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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5539397For Whom the Bell Tolls -- Metallica Robyn Hode27 Sep 2023 10:07PM
5538126C'mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran HeartOnFire23 Sep 2023 12:44PM
5537999Don't Delete The Kisses - Wolf Alice Big Giant Head23 Sep 2023 1:10AM
5537805Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated) -- The Offspring Robyn Hode22 Sep 2023 10:46AM
5537595Big Time - Peter Gabriel Big Giant Head21 Sep 2023 2:34PM
5537572All My Life -- Foo Fighters Robyn Hode21 Sep 2023 1:01PM
5537351Zombie Woof - Frank Zappa Big Giant Head20 Sep 2023 3:35PM
5537282Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher - Jackie Wilson HeartOnFire20 Sep 2023 12:54PM
5537253XO -- Beyonce Robyn Hode20 Sep 2023 9:25AM
5537238Wichita Lineman fatdaddy20 Sep 2023 8:22AM
5537222Vacation - Dirty Heads HeartOnFire20 Sep 2023 7:10AM
5536935Undone fatdaddy19 Sep 2023 2:23AM
5536926Turn the Page -- Metallica Robyn Hode19 Sep 2023 12:12AM
5536923Summer Still Comes - The Big Moon Big Giant Head19 Sep 2023 12:09AM
5536918Rose Darling fatdaddy18 Sep 2023 11:23PM
5536847Quarter Life Crises -- Taylor Bickett Robyn Hode18 Sep 2023 4:22PM
5533911Polk Salad Annie fatdaddy9 Sep 2023 2:23PM
5533858Old Fashioned Love Song - Three Dog Night HeartOnFire9 Sep 2023 10:20AM
5533289Neurotica fatdaddy7 Sep 2023 1:33AM
5533073Moonwalk - Moon Safari Big Giant Head6 Sep 2023 10:58AM
5532928Letter, The fatdaddy5 Sep 2023 10:34PM
5532912Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas HeartOnFire5 Sep 2023 7:24PM
5531740Jam Up and Jelly Tight fatdaddy2 Sep 2023 1:08AM
5531373In Disequilibrium - Isildur's Bane Big Giant Head31 Aug 2023 12:15PM
5531370Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran HeartOnFire31 Aug 2023 12:06PM
5531080Go Down Gamblin fatdaddy30 Aug 2023 12:29PM
5531078From Now On - Supertramp Big Giant Head30 Aug 2023 12:09PM
5531071Elenore fatdaddy30 Aug 2023 11:52AM
5531069Dludgebmasterpoede - Farflung Big Giant Head30 Aug 2023 11:42AM
5531061Careful with That Axe, Eugene fatdaddy30 Aug 2023 10:29AM
5531016Between The Times - Eloy Big Giant Head30 Aug 2023 4:58AM
5530662Apple Scruffs fatdaddy28 Aug 2023 7:54PM
5530659Xscape - Michael Jackson HeartOnFire28 Aug 2023 7:45PM
5524380Whipping Post fatdaddy6 Aug 2023 11:17AM
5524375Vallotte - Julian Lennon HeartOnFire6 Aug 2023 10:34AM
5524242Uncle John's Band - Grateful Dead smooth move5 Aug 2023 7:22PM
5524085Take You To Sweet Harmony - Kingston Wall Big Giant Head5 Aug 2023 3:11AM
5524030Soy peor - Bad Bunny smooth move4 Aug 2023 9:10PM
5523751Riders on the Storm fatdaddy3 Aug 2023 7:40PM
5523746Quiet Storm - Mobb Deep smooth move3 Aug 2023 7:20PM
5523518Paranoid - Black Sabbath HeartOnFire3 Aug 2023 2:12AM
5523488Oh Well - Fiona Apple smooth move2 Aug 2023 9:53PM
5523357Nashville Cats fatdaddy2 Aug 2023 1:11PM
5523238Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf HeartOnFire2 Aug 2023 7:37AM
5523128Lawyers, Guns and Money fatdaddy1 Aug 2023 11:05PM
5523115Killing Floor - Albert King smooth move1 Aug 2023 8:48PM
5523062Just a Giggilo / I Aint Got Nobody fatdaddy1 Aug 2023 3:29PM
5522995If You Leave Me Now - Chicago HeartOnFire1 Aug 2023 12:48PM
5522773Hercules - Young Thug smooth move31 Jul 2023 9:40PM
5522734Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival HeartOnFire31 Jul 2023 6:09PM
5522524Foreplay / Long Time - Boston smooth move30 Jul 2023 10:44PM
5522262Early in the Mornin fatdaddy29 Jul 2023 8:19PM
5522259Dogs - The Who smooth move29 Jul 2023 8:02PM
5522182Carry On fatdaddy29 Jul 2023 1:27PM
5522002Beats to the Rhyme - Run-D.M.C. smooth move28 Jul 2023 8:04PM
5521738Andy Warhol fatdaddy27 Jul 2023 10:17PM
5521725Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie smooth move27 Jul 2023 8:43PM
5521194You Didn't Like It Because You Didn't Think of It fatdaddy25 Jul 2023 8:56PM
5521166X - 21 Savage and Metro Boomin smooth move25 Jul 2023 6:09PM
5520702We Don't Care - Kanye West smooth move23 Jul 2023 9:12PM
5520564Vahevala fatdaddy23 Jul 2023 11:08AM
5520371Under the Influence - The Chemical Brothers smooth move22 Jul 2023 7:52PM
5520062The Sky Is Crying - Eric Clapton smooth move21 Jul 2023 6:25PM
5519995Story in Your Eyes, The fatdaddy21 Jul 2023 12:36PM
5519843Red House - Jimi Hendrix smooth move20 Jul 2023 9:23PM
5519747Quartz - Marillion Big Giant Head20 Jul 2023 12:55PM
5519687Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly and the Crickets HeartOnFire20 Jul 2023 8:21AM
5519567Old to Begin - Pavement smooth move19 Jul 2023 9:55PM
5519420Re: Machine Messiah - Yes fatdaddy19 Jul 2023 12:23PM
5519419Nowhere Man fatdaddy19 Jul 2023 12:20PM
5519345Machine Messiah - Yes Big Giant Head19 Jul 2023 6:34AM
5519213Love Me Two Times fatdaddy18 Jul 2023 7:08PM
5519211Kool Thing - Sonic Youth smooth move18 Jul 2023 6:58PM
5519166Just You 'n' Me fatdaddy18 Jul 2023 3:53PM
5519034Imagine - John Lennon HeartOnFire18 Jul 2023 4:14AM
5518982Hairshirt - REM Big Giant Head18 Jul 2023 2:07AM
5518981Re: Easy Livin' Big Giant Head18 Jul 2023 2:06AM
5518936Gimme Shelter fatdaddy17 Jul 2023 8:03PM
5518922Full Time Lover - Ann Peebles smooth move17 Jul 2023 6:25PM
5518746Easy Livin' fatdaddy17 Jul 2023 9:27AM
5518740Don't Stop Believin' - Journey HeartOnFire17 Jul 2023 8:29AM
5518580Come When You Call - TV Girl smooth move16 Jul 2023 7:22PM
5518483Bo Diddley fatdaddy16 Jul 2023 12:34PM
5518432A Farewell To Kings - Rush Big Giant Head16 Jul 2023 10:19AM
5518339Zzzonked fatdaddy16 Jul 2023 5:56AM
5518250Your Own Religion Song - TV Girl smooth move15 Jul 2023 9:49PM
5518232X-Ray Visions fatdaddy15 Jul 2023 8:01PM
5517487World Hold On - Bob Sinclar smooth move12 Jul 2023 9:33PM
5517164Visions of Domino - T. Rex smooth move11 Jul 2023 7:26PM
5516922Under the God - Tin Machine smooth move10 Jul 2023 7:58PM
55166291049 Gotho - Idles Big Giant Head9 Jul 2023 11:40PM
5516627Show Biz Kids fatdaddy9 Jul 2023 10:29PM
5516624Ruthless Villain - Eazy-E smooth move9 Jul 2023 9:37PM
5516551Questions 67 and 68 fatdaddy9 Jul 2023 2:24PM
5516475Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus HeartOnFire9 Jul 2023 8:50AM
5516384Orion - Metallica smooth move8 Jul 2023 7:27PM
5516127No Limit - Bob Dylan smooth move7 Jul 2023 9:15PM
5515880M1ndz In Missionary - C41D (featuring Blacksheep and YDM Arfa) Big Giant Head7 Jul 2023 5:55AM
5515782Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) fatdaddy6 Jul 2023 10:54PM
5515763Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer HeartOnFire6 Jul 2023 9:19PM
5515751Juanita - The Flying Burrito Brothers smooth move6 Jul 2023 7:55PM
5515450Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby fatdaddy5 Jul 2023 7:12PM
5515441Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers smooth move5 Jul 2023 6:06PM
5515363Gamma Knife - King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Big Giant Head5 Jul 2023 1:00PM
5515134Follow You Follow Me fatdaddy4 Jul 2023 10:38PM
5515119Every Time We Say Goodbye - John Coltrane smooth move4 Jul 2023 8:53PM
5515028Devil with a Blue Dress On fatdaddy4 Jul 2023 1:29PM
5515026C Song (The Trondheim Wlatz) - Fish Big Giant Head4 Jul 2023 1:04PM
5515008Barbarian, The fatdaddy4 Jul 2023 12:02PM
5514971Aye, Aye, Aye - Joe Perry smooth move4 Jul 2023 9:04AM
5514790Zero fatdaddy3 Jul 2023 7:56PM
5514560Yes It's F***ing Political - Skunk Anansie Big Giant Head3 Jul 2023 12:38AM
5514535Xtasy - DOECHII & Ravyn Lenae smooth move2 Jul 2023 8:16PM
5514098We May Never Pass This Way (Again) fatdaddy1 Jul 2023 2:24PM
5513932Valleri - The Monkees Big Giant Head1 Jul 2023 1:54AM
5513927United We Stand fatdaddy30 Jun 2023 11:51PM
5513911Te Bote - Bad Bunny, Casper Mágico, and Nio Garcia smooth move30 Jun 2023 9:48PM
5513797Sugar Sugar - The Archies HeartOnFire30 Jun 2023 1:17PM
5513631Royal Red Bouncer - Kayak Big Giant Head30 Jun 2023 12:09AM
5513609Queenie - Chuck Berry smooth move29 Jun 2023 8:27PM
5513514Psychedelic Shack fatdaddy29 Jun 2023 12:18PM
5513363(Omnidirectional) Bhadra - Ozric Tentacles Big Giant Head29 Jun 2023 12:45AM
5513358Nightwatchman - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers smooth move28 Jun 2023 9:13PM
5513331Monday Monday - Mamas and papas dawn196828 Jun 2023 6:08PM
5513319Let's Make the Water Turn Black fatdaddy28 Jun 2023 5:08PM
5513134(Keep Feelin') Fascination - Human League Big Giant Head28 Jun 2023 12:10AM
5513114Joy To The World - John Fahey smooth move27 Jun 2023 8:06PM
5513016Iris - Goo Goo Dolls HeartOnFire27 Jun 2023 12:54PM
5512808Hunting Tigers Out in India fatdaddy26 Jun 2023 9:40PM
5512788Gasoline Alley - Rod Stewart smooth move26 Jun 2023 6:51PM
5512656Free Fallin' - Tom Petty HeartOnFire26 Jun 2023 9:13AM
5512634Easter - Marillion Big Giant Head26 Jun 2023 7:50AM
5512434Diving with Whales - Nora En Pure smooth move25 Jun 2023 8:17PM
5512290Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John HeartOnFire25 Jun 2023 8:04AM
5512205Babooshka - Kate Bush Big Giant Head25 Jun 2023 1:48AM
5512173A Kiss from Your Lips - The Flamingos smooth move24 Jun 2023 8:23PM
5512062Zebras Crossing the Street - Scooter HeartOnFire24 Jun 2023 12:28PM
5511832Youngest N Richest - LATTO smooth move23 Jun 2023 8:23PM
5511773X Marks the Spot - Coldplay HeartOnFire23 Jun 2023 2:56PM
5511572Wish You Could See Me Now - Tobe Nwigwe smooth move22 Jun 2023 8:33PM
5511369Ventura Highway - America HeartOnFire22 Jun 2023 9:26AM
5511244Under And Over It - Five Finger Death Punch Big Giant Head22 Jun 2023 12:45AM
5511227That's Him over There - Nina Simone smooth move21 Jun 2023 8:44PM
5511146Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin HeartOnFire21 Jun 2023 11:06AM
5510995Rainbow In The Dark - Dio Big Giant Head21 Jun 2023 12:05AM
5510972Que Sera Sera - Doris Day HeartOnFire20 Jun 2023 8:19PM
5510944Potato Head Blues - Louis Armstrong smooth move20 Jun 2023 7:12PM
5510920O-o-h Child fatdaddy20 Jun 2023 5:25PM
5510741N.S.U - Cream smooth move19 Jun 2023 9:44PM
5510714Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf HeartOnFire19 Jun 2023 8:01PM
5510645Re: GoldToken Radio Big Giant Head19 Jun 2023 1:00PM
5510628Layla fatdaddy19 Jun 2023 10:13AM
5510498Kill You - Eminem smooth move18 Jun 2023 7:39PM
5510489GoldToken Radio dawn196818 Jun 2023 7:26PM
5510372Judy in Disguise (With Glasses) fatdaddy18 Jun 2023 12:04PM
5510265(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone - The Monkees Big Giant Head18 Jun 2023 4:32AM
5510213Hell's Bells fatdaddy17 Jun 2023 9:29PM
5510194Girl On Girl - CamelPhat smooth move17 Jun 2023 7:46PM
5510174For the Good Times fatdaddy17 Jun 2023 5:42PM
5510094Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears HeartOnFire17 Jun 2023 11:33AM
5509808Diamond Field fatdaddy16 Jun 2023 7:06PM
5509801Criminal - Eminem smooth move16 Jun 2023 6:48PM
5509531Back Up Train - Al Green smooth move15 Jun 2023 8:54PM
5509269Africa - Toto HeartOnFire14 Jun 2023 9:32PM
5509268ZAZA (Skit) - EARTHGANG smooth move14 Jun 2023 9:24PM
5509132Yellow Pearl - Phil Lynott Big Giant Head14 Jun 2023 1:11PM
5508961Xxplosive - Dr. Dre smooth move13 Jun 2023 7:37PM
5508696World - Bee Gees smooth move12 Jun 2023 8:01PM
5508680Vegetable Man fatdaddy12 Jun 2023 6:24PM
5508477Ulysses 31 Theme Big Giant Head12 Jun 2023 12:49AM
5508438Tequila - EARTHGANG smooth move11 Jun 2023 6:38PM
5508341Re: Radio Radio - Elvis Costello & The Attractions smooth move11 Jun 2023 8:39AM
5508334Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum HeartOnFire11 Jun 2023 7:49AM
5508270Radio Radio - Elvis Costello & The Attractions Big Giant Head11 Jun 2023 3:34AM
5508224(Quietly) Do the Right Thing - Soul Glo smooth move10 Jun 2023 8:51PM
5508195Pick Up the Pieces fatdaddy10 Jun 2023 5:53PM
5508052O-o-h Child - The Five Stairsteps HeartOnFire10 Jun 2023 9:37AM
5507961Nancy (With The Laughing Face) - Frank Sinatra Big Giant Head10 Jun 2023 12:39AM
5507941My Way - Sid Vicious smooth move9 Jun 2023 9:01PM
5507940My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion HeartOnFire9 Jun 2023 8:55PM
5507777Living in the Past fatdaddy9 Jun 2023 10:53AM
5507636Keep On Loving You - Reo Speedwagon HeartOnFire8 Jun 2023 10:47PM
5507614Jind Mahi - Diljit Dosanjh smooth move8 Jun 2023 8:01PM
5507309I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) fatdaddy7 Jun 2023 8:24PM
5507302Hitch Hiking Woman - Peter Green Splinter Group smooth move7 Jun 2023 7:12PM
5507018Game Above My Head - Blancmange Big Giant Head7 Jun 2023 3:34AM
5506954Faraar - Diljit Dosanjh smooth move6 Jun 2023 8:08PM
5506798Election Day fatdaddy6 Jun 2023 12:21PM
5506776Don't Stop Believin' - Journey HeartOnFire6 Jun 2023 11:48AM
5506690Could It Be I'm Falling in Love fatdaddy6 Jun 2023 6:50AM
5506503Been There Done That - Dr. Dre smooth move5 Jun 2023 6:52PM
5506395A Design For Life - Manic Street Preachers Big Giant Head5 Jun 2023 2:55PM
5506374Zero - Chris Brown HeartOnFire5 Jun 2023 2:27PM
5506108You Talk Way Too Much - The Strokes smooth move4 Jun 2023 7:01PM
5505807X-Static Process - Madonna smooth move3 Jun 2023 7:26PM
5505739Whenever I Call You, Friend - Kenny Loggins HeartOnFire3 Jun 2023 1:33PM
5505514Venice Venture - Big Wild smooth move2 Jun 2023 6:36PM
5505372Ugly Boy - Die Antwood Big Giant Head2 Jun 2023 9:05AM
5505256Tuff & Stringy - Clarence White smooth move1 Jun 2023 8:49PM
5505198She Did It fatdaddy1 Jun 2023 5:04PM
5504819Redundant - Green Day smooth move31 May 2023 9:39PM
5504754Questioningly - Ramones smooth move31 May 2023 4:23PM
5504204Re: Pinball Wizard - Elton Jogn smooth move29 May 2023 8:30PM
5504203Pinball Wizard - Elton Jogn smooth move29 May 2023 8:25PM
5503978Open Spaces - Jonny Greenwood smooth move28 May 2023 6:37PM
5503909Name Game, The - Shirley Ellis HeartOnFire28 May 2023 11:55AM
5503781Maybe We Should Plug The Guitars In - Bad News Big Giant Head28 May 2023 2:02AM
5503764Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley smooth move27 May 2023 9:22PM
5503705Keep the Faith - Michael Jackson HeartOnFire27 May 2023 3:27PM
5503566Jack and Jill - Fish Big Giant Head27 May 2023 5:34AM
5503503I'll take a Melody - Jerry Garcia Band smooth move26 May 2023 7:35PM
5503337Help Me Through the Night fatdaddy26 May 2023 7:27AM
5503242Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival HeartOnFire26 May 2023 4:26AM
5503186FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY - Link Wray smooth move25 May 2023 9:41PM
5503170Every Breath You Take - The Police HeartOnFire25 May 2023 8:14PM
5502976Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight fatdaddy25 May 2023 4:02AM
5502919Citadel - The Rolling Stones smooth move24 May 2023 8:41PM
5502810Re: Baba O'Reilly - The Who smooth move24 May 2023 1:08PM
5502809Baba O'Reilly - The Who Big Giant Head24 May 2023 1:00PM
5502749A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - llene Woods HeartOnFire24 May 2023 7:19AM
5502632Zooropa - U2 smooth move23 May 2023 7:26PM
5502497Yakety Yak - The Coasters HeartOnFire23 May 2023 7:11AM
5502386Xanadu - Rush smooth move22 May 2023 9:49PM
5502368Uncle John's Band fatdaddy22 May 2023 7:49PM
5502205Venus in Flares - Half Man Half Biscuit Big Giant Head22 May 2023 7:16AM
5502113Re: Thinning - Snail Mail fatdaddy22 May 2023 2:03AM
5502112Up With People fatdaddy22 May 2023 2:03AM
5502093Thinning - Snail Mail smooth move21 May 2023 8:41PM
5501858She's Not There fatdaddy21 May 2023 4:47AM
5501800Radio Silence - Thomas Dolby Big Giant Head21 May 2023 1:22AM
5501783Quinn the Eskimo fatdaddy20 May 2023 9:11PM
5501780Re: Patterns - Simon and Garfunkel smooth move20 May 2023 8:53PM
5501779Patterns - Simon and Garfunkel smooth move20 May 2023 8:48PM
5501582On The Road Again - Willie Nelson HeartOnFire20 May 2023 7:53AM
5501479N.I.B. - Black Sabbath Big Giant Head20 May 2023 2:20AM
5501463Me and You and a Dog Named Boo fatdaddy19 May 2023 9:31PM
5501462Let The Good Times Roll - Steve Cropper smooth move19 May 2023 9:11PM
5501182Re: Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy Big Giant Head19 May 2023 12:20AM
5501181Re: Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Big Giant Head19 May 2023 12:19AM
5501180Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Big Giant Head19 May 2023 12:19AM
5501153Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy smooth move18 May 2023 7:50PM
5500918It's a Beautiful Day fatdaddy18 May 2023 1:35AM
5500908Hometown Glory - Adele smooth move17 May 2023 8:47PM
5500864Give it to Me fatdaddy17 May 2023 4:59PM
5500851Final Countdown, The - Europe HeartOnFire17 May 2023 3:51PM
5500622Everybody Plays the Fool fatdaddy17 May 2023 2:03AM
5500620(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult Big Giant Head17 May 2023 1:20AM
5500608Cross-Eyed Mary fatdaddy16 May 2023 9:24PM
5500607Borderline - Madonna smooth move16 May 2023 8:23PM
5500580Annie in Wonderland fatdaddy16 May 2023 4:49PM
5500386Zero As A Limit - The Human League Big Giant Head16 May 2023 12:18AM
5500371You Turn Me On I'm a Radio - Joni Mitchell smooth move15 May 2023 8:49PM
5500276X-Kid fatdaddy15 May 2023 1:56PM
5500275Re: Ventura Highway - America fatdaddy15 May 2023 1:54PM
5500097Whole Lotta Love - Tina Turner smooth move14 May 2023 10:12PM
5500084Ventura Highway - America HeartOnFire14 May 2023 8:43PM
5499938Uber Capitalist Death Trade - Cabbage Big Giant Head14 May 2023 10:56AM
5499913This Note's for You fatdaddy14 May 2023 7:55AM
5499815Should we tell him - The Everly Brothers smooth move13 May 2023 9:51PM
5499691Revolution fatdaddy13 May 2023 12:21PM
5499497Quartet - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Big Giant Head13 May 2023 1:41AM
5499488Prairie Rose fatdaddy12 May 2023 11:43PM
5499474Old Fashioned Love Song - Three Dog Night HeartOnFire12 May 2023 9:29PM
5499463Nobody's Lonesome for Me - Hank Williams smooth move12 May 2023 8:53PM
5499425Metamorphosis fatdaddy12 May 2023 5:05PM
5499341Lean On Me - Bill Withers HeartOnFire12 May 2023 11:44AM
5499325Kaizen - Peaness Big Giant Head12 May 2023 9:50AM
5499155Jamaica Jerk-Off fatdaddy11 May 2023 9:01PM
5499153I Think It's Going to Work Out Fine - Ry Cooder smooth move11 May 2023 8:47PM
5499094Hairless Heart fatdaddy11 May 2023 5:27PM
5498887Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis HeartOnFire11 May 2023 9:12AM
5498796Fly on a Windshield fatdaddy11 May 2023 12:23AM
5498769Editions of you - Roxy Music agony of deFeet10 May 2023 8:31PM
5498768Don't Stop Believin' -Journey HeartOnFire10 May 2023 8:29PM
5498767Come and Get These Memories - Martha and the Vandellas smooth move10 May 2023 8:23PM
5498702Bitcĥ (-ĥ+h) fatdaddy10 May 2023 6:11PM
5498488A Collection - Marillion Big Giant Head10 May 2023 4:28AM
5498451Zolar Czak fatdaddy9 May 2023 11:22PM
5498431You're My Best Friend - Queen smooth move9 May 2023 9:10PM
5498429Xclamation fatdaddy9 May 2023 9:00PM
5498069What’s My Name - The Clash smooth move8 May 2023 9:06PM
5497861Valentine's Day - ABC Big Giant Head8 May 2023 4:24AM
5497766Up the Ladder to the Roof fatdaddy7 May 2023 9:49PM
5497761Take It Easy - Eagles HeartOnFire7 May 2023 9:22PM
5497752Sometimes It Snows In April - Prince smooth move7 May 2023 8:59PM
5497614Run Through the Jungle fatdaddy7 May 2023 2:40PM
5497613Re: Qoquaq Ën Transic fatdaddy7 May 2023 2:27PM
5497473Qoquaq Ën Transic Big Giant Head7 May 2023 4:34AM
5497417PS, I love you - The Beatles HeartOnFire7 May 2023 2:22AM
5497402Open My Eyes fatdaddy6 May 2023 11:17PM
5497382Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue - Ramones smooth move6 May 2023 7:35PM
5497154Meat - Tony Iommi smooth move5 May 2023 7:47PM
5496915Lemon - U2 smooth move4 May 2023 7:57PM
5496901Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down HeartOnFire4 May 2023 6:38PM
5496640Jungleland - Bruce Springsteen smooth move3 May 2023 10:37PM
5496298Invocation & Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin fatdaddy2 May 2023 10:49PM
5496289How Could I Be Such a Fool? - Frank Zappa smooth move2 May 2023 9:29PM
5495949Go Away Little Girl fatdaddy2 May 2023 2:31AM
5495935Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead smooth move1 May 2023 11:33PM
5495621Endless Enigma Big Giant Head1 May 2023 1:57AM
5495602Déjà Vu fatdaddy30 Apr 2023 9:54PM
5495600Counting Worms - Knocked Loose smooth move30 Apr 2023 9:48PM
5495519Big Bam Boom fatdaddy30 Apr 2023 3:46PM
5495517Re: And You And I fatdaddy30 Apr 2023 3:43PM
5495429And You And I Big Giant Head30 Apr 2023 8:55AM
5495315Zuma fatdaddy30 Apr 2023 1:08AM
5495294You Can Make It If You Try - Sly and the Family Stone smooth move29 Apr 2023 9:02PM
5495238X – 21 Savage & Metro Boomin smooth move29 Apr 2023 5:44PM
5494701Welcome to the Club fatdaddy27 Apr 2023 11:23PM
5494685Verses - Wu-Tang Clan smooth move27 Apr 2023 8:32PM
5494437Until We Sleep - David Gilmour smooth move26 Apr 2023 7:42PM
5494047Thick as a Brick fatdaddy25 Apr 2023 10:02PM
5494045Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd HeartOnFire25 Apr 2023 9:52PM
5494030Ramble On - Led Zeppelin smooth move25 Apr 2023 8:58PM
5493646Quasar fatdaddy24 Apr 2023 9:26PM
5493641Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly smooth move24 Apr 2023 8:09PM
5493597Only One Season fatdaddy24 Apr 2023 4:13PM
5493529Night Moves - Bob Seger HeartOnFire24 Apr 2023 12:04PM
5493383Mystery fatdaddy23 Apr 2023 9:51PM
5493379Lookin' for Another Pure Love - Stevie Wonder smooth move23 Apr 2023 9:02PM
5493088Kings of the Wild Frontier fatdaddy22 Apr 2023 10:18PM
5493083Just A Touch - R.E.M. smooth move22 Apr 2023 9:19PM
5493064It Can Happen fatdaddy22 Apr 2023 7:11PM
5492922Hold On Big Giant Head22 Apr 2023 9:51AM
5492781Going for the One fatdaddy21 Apr 2023 10:14PM
5492780Re: Got to Hide Your Love Away - Beatles fatdaddy21 Apr 2023 10:13PM
5492777Got to Hide Your Love Away - Beatles smooth move21 Apr 2023 9:56PM
5492464First Snow in Kokomo - Aretha Franklin smooth move20 Apr 2023 8:32PM
5492235Every Girl (Wants My Guy) - Aretha Franklin smooth move19 Apr 2023 9:26PM
5491953Doctor, My Eyes fatdaddy18 Apr 2023 11:57PM
5491942Charlotte Sometimes - The Cure smooth move18 Apr 2023 8:46PM
5491908Banapple Gas fatdaddy18 Apr 2023 4:35PM
5491903Anemone - The Brian Jonestown Massacre Big Giant Head18 Apr 2023 3:54PM
5491850Zombie fatdaddy18 Apr 2023 12:39PM
5491846Your Song - Elton John HeartOnFire18 Apr 2023 12:34PM
5491697X2 fatdaddy17 Apr 2023 10:26PM
5491686Wee Wee Hours - Chuck Berry smooth move17 Apr 2023 9:07PM
5491291Vincent fatdaddy16 Apr 2023 10:59PM
5491289Untitled Instrumental - Television smooth move16 Apr 2023 10:38PM
5491108Take It to the Limit fatdaddy16 Apr 2023 8:20AM
5491050She's In Parties - Bauhaus Big Giant Head16 Apr 2023 5:02AM
5491044Radar Love - Golden Earring HeartOnFire16 Apr 2023 3:39AM
5490964Quicksand - Bjork smooth move15 Apr 2023 8:38PM
5490876People Are Strange fatdaddy15 Apr 2023 4:03PM
5490823One - Three Dog Night HeartOnFire15 Apr 2023 1:00PM
5490762Need You Tonight fatdaddy15 Apr 2023 9:33AM
5490757Re: Magic - The Cars smooth move15 Apr 2023 9:23AM
5490695Magic - The Cars HeartOnFire15 Apr 2023 4:59AM
5490677Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Big Giant Head15 Apr 2023 3:47AM
5490639King Midas in Reverse fatdaddy14 Apr 2023 10:25PM
5490635Jump for Joy - The Jackson 5 smooth move14 Apr 2023 8:59PM
5490404In The Navy - Village People HeartOnFire14 Apr 2023 4:45AM
5490346Re: Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin smooth move13 Apr 2023 9:59PM
5490340Re: Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin fatdaddy13 Apr 2023 9:37PM
5490337Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin smooth move13 Apr 2023 9:13PM
5490279Give Me Just a Little More Time fatdaddy13 Apr 2023 3:57PM
5490209Forever Young - Rod Stewart HeartOnFire13 Apr 2023 1:52PM
5490088Eruption fatdaddy13 Apr 2023 8:16AM
5490013Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right - Bob Dylan smooth move12 Apr 2023 9:09PM
5489990Crazy Love fatdaddy12 Apr 2023 6:30PM
5489910Bad Luck Song - Shonen Knife Big Giant Head12 Apr 2023 11:37AM
5489772Along Comes Mary fatdaddy11 Apr 2023 8:54PM
5489767Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie smooth move11 Apr 2023 8:36PM
5489578Yours is No Disgrace fatdaddy11 Apr 2023 6:38AM
5489527Xtasy - Ravyn Lenae smooth move10 Apr 2023 8:20PM
5489518We Will Rock You - Queen HeartOnFire10 Apr 2023 7:41PM
5489283Venus fatdaddy10 Apr 2023 7:29AM
5489178Up to Me - Roger McGuinn smooth move9 Apr 2023 7:48PM
5489006Toujours L'amour fatdaddy9 Apr 2023 10:00AM
5488982Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum HeartOnFire9 Apr 2023 8:45AM
5488851Ray's Dad's Cadillac fatdaddy8 Apr 2023 11:58PM
5488834Questions for the Angels - Paul Simon smooth move8 Apr 2023 10:35PM
5488641Pay You Back With Intrest fatdaddy8 Apr 2023 9:25AM
5488617Ophelia - The Lumineers HeartOnFire8 Apr 2023 7:51AM
5488536Nightswimming - R.E.M. smooth move7 Apr 2023 9:32PM
5488265My Aim is True fatdaddy6 Apr 2023 10:18PM
5488257Laughing - R.E.M. smooth move6 Apr 2023 8:50PM
5488092Kansas City fatdaddy6 Apr 2023 4:14AM
5488054Jumpman - Drake and Future smooth move5 Apr 2023 9:16PM
5487766I Advance Masked fatdaddy5 Apr 2023 6:34AM
5487759Happy Hour - Shonen Knife Big Giant Head5 Apr 2023 6:06AM
5487672Gnaw - Alex G smooth move4 Apr 2023 9:30PM
5487491Family Affair fatdaddy4 Apr 2023 1:08PM
5487486Every Breath You Take - The Police HeartOnFire4 Apr 2023 12:57PM
5487319Dead Friends - Kirk Knight smooth move3 Apr 2023 8:24PM
5487075Chicago fatdaddy3 Apr 2023 4:07AM
5487042Burning Farm - Shonen Knife Big Giant Head3 Apr 2023 2:17AM
5486991After the Love Has Gone fatdaddy2 Apr 2023 8:13PM
5486989Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie smooth move2 Apr 2023 7:46PM
5486948You Know You Know fatdaddy2 Apr 2023 5:41PM
5486670XO - Beyoncé smooth move1 Apr 2023 10:50PM
5486536Re: Will You Love Me Tomorrow smooth move1 Apr 2023 2:07PM
5486513Will You Love Me Tomorrow fatdaddy1 Apr 2023 11:53AM
5486443Valerie - Steve Winwood HeartOnFire1 Apr 2023 9:32AM

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