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5377002Re: Vangelis: Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner composer dies at 79 Jools20 May 2022 1:01AM
5376887Re: Vangelis: Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner composer dies at 79 Big Giant Head19 May 2022 4:40PM
5376840Vangelis: Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner composer dies at 79 Jools19 May 2022 10:32AM
5354748Re: Abby Normal Robyn Hode18 Mar 2022 8:47AM
5354742Re: Abby Normal Big Giant Head18 Mar 2022 8:05AM
5354529Abby Normal fatdaddy17 Mar 2022 5:15PM
5352472ZEZE Robyn Hode11 Mar 2022 10:46AM
5350998You'll Never Walk Alone fatdaddy6 Mar 2022 9:27PM
5350596Xana fatdaddy5 Mar 2022 3:59PM
5348466Welcome to the Club fatdaddy28 Feb 2022 1:11AM
5348412Vision of Love -- Mariah Carey Robyn Hode27 Feb 2022 6:01PM
5346955Up, Up and Away fatdaddy23 Feb 2022 8:41PM
5345695Two Out of Three Ain't Bad -- Meat Loaf Robyn Hode20 Feb 2022 4:45PM
5345164Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes fatdaddy19 Feb 2022 12:10PM
5344795The Raincoats Big Giant Head18 Feb 2022 2:08PM
5343710Quiet (The) fatdaddy15 Feb 2022 7:51PM
5342872Pepper, Jim fatdaddy14 Feb 2022 12:49AM
5342294Oasis Wonderwall thebodywall12 Feb 2022 8:06AM
5342261Never Fight A Man With A Perm Big Giant Head12 Feb 2022 5:14AM
5342100Maniac -- Micheal Sembello Robyn Hode11 Feb 2022 4:23PM
5341852Late in the Evening fatdaddy10 Feb 2022 10:41PM
5341621Kate Bush Big Giant Head10 Feb 2022 7:24AM
5340949Junkie Girl fatdaddy8 Feb 2022 1:16PM
5340155.I Heard It Through The Grapevine Abby Normal6 Feb 2022 11:19AM
5339691Heard It in a Love Song -- The Marshall Tucker Band Robyn Hode5 Feb 2022 9:46AM
5339465.Georgia On My Mind Abby Normal4 Feb 2022 7:31PM
5339253Fallin' & Flyin' -- Colin Farrell & Jeff Bridges Robyn Hode4 Feb 2022 9:03AM
5339245Exciter Big Giant Head4 Feb 2022 8:17AM
5339060Do You Believe in Magic? -- The Lovin' Spoonful Robyn Hode3 Feb 2022 7:36PM
5338961Creedence Clearwater Revival fatdaddy3 Feb 2022 2:38PM
5338892Basket Case -- Green Day Robyn Hode3 Feb 2022 9:51AM
5338771.All Right Now Abby Normal3 Feb 2022 1:24AM
5338742Zacari Robyn Hode2 Feb 2022 7:29PM
5338718You Want it Darker fatdaddy2 Feb 2022 5:46PM
5338556xanny -- Billie Eilish Robyn Hode2 Feb 2022 1:54PM
5338550.Well, Well, Well Abby Normal2 Feb 2022 1:31PM
5338247Vintage fatdaddy1 Feb 2022 3:16PM
5338106Under the Bridge -- Red Hot Chili Peppers Robyn Hode1 Feb 2022 9:09AM
5337917.Too Hot To Handle Abby Normal31 Jan 2022 7:01PM
5337770Swing Life Away -- Rise Against Robyn Hode31 Jan 2022 10:03AM
5337355.Reconsider Baby Abby Normal30 Jan 2022 12:41PM
5337308Queen Robyn Hode30 Jan 2022 10:00AM
5337080.Please Please Me Abby Normal30 Jan 2022 4:01AM
5336948Oasis Robyn Hode29 Jan 2022 6:01PM
5336793.Newman, Randy Abby Normal29 Jan 2022 9:35AM
5335969.Me and Bobby McGee Abby Normal26 Jan 2022 11:14PM
5335968Like a Rolling Stone fatdaddy26 Jan 2022 11:08PM
5335911Kay, John Abby Normal26 Jan 2022 5:36PM
5335891Jean -- Oliver Robyn Hode26 Jan 2022 4:47PM
5335796.If I Fell Abby Normal26 Jan 2022 11:33AM
5335767Heart Full of Soul --The Yardbirds Robyn Hode26 Jan 2022 9:55AM
5335570Gentle Giant Big Giant Head26 Jan 2022 12:45AM
5335460.Fool On The Hill, The Abby Normal25 Jan 2022 3:10PM
5335287Everyday People fatdaddy25 Jan 2022 4:43AM
5334671.Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overight? LOL! Abby Normal23 Jan 2022 8:30PM
5334646Come a Little Bit Closer fatdaddy23 Jan 2022 6:52PM
5334446.Born To Be Wild Abby Normal23 Jan 2022 12:40PM
5334173Alice's Restaurant Massacree fatdaddy22 Jan 2022 5:57PM
5334171.Zito, Mike Abby Normal22 Jan 2022 5:51PM
5334163You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) fatdaddy22 Jan 2022 5:38PM
5334162R. I. P. Ronnie Spector fatdaddy22 Jan 2022 5:34PM
5333733.R.I.P. Meat Loaf Abby Normal21 Jan 2022 10:31AM
5333732.Xanadu Abby Normal21 Jan 2022 10:31AM
5333710We Didn't Start the Fire -- Billy Joel Robyn Hode21 Jan 2022 9:11AM
5333564Virginia Plain fatdaddy20 Jan 2022 8:03PM
5332678.Up To My Neck In You - Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat Abby Normal18 Jan 2022 8:38AM
5332507Three Dog Night fatdaddy18 Jan 2022 12:44AM
5332372.Steeley Dan Abby Normal17 Jan 2022 2:28PM
5332337Rush Big Giant Head17 Jan 2022 1:32PM
5332288.Question - System Of A Down Abby Normal17 Jan 2022 12:28PM
5332249Papa Was a Rollin' Stone fatdaddy17 Jan 2022 9:24AM
5332247Oye Como Va -- Santana Robyn Hode17 Jan 2022 9:17AM
5332166Nice, Nice, Very Nice fatdaddy17 Jan 2022 4:41AM
5331944.Midnight Blues - Gary Moore Abby Normal16 Jan 2022 1:37PM
5331848Little Wing -- Santana, Joe Cocker Robyn Hode16 Jan 2022 8:45AM
5331761Killing Joke Big Giant Head16 Jan 2022 2:37AM
5331684.Jump - Van Halen Abby Normal15 Jan 2022 11:22PM
5331580Invincible -- Pat Benatar Robyn Hode15 Jan 2022 5:04PM
5331534Hell's Bells fatdaddy15 Jan 2022 3:04PM
5331441Green Grass & High Tides -- The Outlaws Robyn Hode15 Jan 2022 10:23AM
5331102.Fats Waller - Ain't Misbehavin' Abby Normal14 Jan 2022 4:07PM
5331100...NO WAIT!!! Abby Normal14 Jan 2022 4:06PM
5331099.Paul Thorn = Help Me Out, Hook Me Up Abby Normal14 Jan 2022 4:05PM
5331095Elton John Robyn Hode14 Jan 2022 3:51PM
5330776Draggin' the Line fatdaddy13 Jan 2022 10:01PM
5330381.Caledonia - Robin Trower Abby Normal12 Jan 2022 7:48PM
5330132Bell Bottom Blues fatdaddy12 Jan 2022 7:59AM
5330131Re: Walsh, Joe fatdaddy12 Jan 2022 7:55AM
5329961.All You Need Is Love Abby Normal11 Jan 2022 6:37PM
5329959Zendaya Robyn Hode11 Jan 2022 6:19PM
5329958Re: Walsh, Joe Robyn Hode11 Jan 2022 6:19PM
5329953You Can't Always Get What You Want fatdaddy11 Jan 2022 6:06PM
5329943.XTC Abby Normal11 Jan 2022 5:23PM
5329942Walsh, Joe fatdaddy11 Jan 2022 5:21PM
5329929.Velvet Underground Abby Normal11 Jan 2022 4:40PM
5329926Ure, James fatdaddy11 Jan 2022 4:35PM
5329908Two Princes -- Spin Doctors Robyn Hode11 Jan 2022 3:30PM
5329831.Stormy Weather Abby Normal11 Jan 2022 12:20PM
5329772Right Here -- Staind Robyn Hode11 Jan 2022 9:10AM
5329735.Quarterflash Abby Normal11 Jan 2022 7:28AM
5329707Pick Up the Pieces fatdaddy11 Jan 2022 4:57AM
5329498One Headlight -- The Wallflowers Robyn Hode10 Jan 2022 3:59PM
5329360.Nowhere Man Abby Normal10 Jan 2022 9:10AM
5329084Memory -- Sugar Cult Robyn Hode9 Jan 2022 4:23PM
5329061.Locomotion - Little Eva Abby Normal9 Jan 2022 3:13PM
5328958Keep Yourself Alive fatdaddy9 Jan 2022 11:02AM
5328955Jane Says -- Jane's Addiction Robyn Hode9 Jan 2022 10:51AM
5328735.If I Fell - The Beatles Abby Normal8 Jan 2022 7:21PM
5328718Higher -- Creed Robyn Hode8 Jan 2022 5:25PM
5328709.Great Balls Of Fire Abby Normal8 Jan 2022 4:17PM
5328689Fool (If You Think it's Over) fatdaddy8 Jan 2022 3:05PM
5328633.Emmy Lou Harris Abby Normal8 Jan 2022 1:11PM
5328572Dave Clark Five Robyn Hode8 Jan 2022 8:56AM
5328560.C. C. Rider Abby Normal8 Jan 2022 8:03AM
5328249Blank Generation -- The Raconteurs Robyn Hode7 Jan 2022 12:04PM
5328186Allman Brothers, The Abby Normal7 Jan 2022 7:37AM
5328100Zappa, Frank fatdaddy7 Jan 2022 3:35AM
5327996(no subject) curlywolf6 Jan 2022 8:13PM
5327995.Z - I'm tired of getting stuck with Z!!! Abby Normal6 Jan 2022 8:05PM
5327517You're Sixteen -- Ringo Starr Robyn Hode5 Jan 2022 4:48PM
5326739.XXX - ZZ TOP Abby Normal4 Jan 2022 7:43AM
5326551We Gotta Get You a Woman fatdaddy3 Jan 2022 4:30PM
5326410.Van Halen Abby Normal3 Jan 2022 8:23AM
5326126Up fatdaddy2 Jan 2022 5:18PM
5324536.T-Rex Abby Normal30 Dec 2021 4:14AM
5324451Santana Big Giant Head30 Dec 2021 1:05AM
5324353.Rockin' Louie & The Mamma Jammers Abby Normal29 Dec 2021 5:21PM
5324244Queasy fatdaddy29 Dec 2021 12:38PM
5323568.Paul Thorn Abby Normal27 Dec 2021 6:30PM
5323413Off the Rails fatdaddy27 Dec 2021 2:36PM
5323323.Neal Black & The Healers Abby Normal27 Dec 2021 9:36AM

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