steve Robyn Hode5 Jun 2019 5:05PM
4950701Isley, Vernon fatdaddy5 Jun 2019 2:57PM
4950613Hale, Lzzy Robyn Hode5 Jun 2019 10:30AM
4950610Gouldman, Graham fatdaddy5 Jun 2019 10:02AM
4950320Foghat! Abby Normal4 Jun 2019 2:47PM
4950098Eno, Brian fatdaddy4 Jun 2019 7:38AM
4949984Dusty Springfield Abby Normal3 Jun 2019 8:30PM
4949954Creedence Clearwater Revival fatdaddy3 Jun 2019 5:03PM
4949567Billy Gibbons Abby Normal2 Jun 2019 6:28PM
4949461Andy Timmons Robyn Hode2 Jun 2019 3:03PM
4949458ZZ TOP - Francine Abby Normal2 Jun 2019 2:52PM
4949046Yakety Yak fatdaddy1 Jun 2019 12:52PM
4948543X-Caliber Abby Normal31 May 2019 6:19PM
4948359Wrap It Up, the fabulous thunderbirds agony of deFeet31 May 2019 11:25AM
4948177Verve, The fatdaddy31 May 2019 6:33AM
4948176Re: Trans SIberian Orchestra fatdaddy31 May 2019 6:32AM
4947986Under the Boardwalk Abby Normal30 May 2019 7:00PM
4947985Re: Trans SIberian Orchestra Abby Normal30 May 2019 7:00PM
4947698Trans SIberian Orchestra fatdaddy30 May 2019 3:12AM
4947608Susanna Hoffs Robyn Hode29 May 2019 8:45PM
4947601Ricky Nelson Abby Normal29 May 2019 8:14PM
4947565Quest for Fire Iron Maiden agony of deFeet29 May 2019 5:13PM
4947539Pretenders Robyn Hode29 May 2019 3:58PM
4947386Omartian, Michael fatdaddy29 May 2019 1:42PM
4947383Nightwish Robyn Hode29 May 2019 1:37PM
4947375My Morning Jacket fatdaddy29 May 2019 1:11PM
4947364Lennerockers, The Abby Normal29 May 2019 12:37PM
4947318Knopfler, Mark Robyn Hode29 May 2019 9:19AM
4947156Johnson, Eric fatdaddy29 May 2019 3:44AM
4947154Isley Brothers, The Abby Normal29 May 2019 3:38AM
4947103Hopkins, Nicky fatdaddy29 May 2019 1:30AM
4946862Guy, Buddy Abby Normal28 May 2019 10:37AM
4946715Fiona Apple Robyn Hode27 May 2019 8:24PM
4946704Emmylou Harris Abby Normal27 May 2019 6:54PM
4946646Dimebag Darrell Robyn Hode27 May 2019 4:41PM
4946635Cream Abby Normal27 May 2019 4:10PM
4946483Blackmore, Ritchie Robyn Hode27 May 2019 8:49AM
4946304American Pie fatdaddy26 May 2019 11:17PM
4946010Zombies, The Abby Normal26 May 2019 10:23AM
4946003Young, Angus Robyn Hode26 May 2019 10:15AM
4945996xtc Abby Normal26 May 2019 9:42AM
4945779Walsh, Joe fatdaddy25 May 2019 5:23PM
4945607Vai, Steve Robyn Hode25 May 2019 10:56AM
4945599Under My Thumb Abby Normal25 May 2019 10:42AM
4945262Trower, Robin fatdaddy24 May 2019 9:56AM
4944992Satriani, Joe Robyn Hode23 May 2019 8:31PM
4944985Randy Rhodes Abby Normal23 May 2019 7:29PM
4944965Question Robyn Hode23 May 2019 5:56PM
4944619Re: Ocasak, Rick fatdaddy22 May 2019 7:20PM
4944618Re: Ocasak, Rick Robyn Hode22 May 2019 7:10PM
4944229Peters, Dale fatdaddy21 May 2019 8:20PM
4944219Ocasak, Rick Abby Normal21 May 2019 7:54PM
4944217Nielsen, Rick fatdaddy21 May 2019 7:48PM
4944205Marianne Faithful Abby Normal21 May 2019 7:11PM
4944201Leitch, Donovan fatdaddy21 May 2019 6:28PM
4944200Kay, John Abby Normal21 May 2019 6:23PM
4944177Jones, Norah fatdaddy21 May 2019 5:02PM
4944135Iggy Pop Abby Normal21 May 2019 2:44PM
4944075Howe, Steve fatdaddy21 May 2019 1:20PM
4944070Gray, David Abby Normal21 May 2019 1:02PM
4944063Fields, Venetta fatdaddy21 May 2019 12:39PM
4944061Etheridge, M. Abby Normal21 May 2019 12:29PM
4943865Discipline fatdaddy20 May 2019 10:07PM
4943828Can't Buy Me Love Abby Normal20 May 2019 8:18PM
4943824Bicycle Race Ray of Light20 May 2019 7:53PM
4943822Another One Bites The Dust Abby Normal20 May 2019 7:48PM
4943818Zoot Suit Riot fatdaddy20 May 2019 7:28PM
4943817Yellow Submarine Abby Normal20 May 2019 7:24PM
4942850XYZ fatdaddy18 May 2019 1:57PM
4942399Wailers, The Abby Normal17 May 2019 12:46PM
4941955Valli, Frankie fatdaddy16 May 2019 1:08PM
4941611Utility Robyn Hode15 May 2019 3:32PM
4940999Tommy James & The Shondells Robyn Hode13 May 2019 5:56PM
4940994Starkey, Richard fatdaddy13 May 2019 5:32PM
4940993Re: Quarterflash fatdaddy13 May 2019 5:31PM
4940992Richards, Keith Ray of Light13 May 2019 5:30PM
4940988Quarterflash fatdaddy13 May 2019 5:28PM
4940911Phillips, Michelle Robyn Hode13 May 2019 10:22AM
4940895Ochs, Phil fatdaddy13 May 2019 8:49AM
4940655Nesmith, Mike Abby Normal12 May 2019 2:09PM
4940613Marks, David Robyn Hode12 May 2019 11:08AM
4940451Lennerockers Abby Normal11 May 2019 10:13PM
4940312Kay, John Robyn Hode11 May 2019 11:21AM
4940306Jones, Brian fatdaddy11 May 2019 10:45AM
4940099Iommi, Tony Robyn Hode10 May 2019 10:36PM
4940097Harry Neilson Abby Normal10 May 2019 10:34PM
4939830Gary Moore Abby Normal10 May 2019 8:32AM
4938400Freddie Mercury Abby Normal6 May 2019 11:01AM
4938360Evanescence Robyn Hode6 May 2019 9:29AM
4938354Daltry, Roger fatdaddy6 May 2019 9:11AM
4938346Clapton, Eric Robyn Hode6 May 2019 8:56AM
4938331Blasters, The Abby Normal6 May 2019 7:56AM
4938313Ambrosia fatdaddy6 May 2019 7:20AM
4937605Zyedeco, Buckwheat Abby Normal4 May 2019 9:35AM
4937506Young Rascals fatdaddy4 May 2019 4:11AM
4937458Xavier Robyn Hode3 May 2019 10:04PM
4937452Walker, Jerry Jeff Abby Normal3 May 2019 9:07PM
4937031Vrooom Vrooom fatdaddy2 May 2019 12:57PM
4937030Ultravox Ray of Light2 May 2019 12:53PM
4936902Stephen Stills fatdaddy2 May 2019 6:06AM
4936895T-Rex Abby Normal2 May 2019 5:30AM
4936837Scritti Politti fatdaddy2 May 2019 1:06AM
4936820Rockin' Louie Abby Normal1 May 2019 9:55PM
4936705Queensway Robyn Hode1 May 2019 3:14PM
4936675Prince Abby Normal1 May 2019 2:04PM
4936634Orange Goblin Robyn Hode1 May 2019 11:52AM
4936624Nirvana Ray of Light1 May 2019 11:23AM
4936589Moore, Gary Abby Normal1 May 2019 8:39AM
4936578Linkin Park Robyn Hode1 May 2019 8:04AM
4936536Knopfler, Mark fatdaddy1 May 2019 4:50AM
4936459Jay & The Americans Abby Normal30 Apr 2019 9:41PM
4936448Re: Hoobastank fatdaddy30 Apr 2019 8:56PM
4936447Insane Clown Posse fatdaddy30 Apr 2019 8:56PM
4936362Re: Hoobastank Ray of Light30 Apr 2019 4:45PM
4936359Hoobastank Abby Normal30 Apr 2019 4:18PM
4936161Go-Go's, The Robyn Hode30 Apr 2019 10:02AM
4936114Falco fatdaddy30 Apr 2019 6:52AM
4936040Eddie Cochran Abby Normal30 Apr 2019 12:36AM
4936012Depeche Mode Robyn Hode29 Apr 2019 7:18PM
4935993Costello, Elvis Abby Normal29 Apr 2019 5:08PM
4935806Banapple Gas fatdaddy29 Apr 2019 3:01AM
4935766At The Hop Abby Normal29 Apr 2019 12:14AM
4935522Ziggy Stardust fatdaddy28 Apr 2019 6:43PM
4935202You Really Got Me Abby Normal28 Apr 2019 1:57AM
4935039X-Press 2 fatdaddy27 Apr 2019 12:17PM
4934999Wedding Present, The Robyn Hode27 Apr 2019 8:18AM
4934890Veruca Salt fatdaddy27 Apr 2019 1:50AM
4934855Ugly Casanova Robyn Hode26 Apr 2019 7:50PM
4934707Thin Lizzie fatdaddy26 Apr 2019 10:44AM
4934705Savatage Robyn Hode26 Apr 2019 10:41AM
4934702Re: Roxy Music fatdaddy26 Apr 2019 10:32AM
4934701Roxy Music fatdaddy26 Apr 2019 10:31AM
4934700Radiohead Ray of Light26 Apr 2019 10:31AM
4934682Queensryche Robyn Hode26 Apr 2019 8:38AM
4934621Phil Collins Abby Normal26 Apr 2019 4:09AM
4934552Opium Cartel, The Robyn Hode25 Apr 2019 11:18PM
4934548Nugent, Ted Abby Normal25 Apr 2019 10:25PM
4934497Michael McDonald fatdaddy25 Apr 2019 7:19PM
4934495Lovex Robyn Hode25 Apr 2019 7:15PM
4934490Kool & The Gang Abby Normal25 Apr 2019 7:10PM
4934477Jamiroquai Ray of Light25 Apr 2019 6:50PM
4934476Isley Brothers fatdaddy25 Apr 2019 6:49PM
4934316HIM Robyn Hode25 Apr 2019 12:46PM
4934301Gerry Rafferty Abby Normal25 Apr 2019 12:01PM
4934296Fine Young Cannibals Ray of Light25 Apr 2019 11:31AM
4934141Elephant's Memory fatdaddy25 Apr 2019 5:48AM
4934140Dee Snyder Abby Normal25 Apr 2019 5:46AM
4934128Chubby Checker fatdaddy25 Apr 2019 4:42AM
4934127Brian Setzer Abby Normal25 Apr 2019 4:34AM
4934115Afghan Whigs fatdaddy25 Apr 2019 3:39AM
4933972Zombie, White - sorry 'bout that Rob. Abby Normal24 Apr 2019 4:34PM
4933971Zobie, White Abby Normal24 Apr 2019 4:34PM
4933840Yes Ray of Light24 Apr 2019 10:02AM
4933835Xmal Deutschland Robyn Hode24 Apr 2019 9:38AM
4933833Wakeman, Rick Abby Normal24 Apr 2019 9:08AM
4933828Virgin Prunes Robyn Hode24 Apr 2019 8:46AM
4933713United States Of America fatdaddy24 Apr 2019 1:16AM
4933412T-Rex Abby Normal22 Apr 2019 9:10PM
4933411Siouxsie and the Banshees Robyn Hode22 Apr 2019 9:06PM
4933407Robben Ford Abby Normal22 Apr 2019 7:59PM
4933095Quantum Jump fatdaddy22 Apr 2019 3:29AM
4932910Public Image Ltd. Robyn Hode21 Apr 2019 3:19PM
4932907Offenbach Ray of Light21 Apr 2019 3:13PM
4932896New Order Robyn Hode21 Apr 2019 2:47PM
4932866M/A/R/R/S fatdaddy21 Apr 2019 1:21PM
4932698London Grammar Robyn Hode20 Apr 2019 9:00PM
4932694Krokus Ray of Light20 Apr 2019 8:34PM
4932687Juke Joint Jump Abby Normal20 Apr 2019 8:22PM
4932604Ink Spots fatdaddy20 Apr 2019 3:14PM
4932599Harry, Debbie Abby Normal20 Apr 2019 2:48PM
4932397Gary Glitter Abby Normal20 Apr 2019 12:27AM
4932353Feeder Robyn Hode19 Apr 2019 8:41PM
4932351Eddie Cochran Abby Normal19 Apr 2019 8:37PM
4932350Dion Robyn Hode19 Apr 2019 8:34PM
4932348Creed Abby Normal19 Apr 2019 8:12PM
4932345Boston Ray of Light19 Apr 2019 7:59PM
4932344Argent Robyn Hode19 Apr 2019 7:58PM
4932301ZZ Top - 10,000 Blues Abby Normal19 Apr 2019 4:55PM
4932161Yo La Tengo fatdaddy19 Apr 2019 2:44AM
4932133XXX Abby Normal18 Apr 2019 10:49PM
4931750Walsh, Joe fatdaddy17 Apr 2019 10:16PM
4931748Vincent, Gene Abby Normal17 Apr 2019 10:14PM
4931742Urban Dance Squad fatdaddy17 Apr 2019 9:43PM
4931386Thompson, Richard Robyn Hode17 Apr 2019 8:17AM
4931378Santana, Carlos fatdaddy17 Apr 2019 7:17AM
4931221Ron Wood Abby Normal16 Apr 2019 6:58PM
4931177Quite Sane Robyn Hode16 Apr 2019 5:00PM
4931161Pastorius, Jaco fatdaddy16 Apr 2019 4:09PM
4931156Osbourne, Ozzy Robyn Hode16 Apr 2019 3:51PM
4931139Nesmith. Michael fatdaddy16 Apr 2019 3:12PM
4931137Marillion Big Giant Head16 Apr 2019 3:08PM
4931054Loverboy Abby Normal16 Apr 2019 2:59PM
4930812King Crimson fatdaddy15 Apr 2019 8:10PM
4930811Jimmy Eat World Robyn Hode15 Apr 2019 8:05PM
4930810Iron Butterfly fatdaddy15 Apr 2019 8:03PM
4930803Harlequin Ray of Light15 Apr 2019 7:39PM
4930802Grand Funk Railroad fatdaddy15 Apr 2019 7:34PM
4930792Fall Out Boy Robyn Hode15 Apr 2019 6:31PM
4930772Easybeats, The Abby Normal15 Apr 2019 5:15PM
4930708Dandy Warhols, The Robyn Hode15 Apr 2019 1:22PM
4930706Collins, Albert Abby Normal15 Apr 2019 1:15PM
4930641Bruford, Bill fatdaddy15 Apr 2019 10:26AM
4930639Audioslave Robyn Hode15 Apr 2019 10:19AM
4930636Zydeco, Buckwheat fatdaddy15 Apr 2019 10:15AM
4930635Yes Robyn Hode15 Apr 2019 10:08AM
4930626X-Ray Spex fatdaddy15 Apr 2019 9:45AM
4930432Wham! Robyn Hode14 Apr 2019 5:46PM
4930414Veruca Salt Ray of Light14 Apr 2019 4:19PM
4930411Ugly Kid Joe Robyn Hode14 Apr 2019 4:18PM
4930402Troggs, The Abby Normal14 Apr 2019 3:24PM
4930233Steely Dan Robyn Hode14 Apr 2019 9:05AM
4930113Rainbow Ray of Light14 Apr 2019 1:51AM
4930112Queens of the Stone Age Abby Normal14 Apr 2019 1:50AM
4929875Pink Floyd Ray of Light13 Apr 2019 12:00PM
4929840Osibisa fatdaddy13 Apr 2019 10:05AM
4929837Nicks, Stevie Robyn Hode13 Apr 2019 9:58AM
4929834Mann, Manfred fatdaddy13 Apr 2019 9:53AM
4929832Lovin' Spoonful, The Robyn Hode13 Apr 2019 9:52AM
4929828Kraftwerk fatdaddy13 Apr 2019 9:42AM
4929688John, Elton Abby Normal13 Apr 2019 12:06AM
4929686Indigo Girls Ray of Light12 Apr 2019 11:41PM
4929652Hancock, Billy Abby Normal12 Apr 2019 8:06PM
4929491Geezer Butler Robyn Hode12 Apr 2019 10:43AM
4929482Foreigner Ray of Light12 Apr 2019 9:42AM
4929472Edmunds, Dave Abby Normal12 Apr 2019 9:22AM
4929391Delaney & Bonnie and Friends fatdaddy12 Apr 2019 3:30AM
4929335Circus Lou Siffer12 Apr 2019 12:40AM
4929321Beck, Jeff Abby Normal11 Apr 2019 10:08PM
4929164Re: The Youngbloods fatdaddy11 Apr 2019 6:21PM
4929163Appice, Carmine fatdaddy11 Apr 2019 6:21PM
4929153ZZ Hill Abby Normal11 Apr 2019 5:14PM
4929152Re: The Youngbloods Abby Normal11 Apr 2019 5:14PM
4929134The Youngbloods fatdaddy11 Apr 2019 4:40PM
4929123X Marks the Spot Robyn Hode11 Apr 2019 3:50PM
4929122Whitesnake Ray of Light11 Apr 2019 3:50PM
4929080Vanilla Fudge fatdaddy11 Apr 2019 1:49PM
4929075Underoath Robyn Hode11 Apr 2019 1:16PM
4929072T. Rex fatdaddy11 Apr 2019 1:12PM
4929071Spinnerette Robyn Hode11 Apr 2019 1:09PM
4929063Rod Stewart Abby Normal11 Apr 2019 12:50PM
4929054Quicksilver Messenger Service. fatdaddy11 Apr 2019 12:29PM
4928667the Pretenders Ray of Light10 Apr 2019 1:07PM
4928660Re: O'Dowd, George fatdaddy10 Apr 2019 12:33PM
4928659O'Dowd, George fatdaddy10 Apr 2019 12:33PM
4928656Neal Sedaka Abby Normal10 Apr 2019 12:26PM
4928627Mahogany Rush fatdaddy10 Apr 2019 11:29AM
4928625Lacuna Coil Robyn Hode10 Apr 2019 11:26AM
4928596The Kinks fatdaddy10 Apr 2019 9:41AM
4928338James Taylor Abby Normal9 Apr 2019 7:48PM
4928312Ink Spots, The Abby Normal9 Apr 2019 7:05PM
4928290Heart fatdaddy9 Apr 2019 5:30PM
4928289Re: Elvis fatdaddy9 Apr 2019 5:29PM
4928288Gowan Ray of Light9 Apr 2019 5:29PM
4928287Ferry, Bryan fatdaddy9 Apr 2019 5:28PM
4928281Elvis Robyn Hode9 Apr 2019 5:09PM
4928268Donnie Iris Ray of Light9 Apr 2019 4:23PM
4928266Curved Air Robyn Hode9 Apr 2019 4:18PM
4928259Be-Bop Deluxe fatdaddy9 Apr 2019 3:45PM
4927896Animals, The Abby Normal8 Apr 2019 8:07PM
4927725Re: Zappa, Frank fatdaddy8 Apr 2019 6:40PM
4927712Re: Zappa, Frank Robyn Hode8 Apr 2019 6:04PM
4927709Zappa, Frank fatdaddy8 Apr 2019 5:59PM
4927699Young, N. Abby Normal8 Apr 2019 5:43PM
4927692XTC Ray of Light8 Apr 2019 5:10PM
4927688Winwood, Steve Abby Normal8 Apr 2019 5:06PM
4927680Van Halen Ray of Light8 Apr 2019 4:41PM
4927673Uriah Heap fatdaddy8 Apr 2019 4:13PM
4927666Toto Ray of Light8 Apr 2019 3:52PM
4927660Steely Dan fatdaddy8 Apr 2019 3:37PM
4927506Robert Gordon Abby Normal8 Apr 2019 11:36AM
4927493Quarterflash Ray of Light8 Apr 2019 10:59AM
4927400Procol Harem Abby Normal8 Apr 2019 5:45AM
4927313Outlaws, The Robyn Hode7 Apr 2019 10:54PM
4927311Nickleback Abby Normal7 Apr 2019 10:37PM
4927297Motörhead Ray of Light7 Apr 2019 8:31PM
4927295Little Feat Abby Normal7 Apr 2019 8:27PM
4927294KISS Ray of Light7 Apr 2019 8:26PM
4927293Joe Jackson Abby Normal7 Apr 2019 8:25PM
4927291Indigo Girls Ray of Light7 Apr 2019 8:16PM
4927289Halestorm Robyn Hode7 Apr 2019 8:14PM
4927255Girlschool Ray of Light7 Apr 2019 7:11PM
4927253Foghat Abby Normal7 Apr 2019 7:10PM
4927243Eagles Ray of Light7 Apr 2019 6:31PM
4927240Dylan, Bob Abby Normal7 Apr 2019 6:16PM
4927210Chrissie Hynde Robyn Hode7 Apr 2019 5:06PM
4927000Bob Seger Abby Normal7 Apr 2019 12:20PM
4926662Always Remember Us This Way -- Lady Gaga Robyn Hode6 Apr 2019 10:20PM
4926444ZZ TOP - Tush Abby Normal6 Apr 2019 12:26PM
4925416Youngbloods, The Abby Normal3 Apr 2019 7:45PM
4925354Xavier Rudd Robyn Hode3 Apr 2019 4:10PM
4925353Waylon Jennings Abby Normal3 Apr 2019 4:07PM
4924075Velvet Underground Abby Normal31 Mar 2019 1:30PM
4921506Re: Make Up Your Mind -- Robin Trower fatdaddy24 Mar 2019 11:45PM
4921272Re: Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs Abby Normal24 Mar 2019 12:11PM
4921250Re: Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs Robyn Hode24 Mar 2019 9:27AM
4921237Re: Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs Robyn Hode24 Mar 2019 9:07AM
4921236Up and Gone -- Robin Trower Robyn Hode24 Mar 2019 9:05AM
4919922Re: Make Up Your Mind -- Robin Trower Robyn Hode20 Mar 2019 8:37AM
4919771Re: Make Up Your Mind -- Robin Trower fatdaddy20 Mar 2019 1:21AM
4919770Re: You know my name fatdaddy20 Mar 2019 1:20AM
4919606Too Rolling Stoned - Robin Trower Abby Normal19 Mar 2019 3:45PM
4919598Shallow -- Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Robyn Hode19 Mar 2019 3:30PM
4919595Re: Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs Robyn Hode19 Mar 2019 3:15PM
4919579Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs Abby Normal19 Mar 2019 3:13PM
4919578Queen - We Will Rock You Abby Normal19 Mar 2019 3:12PM
4919571Perfect Place -- Robin Trower with Jack Bruce Robyn Hode19 Mar 2019 3:00PM
4919292Only Time - Robin Trower Abby Normal19 Mar 2019 1:35AM
4919275Re: Make Up Your Mind -- Robin Trower Robyn Hode18 Mar 2019 10:42PM
4919269Not Inside - Outside, Robin Trower Abby Normal18 Mar 2019 9:57PM
4919268Re: Make Up Your Mind -- Robin Trower Abby Normal18 Mar 2019 9:56PM
4919233Make Up Your Mind -- Robin Trower Robyn Hode18 Mar 2019 8:08PM
4919212Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney Abby Normal18 Mar 2019 6:52PM
4919159Keep on Rockin' -- Alvin Lee Robyn Hode18 Mar 2019 3:34PM
4919149Re: You know my name Abby Normal18 Mar 2019 3:13PM
4918965Re: You know my name fatdaddy18 Mar 2019 10:32AM
4918830Re: You know my name Abby Normal17 Mar 2019 10:20PM
4918817Re: You know my name fatdaddy17 Mar 2019 8:42PM
4918589Re: fill in the blanks Abby Normal17 Mar 2019 4:44AM
4918582blanks MusicMan17 Mar 2019 2:54AM
4918513Re: fill in the blanks Abby Normal16 Mar 2019 11:39PM
4918512fill in the blanks MusicMan16 Mar 2019 11:24PM
4918308Just Got Paid - ZZ TOP Abby Normal16 Mar 2019 9:05AM
4918290You know my name fatdaddy16 Mar 2019 8:20AM
4918287Re: Fill in the blanks....tougher fatdaddy16 Mar 2019 8:17AM
4918280Fill in the blanks....tougher MusicMan16 Mar 2019 8:04AM
4918093Re: Fill in the blanks....tougher fatdaddy15 Mar 2019 8:18PM
4917991Re: Fill in the blanks....tougher Abby Normal15 Mar 2019 1:41PM
4917977Re: Fill in the blanks....tougher Robyn Hode15 Mar 2019 12:21PM
4917972Fill in the blanks....tougher MusicMan15 Mar 2019 12:05PM
4917965Re: can u fill in the blanks? Abby Normal15 Mar 2019 11:21AM
4917963I Gotsta Get Paid - ZZ TOP Abby Normal15 Mar 2019 11:17AM
4917769can u fill in the blanks? MusicMan14 Mar 2019 11:30PM
4917763Hot, Blue & Righteous - ZZ TOP Abby Normal14 Mar 2019 10:19PM
4917762Goin' Down to Mexico fatdaddy14 Mar 2019 10:13PM
4917732Francine - ZZ TOP Abby Normal14 Mar 2019 9:57PM
4917699El Diablo fatdaddy14 Mar 2019 7:38PM
4917698Re: You forgot A and B... fatdaddy14 Mar 2019 7:38PM
4917231Dust My Broom - ZZ TOP Abby Normal13 Mar 2019 2:40PM
4917230Concrete & Steel - ZZ TOP Abby Normal13 Mar 2019 2:39PM
4917228Brown Sugar - ZZ TOP Abby Normal13 Mar 2019 2:38PM

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