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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5016742Tell It Like It Is Abby Normal7 Dec 2019 5:57AM
5016693Sylvester Stone fatdaddy6 Dec 2019 11:47PM
5016610Robert Johnson Abby Normal6 Dec 2019 6:35PM
5016598Quantic Robyn Hode6 Dec 2019 6:04PM
5016217Procol Harum Abby Normal5 Dec 2019 10:14PM
5016075One in a Million -- The Romantics Robyn Hode5 Dec 2019 5:41PM
5016070Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats Abby Normal5 Dec 2019 5:17PM
5016045Miss Alissa -- Eagles of Death Metal Robyn Hode5 Dec 2019 4:19PM
5016033Lost Paraguayos fatdaddy5 Dec 2019 3:31PM
5016026Kill Or Be Kind - Samantha Fish Abby Normal5 Dec 2019 3:16PM
5016020Jefferson Airplane Ray of Light5 Dec 2019 3:07PM
5016008I Get Around Robyn Hode5 Dec 2019 2:55PM
5016002Highway To Hell Abby Normal5 Dec 2019 2:44PM
5015999Good Golly Miss Molly fatdaddy5 Dec 2019 2:42PM
5015995Fixin' to Die Robyn Hode5 Dec 2019 2:30PM
5015985Everyday People fatdaddy5 Dec 2019 2:21PM
5015939Dream A Little Dream (of me) Abby Normal5 Dec 2019 1:14PM
5015926California Dreamin' fatdaddy5 Dec 2019 12:07PM
5015925Re: Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary fatdaddy5 Dec 2019 12:05PM
5015764Bennie and the Jets Abby Normal5 Dec 2019 5:15AM
5015687Any Way You Want It -- Journey Robyn Hode4 Dec 2019 10:26PM
5015686Re: Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary Robyn Hode4 Dec 2019 10:25PM
5015458ZZ TOP - Planet of Women Abby Normal4 Dec 2019 12:14PM
5015456Re: Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary fatdaddy4 Dec 2019 11:55AM
5014774Re: Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary hoot3 Dec 2019 6:06AM
5014772Re: Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary Leeeeeesa3 Dec 2019 6:01AM
5014765Re: Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary hoot3 Dec 2019 5:37AM
5014763Re: Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary Straycat3 Dec 2019 5:35AM
5014760Win this token - GoldToken 20th Anniversary hoot3 Dec 2019 5:24AM
5014460You Send Me Abby Normal2 Dec 2019 11:14AM
5014440XYZ fatdaddy2 Dec 2019 10:47AM
5013912Where Have All The Flowers Gone Abby Normal1 Dec 2019 10:13AM
5013897Valli, Frankie fatdaddy1 Dec 2019 9:09AM
5013746U2 Abby Normal30 Nov 2019 11:00PM
5013632Tab Benoit Abby Normal30 Nov 2019 4:59PM
5013235Samantha Fish Abby Normal29 Nov 2019 5:47PM
5013208Rainbow Big Giant Head29 Nov 2019 3:41PM
5013206Quarterflash Ray of Light29 Nov 2019 3:37PM
5013203Plant, Robert Abby Normal29 Nov 2019 3:06PM
5012991Orianthi Abby Normal29 Nov 2019 2:55AM
5011329Re: Murder by Numbers Big Giant Head24 Nov 2019 8:06AM
5011326Nowhere Man Abby Normal24 Nov 2019 7:43AM
5011325Murder by Numbers fatdaddy24 Nov 2019 7:26AM
5011320Love Me Do Abby Normal24 Nov 2019 6:54AM
5011317Klark Kent fatdaddy24 Nov 2019 6:49AM
5011315Jumpin' Jack Flash Abby Normal24 Nov 2019 6:44AM
5011314I'll Never Fall in Love Again fatdaddy24 Nov 2019 6:31AM
5011311How High The Moon Abby Normal24 Nov 2019 6:22AM
5011307Grendel Big Giant Head24 Nov 2019 6:14AM
5011302Fortunate Son Abby Normal24 Nov 2019 5:58AM
5011298End of the World (The) fatdaddy24 Nov 2019 5:52AM
5011295Day Of The Eagle - Robin Trower Abby Normal24 Nov 2019 5:25AM
5011254China Crisis Big Giant Head24 Nov 2019 4:09AM
5010607Back In The U.S.S.R. Abby Normal22 Nov 2019 7:35AM
5010524Almost Cut My Hair fatdaddy22 Nov 2019 5:27AM
5009968ZZ TOP - La Grange Abby Normal20 Nov 2019 8:35AM
5009953Yes it Is fatdaddy20 Nov 2019 7:02AM
5009523Who'll Stop The Rain Abby Normal18 Nov 2019 6:21PM
5009503Veronica fatdaddy18 Nov 2019 5:43PM
5009347Unchain My Heart Abby Normal18 Nov 2019 7:40AM
5009312Television Big Giant Head18 Nov 2019 3:58AM
5009307Steve Miller Band Abby Normal18 Nov 2019 3:35AM
5009258Roxy Music fatdaddy17 Nov 2019 11:43PM
5009061Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls Abby Normal17 Nov 2019 10:49AM
5008883Paperback Writer fatdaddy16 Nov 2019 10:20PM
5008597Osmond, Marie Abby Normal16 Nov 2019 6:27AM
5008488Nesmith, Michael fatdaddy15 Nov 2019 11:01PM
5008470Monaco Blues Band, The Abby Normal15 Nov 2019 8:18PM
5008446Lyle Lovett fatdaddy15 Nov 2019 5:24PM
5008442Killing Floor Abby Normal15 Nov 2019 4:55PM
5008423Joan Jett fatdaddy15 Nov 2019 4:05PM
5008353I Saw Her Standing There Abby Normal15 Nov 2019 10:32AM
5008347Herbie Hancock fatdaddy15 Nov 2019 10:09AM
5008343Gabriel, Peter Abby Normal15 Nov 2019 9:53AM
5007078Frank Zappa Abby Normal11 Nov 2019 11:16PM
5007061Everydays fatdaddy11 Nov 2019 8:18PM
5006124Devo Abby Normal9 Nov 2019 7:40AM
5005888Crossfade Abby Normal8 Nov 2019 2:30PM
5005872Boston Ray of Light8 Nov 2019 12:51PM
5005861Ambrosia fatdaddy8 Nov 2019 12:07PM
5005639ZZ TOP - Just Got Paid Abby Normal7 Nov 2019 2:13PM
5005420Yessongs fatdaddy6 Nov 2019 7:46PM
5004982X-ray, The Kinks Abby Normal5 Nov 2019 11:47AM
5004711Walsh, Joe fatdaddy4 Nov 2019 5:48PM
5004678Van Morrison Abby Normal4 Nov 2019 4:36PM
5004240Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers in that Quiet Earth fatdaddy3 Nov 2019 9:16AM
5003836Testament Big Giant Head2 Nov 2019 10:49AM
5002274Sly and the Family Stone Abby Normal29 Oct 2019 10:52AM
5002240Riverside Old Goat29 Oct 2019 8:53AM
5001168Quicksilver Messenger Service Abby Normal25 Oct 2019 5:33PM
5000510Paperback Writer Ray of Light23 Oct 2019 3:37PM
5000509Oh Darlin' Abby Normal23 Oct 2019 3:30PM
5000401Norwegian Wood fatdaddy23 Oct 2019 3:25AM
4999873Michelle Abby Normal21 Oct 2019 3:41PM
4999316Lindisfarne Big Giant Head20 Oct 2019 3:59AM
4998787Kiss Me Kate Abby Normal18 Oct 2019 12:25PM
4998616Julia fatdaddy17 Oct 2019 11:14PM
4998228I Should Have Known Better Abby Normal16 Oct 2019 1:19PM
4998022Hawkwind fatdaddy15 Oct 2019 6:36PM
4994367Ghost Big Giant Head3 Oct 2019 3:21AM
4994227Fugazi fatdaddy2 Oct 2019 3:03PM
4994148Eno, B. Abby Normal2 Oct 2019 9:28AM
4993644Death Disco Big Giant Head1 Oct 2019 3:00AM
4993478Carmichael, B. Abby Normal30 Sep 2019 6:57PM
4993428Re: Boy George Robyn Hode30 Sep 2019 3:56PM
4993398Boy George Abby Normal30 Sep 2019 1:55PM
4993024Alice in Chains Robyn Hode29 Sep 2019 1:46PM
4992979ZZ TOP Abby Normal29 Sep 2019 12:20PM
4992971Re: Ziffle, Arnold fatdaddy29 Sep 2019 11:49AM
4992969Ziffle, Arnold fatdaddy29 Sep 2019 11:46AM
4992333Wyman, B. Abby Normal27 Sep 2019 10:57AM
4992286Vixen Robyn Hode27 Sep 2019 8:12AM
4992261Unforgettable Fire (The) fatdaddy27 Sep 2019 6:13AM
4992182Terrorvision Big Giant Head27 Sep 2019 1:46AM
4992052Streetheart Ray of Light26 Sep 2019 12:21PM
4992051Rush Robyn Hode26 Sep 2019 12:18PM
4991267Q-Ball Abby Normal23 Sep 2019 5:52PM
4991163Paul Simon Robyn Hode23 Sep 2019 9:09AM
4991118Ommadawn - Mike Oldfield Big Giant Head23 Sep 2019 5:38AM
4991024Muse Robyn Hode23 Sep 2019 12:13AM
4991019Mickey Mouse jamchug22 Sep 2019 11:35PM
4990930Little River Band Robyn Hode22 Sep 2019 4:47PM
4990927Kiss Abby Normal22 Sep 2019 4:39PM
4990471John Fogerty Abby Normal21 Sep 2019 6:08AM
4990421Idles Big Giant Head21 Sep 2019 1:10AM
4990403Harvey, PJ Robyn Hode20 Sep 2019 9:12PM
4990383Gentry, Bobbi Abby Normal20 Sep 2019 7:48PM
4990318Frankie Goes to Hollywood Robyn Hode20 Sep 2019 3:35PM
4990284Eurythmics, The Abby Normal20 Sep 2019 2:48PM
4990074Def Leppard Robyn Hode19 Sep 2019 6:25PM
4990056Carpenters, The Abby Normal19 Sep 2019 4:06PM
4989842Baccara Big Giant Head18 Sep 2019 11:35PM
4989802All Along the Watchtower -- Neil Sedaka Robyn Hode18 Sep 2019 6:08PM
4989801ZZ TOP - Dust My Broom Abby Normal18 Sep 2019 5:48PM
4989783Young Lady, You're Scaring Me -- Ron Gallo Robyn Hode18 Sep 2019 4:26PM
4989568Xanadu Abby Normal17 Sep 2019 6:21PM
4988744Wilson, Nancy Abby Normal15 Sep 2019 5:38AM
4988714Venga Boys Big Giant Head15 Sep 2019 3:57AM
4988650Unchain My Heart Abby Normal14 Sep 2019 8:40PM
4988524Tea for the Tillerman fatdaddy14 Sep 2019 12:03PM
4988505Supergrass Big Giant Head14 Sep 2019 10:01AM
4988466Rocky Raccoon Robyn Hode14 Sep 2019 8:17AM
4988357Queens of the Stone Age Abby Normal13 Sep 2019 10:23PM
4988230R.I.P. Eddie Money Sherry13 Sep 2019 12:27PM
4988203Palmer, Robert fatdaddy13 Sep 2019 11:03AM
4988173Ozzy Abby Normal13 Sep 2019 7:41AM
4988058Nancy Wilson Robyn Hode12 Sep 2019 6:55PM
4988052Mean Mr. Mustard Abby Normal12 Sep 2019 6:21PM
4988046Lenny Kravitz Ray of Light12 Sep 2019 5:58PM
4988045King Crimson Abby Normal12 Sep 2019 5:57PM
4988024Jesus Christ Superstar fatdaddy12 Sep 2019 4:54PM
4987697INXS Abby Normal11 Sep 2019 2:37PM
4987687Half Man Half Biscuit Big Giant Head11 Sep 2019 1:46PM
4987674Gap Band, The Abby Normal11 Sep 2019 1:06PM
4987655Frank Zappa and the Mothers Robyn Hode11 Sep 2019 11:40AM
4987649Easy Does It - Supertramp Abby Normal11 Sep 2019 10:56AM
4987636Deep Purple Ray of Light11 Sep 2019 9:30AM
4987630Curved Air fatdaddy11 Sep 2019 9:16AM
4987624Black Oak Arkansas Robyn Hode11 Sep 2019 8:06AM
4987616Alan Parsons Project Abby Normal11 Sep 2019 7:19AM
4987519Zac Brown Band Robyn Hode10 Sep 2019 11:05PM
4987479Yesterday Abby Normal10 Sep 2019 7:30PM
4987138Xavier Rudd Robyn Hode9 Sep 2019 9:02PM
4987092War Sherry9 Sep 2019 5:54PM
4987087Van Morrison Robyn Hode9 Sep 2019 5:37PM
4986863U2 Abby Normal8 Sep 2019 7:46PM
4986797Terrorvision Big Giant Head8 Sep 2019 2:46PM
4986777Spanky & Our Gang Abby Normal8 Sep 2019 12:53PM
4986747the Roots Ray of Light8 Sep 2019 10:57AM
4986744Questlove Abby Normal8 Sep 2019 10:50AM
4986737Re: Pretenders Robyn Hode8 Sep 2019 10:37AM
4986735Pretenders Sherry8 Sep 2019 10:30AM
4986725Osmonds, The Abby Normal8 Sep 2019 10:10AM
4986682Nirvana Robyn Hode8 Sep 2019 8:17AM
4986616Monkees, The Abby Normal8 Sep 2019 4:25AM
4986544Led Zeppelin Robyn Hode7 Sep 2019 9:55PM
4986543Kongos, The Abby Normal7 Sep 2019 9:34PM
4986540Judas Priest Ray of Light7 Sep 2019 9:24PM
4986535Iron Butterfly Robyn Hode7 Sep 2019 9:10PM
4986529Harry, Debra Abby Normal7 Sep 2019 8:13PM
4986523Genesis Ray of Light7 Sep 2019 8:08PM
4986521Foreigner Abby Normal7 Sep 2019 7:53PM
4986519E.L.O. Ray of Light7 Sep 2019 7:48PM
4986518Deep Purple Robyn Hode7 Sep 2019 7:47PM
4986472Cream Abby Normal7 Sep 2019 2:55PM
4986422Blackfoot Robyn Hode7 Sep 2019 10:07AM
4986394AC/DC Abby Normal7 Sep 2019 6:19AM
4986264ZZ Top never covered a Beatle song. Did they? Abby Normal6 Sep 2019 6:08PM
4986262You never give me your money Sherry6 Sep 2019 5:54PM
4986236Xpect Nothing by the Beatles Robyn Hode6 Sep 2019 4:14PM
4986146While My Guitar Gently Weeps Abby Normal6 Sep 2019 9:57AM
4986138Van Halen is not The Beatles Robyn Hode6 Sep 2019 8:47AM
4986060Under The Boardwalk - not covered by The Beatles Abby Normal5 Sep 2019 9:11PM
4985888Twist and Shout Robyn Hode5 Sep 2019 8:36AM
4985738Re: Nope, can't do it. Abby Normal4 Sep 2019 5:33PM
4985708Re: Nope, can't do it. fatdaddy4 Sep 2019 3:24PM
4985707Sexy Sadie fatdaddy4 Sep 2019 3:23PM
4985633Revolution Sherry4 Sep 2019 8:36AM
4985456Nope, can't do it. Abby Normal3 Sep 2019 6:07PM
4985276Polythene Pan fatdaddy3 Sep 2019 5:08AM
4985214Oh Darlin' Abby Normal2 Sep 2019 10:13PM
4985206Nowhere Man Robyn Hode2 Sep 2019 9:22PM
4985200Michelle Abby Normal2 Sep 2019 8:07PM
4985138Long and Winding Road, The Robyn Hode2 Sep 2019 5:17PM
4985094Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey Abby Normal2 Sep 2019 2:13PM
4985080Julia Robyn Hode2 Sep 2019 12:50PM
4985031I Should Have Known Better Abby Normal2 Sep 2019 9:24AM
4985027Helter Skelter fatdaddy2 Sep 2019 8:56AM
4985017Getting Better Sherry2 Sep 2019 7:52AM
4984921Fixin' a Hole Abby Normal1 Sep 2019 9:43PM
4984852Eleanor Rigby Robyn Hode1 Sep 2019 5:07PM
4984832Don't let me down Sherry1 Sep 2019 3:26PM
4984793Come Together fatdaddy1 Sep 2019 2:01PM
4984720Back in the U.S.S.R. Abby Normal1 Sep 2019 8:38AM
4984636And I Love Her fatdaddy1 Sep 2019 4:21AM
4984573ZZ Top - Just Got Paid Abby Normal31 Aug 2019 9:45PM
4984515You Shook Me Robyn Hode31 Aug 2019 5:51PM
4984502Xploding Plastix Abby Normal31 Aug 2019 5:20PM
4984416Why Don't You Do Right Robyn Hode31 Aug 2019 9:52AM
4984404Venus Abby Normal31 Aug 2019 9:18AM
4984385U2 Robyn Hode31 Aug 2019 8:21AM
4984053Tiptoe Through The Tulips Abby Normal30 Aug 2019 9:49AM
4984043Say You Will Robyn Hode30 Aug 2019 9:12AM
4984038Redemption Abby Normal30 Aug 2019 8:37AM
4983913Question Mark & The Mysterians Abby Normal29 Aug 2019 8:34PM
4983867Physical Graffiti fatdaddy29 Aug 2019 5:48PM
4983711Re: OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA Robyn Hode29 Aug 2019 9:31AM
4983702OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA Abby Normal29 Aug 2019 8:43AM
4983701No One Loves Me & Neither Do I Robyn Hode29 Aug 2019 8:40AM
4983678Martha My Dear Sherry29 Aug 2019 6:25AM
4983598Lovely Rita Abby Normal28 Aug 2019 10:36PM
4983594Karma Chameleon Robyn Hode28 Aug 2019 10:13PM
4983584Jumpin' Jack Flash Abby Normal28 Aug 2019 9:44PM
4983558I'll follow the sun Sherry28 Aug 2019 6:54PM
4983520Hey Jude Abby Normal28 Aug 2019 5:01PM
4983208Glad All Over Robyn Hode27 Aug 2019 5:02PM
4982995For Your Love Abby Normal26 Aug 2019 11:10PM
4982898Elenore fatdaddy26 Aug 2019 3:54PM
4982567Devo Abby Normal25 Aug 2019 8:35PM
4982521Campbell, Mike Robyn Hode25 Aug 2019 5:59PM
4982387Born To Run Abby Normal25 Aug 2019 9:51AM
4982173Abraxas -- Santana Robyn Hode24 Aug 2019 7:46PM
4981689ZZ TOP - Tush Abby Normal23 Aug 2019 2:23PM
4981651Yer' Album fatdaddy23 Aug 2019 12:06PM
4981472Xpectations -- Unloved Robyn Hode22 Aug 2019 10:10PM
4981440Wooly Bully Abby Normal22 Aug 2019 6:06PM
4981249Victim of Changes -- Judas Priest Robyn Hode21 Aug 2019 10:48PM
4981119Underwear Song, The fatdaddy21 Aug 2019 2:08PM
4981014Tina Turner Abby Normal21 Aug 2019 7:26AM
4980964Stonefield Big Giant Head21 Aug 2019 4:48AM
4980864Rick Derringer Abby Normal20 Aug 2019 4:55PM
4980817Quicksand fatdaddy20 Aug 2019 2:24PM
4980460Palmer, Robert Abby Normal19 Aug 2019 3:01PM
4980192Over the Hills and Far Away fatdaddy18 Aug 2019 10:26PM
4980147Nectarine No. 9, The Robyn Hode18 Aug 2019 7:20PM
4979952Melon Heads Ray of Light18 Aug 2019 10:56AM
4979899Lemonheads Big Giant Head18 Aug 2019 8:15AM
4979365Keith Richards Robyn Hode17 Aug 2019 9:21AM
4978391Re: Joe Bonamassa Robyn Hode14 Aug 2019 9:18AM
4978176Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal13 Aug 2019 4:45PM
4977879I'll Play The Blue For You Abby Normal12 Aug 2019 5:58PM
4977425Halestorm Robyn Hode11 Aug 2019 9:27AM
4977345Genesis Big Giant Head11 Aug 2019 6:05AM
4977198Freedom (Motherless Child) fatdaddy10 Aug 2019 6:10PM
4977169Evans, David Howell or the Edge. Robyn Hode10 Aug 2019 4:17PM
4977162Dee Snyder Abby Normal10 Aug 2019 3:29PM
4976832Chicago Big Giant Head10 Aug 2019 2:48AM
4976722Beth Hart Abby Normal9 Aug 2019 4:56PM
4976720Allen Collins Robyn Hode9 Aug 2019 4:43PM
4976646Zoot Allures fatdaddy9 Aug 2019 12:05PM
4976193Youngbloods, The Abby Normal8 Aug 2019 11:08AM
4976028Xerces -- Deftones Robyn Hode7 Aug 2019 5:18PM
4975709Wray, Link Robyn Hode6 Aug 2019 3:29PM
4975343Virginia Plain fatdaddy6 Aug 2019 3:10AM
4975306Under My Thump -- The Rolling Stones Robyn Hode5 Aug 2019 10:05PM
4975126Tab Benoit Abby Normal5 Aug 2019 1:21PM
4975088Stressed Out -- Twenty One Pilots Robyn Hode5 Aug 2019 10:52AM
4975072Redemption - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal5 Aug 2019 9:45AM
4974931Quest for the Hammer of Glory -- Gloryhammer Robyn Hode4 Aug 2019 8:55PM
4974481Paint it Black fatdaddy3 Aug 2019 6:32PM
4973831Oh Pretty Woman Abby Normal2 Aug 2019 8:45AM
4973596Nels Cline Robyn Hode1 Aug 2019 8:06PM
4973414Murder Capital Big Giant Head1 Aug 2019 10:46AM
4973412Led Zeppelin Abby Normal1 Aug 2019 10:33AM
4973273Kirk Hammett Robyn Hode31 Jul 2019 9:46PM
4973202Jack White Abby Normal31 Jul 2019 5:38PM
4973160IDLES Big Giant Head31 Jul 2019 3:59PM
4973057Hotel California Abby Normal31 Jul 2019 12:38PM
4972789Re: Gallagher, Rory Robyn Hode30 Jul 2019 7:30PM
4972778Gallagher, Rory Abby Normal30 Jul 2019 6:54PM
4972628Fantastic Place - Marillion Big Giant Head30 Jul 2019 10:21AM
4972627Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey fatdaddy30 Jul 2019 10:17AM
4972453Dirty Pool -- Stevie Ray Vaughan Robyn Hode29 Jul 2019 8:18PM
4972434Crenshaw, Marshall Abby Normal29 Jul 2019 7:05PM
4972398Byrds, The Robyn Hode29 Jul 2019 4:37PM
4972299Anarchy In the UK - Sex Pistols Big Giant Head29 Jul 2019 11:23AM
4972271ZZ TOP - She Loves My Automobile Abby Normal29 Jul 2019 8:16AM
4972174You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio fatdaddy29 Jul 2019 1:42AM
4971861Wicked World -- Black Sabbath Robyn Hode28 Jul 2019 10:05AM
4970177Re: Vol. 4 Robyn Hode25 Jul 2019 8:19AM
4970023Vol. 4 fatdaddy24 Jul 2019 8:32PM
4970018Unchained Melody Abby Normal24 Jul 2019 8:23PM
4969391The Tubes fatdaddy23 Jul 2019 2:13PM
4969355Supertramp Abby Normal23 Jul 2019 12:30PM
4969070R.E.M -- Radio Free Europe Robyn Hode22 Jul 2019 7:38PM
4969036Queen - Fat Bottom Girls Abby Normal22 Jul 2019 5:27PM
4968139Pixies Robyn Hode20 Jul 2019 1:08PM
4968091Ocean fatdaddy20 Jul 2019 10:33AM
4968076Notting Hillbillies Abby Normal20 Jul 2019 9:52AM
4968018Maybe I'm Amazed fatdaddy20 Jul 2019 5:46AM
4967946Land of Confusion - Genesis Big Giant Head20 Jul 2019 4:27AM
4967870Kooper, Al Robyn Hode19 Jul 2019 10:38PM
4967619Joker, The Abby Normal19 Jul 2019 11:26AM
4967028Invisible Sun -- The Police Robyn Hode18 Jul 2019 8:06AM
4966639Hart, Beth Abby Normal17 Jul 2019 2:38PM
4966334Gentle Giant fatdaddy16 Jul 2019 5:24PM
4966213Frankie Teardrop Robyn Hode16 Jul 2019 8:27AM
4966028Emerson, Keith fatdaddy15 Jul 2019 10:14PM
4965841Danko, Rick Robyn Hode15 Jul 2019 10:14AM
4965754Cale, J.J. Abby Normal15 Jul 2019 6:02AM
4965421Banapple Gas fatdaddy14 Jul 2019 8:46AM
4965275Alive! -- Kiss Robyn Hode13 Jul 2019 10:55PM
4965084Zombie, White Abby Normal13 Jul 2019 11:24AM
4964405Yellow River Straycat11 Jul 2019 2:20PM
4964099X, Wild Gift Robyn Hode11 Jul 2019 9:18AM
4964095Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Abby Normal11 Jul 2019 8:29AM
4963903Voodoo Robyn Hode10 Jul 2019 5:59PM
4963881Under My Thumb fatdaddy10 Jul 2019 4:37PM
4963631Twilley, Dwight Abby Normal10 Jul 2019 10:28AM
4963596Sleater-Kinney Robyn Hode10 Jul 2019 7:46AM
4963492Rock Around The Clock Abby Normal9 Jul 2019 8:12PM
4963449"Quack, quack. Quack quack." fatdaddy9 Jul 2019 4:08PM
4963011Parsons, Alan Abby Normal8 Jul 2019 10:44AM
4962789OK Computer, Radiohead Robyn Hode7 Jul 2019 8:27PM
4962209Nantucket Sleighride fatdaddy6 Jul 2019 12:31PM
4961703MGMT Robyn Hode5 Jul 2019 12:51PM
4960795Re: Jamiroquai fatdaddy2 Jul 2019 4:52PM
4960794Louisiana Man fatdaddy2 Jul 2019 4:51PM
4960677Kinks, The Robyn Hode2 Jul 2019 8:56AM
4960667Re: Jamiroquai agony of deFeet2 Jul 2019 8:10AM
4960503Jamiroquai fatdaddy1 Jul 2019 6:15PM
4960015I Do Not Want What I havenít Got -- Sinead OíConnor Robyn Hode30 Jun 2019 9:03AM
4959889Heel/Heal - Idles Big Giant Head30 Jun 2019 4:17AM
4959373Give It Up -- Bonnie Raitt Robyn Hode28 Jun 2019 12:48PM
4959189Fool for the City Abby Normal27 Jun 2019 9:04PM
4958839Elton John Robyn Hode27 Jun 2019 8:32AM
4958792Derek and the Dominoes fatdaddy27 Jun 2019 5:41AM
4958791Re: Commander Cody....... fatdaddy27 Jun 2019 5:41AM
4958773Commander Cody....... Abby Normal27 Jun 2019 4:00AM
4958695Black Flag Robyn Hode26 Jun 2019 7:45PM
4958638Association, The fatdaddy26 Jun 2019 5:23PM
4958591Ziggy goes to America Robyn Hode26 Jun 2019 2:38PM
4958559Young, Angus Abby Normal26 Jun 2019 12:43PM
4958011XYZ Robyn Hode25 Jun 2019 12:27PM
4958008Wet Willie Abby Normal25 Jun 2019 12:12PM
4957988Velvet Underground Robyn Hode25 Jun 2019 10:56AM
4957363Under the Boardwalk Abby Normal23 Jun 2019 4:59PM
4957228Temptation Eyes Robyn Hode23 Jun 2019 9:14AM
4957181(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay fatdaddy23 Jun 2019 5:04AM
4956995Raven Robyn Hode22 Jun 2019 2:01PM
4956786Queen... Abby Normal21 Jun 2019 11:34PM
4955369Petrucci, John Robyn Hode17 Jun 2019 9:39PM
4955363Ottorino Respighi fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 8:34PM
4955354Nikki Sixx Robyn Hode17 Jun 2019 7:54PM
4955345Marianne Faithfull fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 6:48PM
4955344Lou Reed Abby Normal17 Jun 2019 6:47PM
4955088King Harvest fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 6:32AM
4954928James Brown Abby Normal16 Jun 2019 6:39PM
4954925Iggy Pop Robyn Hode16 Jun 2019 6:37PM
4954914Heart fatdaddy16 Jun 2019 6:02PM
4954424Green, Peter Robyn Hode16 Jun 2019 11:30AM
4954269(no subject) jamchug16 Jun 2019 12:01AM
4954254Eagles Robyn Hode15 Jun 2019 8:53PM
4954212Doobie Brothers Abby Normal15 Jun 2019 5:16PM
4954127Creme, Lol fatdaddy15 Jun 2019 2:18PM
4954124Bozzio, Terry Robyn Hode15 Jun 2019 1:44PM
4953941All The Yong Dudes Abby Normal14 Jun 2019 10:30PM
4953938Zappa, Dweezil fatdaddy14 Jun 2019 10:19PM
4953856Yngwie Malmsteen Robyn Hode14 Jun 2019 3:20PM
4953822Xavier Cugat fatdaddy14 Jun 2019 2:03PM
4953766Walker, T-Bone Abby Normal14 Jun 2019 9:29AM
4953659Virginia Plain fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 10:11PM
4953561Uli Jon Roth Robyn Hode13 Jun 2019 5:38PM
4953560Talking Heads Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 5:33PM
4953351Simon, Paul fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 12:04PM
4953349Rickie Lee Jones Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 12:01PM
4953346Quincy Jones fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 11:58AM
4953344Paul Butterfield Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 11:57AM
4953332Overend Watts fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 11:27AM
4953318Nick Lowe Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 10:49AM
4953260Mick Taylor Robyn Hode13 Jun 2019 8:51AM
4953213Lionel Ritchie Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 6:06AM
4953017Kennedy, Myles Robyn Hode12 Jun 2019 3:28PM
4952733Johansen, David fatdaddy11 Jun 2019 1:50PM
4952731INXS Abby Normal11 Jun 2019 1:40PM
4952557Herman Li Robyn Hode10 Jun 2019 10:08PM

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