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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5619348You Make Loving Fun -- Fleetwood Mac Robyn Hode24 Jul 2024 4:30PM
5619210XOXOXO fatdaddy23 Jul 2024 11:06PM
5617828Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles HeartOnFire16 Jul 2024 10:01PM
5617645V-2 Schneider fatdaddy15 Jul 2024 11:33PM
5615661Undecided fatdaddy6 Jul 2024 10:15PM
5615379Trampolene - Julian Cope Big Giant Head5 Jul 2024 3:03PM
5615154Somethin' Stupid fatdaddy4 Jul 2024 4:01PM
5615151Rama Lama Ding Dong - The Edsels HeartOnFire4 Jul 2024 3:27PM
5614660Que Sera Mi Vida - Gibson Brothers Big Giant Head3 Jul 2024 1:29AM
5614121Re: Make it with You fatdaddy1 Jul 2024 1:31AM
5614096Re: Make it with You Robyn Hode30 Jun 2024 6:36PM
5613974Re: Pictures at an Exhibition fatdaddy30 Jun 2024 7:46AM
5613937Re: Pictures at an Exhibition Big Giant Head30 Jun 2024 3:51AM
5613892Pictures at an Exhibition fatdaddy29 Jun 2024 7:26PM
5613890Re: Make it with You fatdaddy29 Jun 2024 7:15PM
5613876Orgasmatron - Motörhead Big Giant Head29 Jun 2024 4:59PM
5613818Re: Make it with You Robyn Hode29 Jun 2024 1:23PM
5613799Night Nurse - Cascada HeartOnFire29 Jun 2024 11:08AM
5613757Make it with You fatdaddy29 Jun 2024 8:03AM
5611584Lay Lady Lay fatdaddy19 Jun 2024 10:54PM
5611451K - OK by Sargeant HeartOnFire19 Jun 2024 10:23AM
5611407(Just Like) Starting Over - John Lennon Big Giant Head19 Jun 2024 5:35AM
5611299In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida fatdaddy18 Jun 2024 5:10PM
5611186Halfway Up - The Brook & the Bluff HeartOnFire18 Jun 2024 9:30AM
5610741Get Ready fatdaddy16 Jun 2024 7:10PM
5610622Foolin' - Def Leppard HeartOnFire16 Jun 2024 8:10AM
5610551Ever So Lonely - Monsoon Big Giant Head16 Jun 2024 1:26AM
5610500Doctor, My Eyes fatdaddy15 Jun 2024 4:19PM
5610356Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd HeartOnFire15 Jun 2024 8:08AM
5610231Re: Ain't Ugly None - Raging Slab fatdaddy14 Jun 2024 6:33PM
5610224Re: Ain't Ugly None - Raging Slab fatdaddy14 Jun 2024 5:51PM
5610223Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) fatdaddy14 Jun 2024 5:50PM
5610149Ain't Ugly None - Raging Slab Big Giant Head14 Jun 2024 11:46AM
5610049Zoom fatdaddy14 Jun 2024 1:12AM
5605414War fatdaddy25 May 2024 9:45AM
5605403Velcro Fly - ZZ top HeartOnFire25 May 2024 8:19AM
5605401Re: Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits HeartOnFire25 May 2024 8:11AM
5605400(no subject) HeartOnFire25 May 2024 8:10AM
5605166Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers Big Giant Head24 May 2024 9:31AM
5605096Re: Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits fatdaddy24 May 2024 3:30AM
5605095Take the Long Way Home fatdaddy24 May 2024 3:27AM
5605051Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits HeartOnFire23 May 2024 10:41PM
5603030Rip it Up fatdaddy16 May 2024 3:46PM
5601563Queen Of Clubs - Casey And The Sunshine Band HeartOnFire11 May 2024 9:56AM
5601249Re: New Day for You Big Giant Head10 May 2024 12:17AM
5601203Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) -- The Offspring Robyn Hode9 May 2024 4:31PM
5601109Old Time Rock And Roll - Bob Seger HeartOnFire9 May 2024 10:21AM
5600982New Day for You fatdaddy8 May 2024 5:10PM
5600636Maybe I'm Amazed, Wings Robyn Hode7 May 2024 4:49PM
5600531Life Is A Highway - Tom Cochrane HeartOnFire7 May 2024 7:03AM
5599417Killed By Death - Motörhead Big Giant Head2 May 2024 1:37AM
5599309Re: Hang On Sloopy -The McCoys fatdaddy1 May 2024 12:53PM
5599306Jet fatdaddy1 May 2024 12:40PM
5599138Incommunicado - Marillion Big Giant Head1 May 2024 1:20AM
5599124Hang On Sloopy -The McCoys HeartOnFire30 Apr 2024 8:38PM
5599067Giant - Big Joanie Big Giant Head30 Apr 2024 2:01PM
5598904Friend of the Devil fatdaddy29 Apr 2024 4:37PM
5598845Eric - Marillion Big Giant Head29 Apr 2024 1:51PM
5598601Re: Do You Believe in Magic fatdaddy28 Apr 2024 12:34PM
5598588Re: Do You Believe in Magic Robyn Hode28 Apr 2024 11:28AM
5598545Do You Believe in Magic fatdaddy28 Apr 2024 6:46AM
5598435Cloudbusting - Kate Bush Big Giant Head27 Apr 2024 3:09PM
5598390Ballroom Blitz - Sweet HeartOnFire27 Apr 2024 11:50AM
5598228Always the Sun - The Stranglers Big Giant Head27 Apr 2024 1:52AM
5598205Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie HeartOnFire26 Apr 2024 7:21PM
5597626Yodelin' Yippie fatdaddy24 Apr 2024 2:28AM
5597568X-Static - Foo Fighters HeartOnFire23 Apr 2024 5:21PM
5595182What Do You Want from Me fatdaddy13 Apr 2024 10:44PM
5594298V.I.P. - Sinéad O'Connor Straycat10 Apr 2024 9:04AM
5593629Uma Thurman -- Fall Out Boy Robyn Hode7 Apr 2024 1:42PM
5593326The Right Track - Sarah Jane Morris Big Giant Head6 Apr 2024 10:10AM
5593202Sweet Child of Mine - Guns n' Roses HeartOnFire5 Apr 2024 8:59PM
5593137Radio Free Europe - R.E.M. Straycat5 Apr 2024 2:30PM
5593126Queen of the Forest -Ted Nugent HeartOnFire5 Apr 2024 1:05PM
5592969Photographs and Memories -- Jim Croce Robyn Hode4 Apr 2024 5:46PM
5592573Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger HeartOnFire3 Apr 2024 11:03AM
5592408Re: Neal Cassady Drops Dead - Morrissey Robyn Hode2 Apr 2024 2:45PM
5592389Neal Cassady Drops Dead - Morrissey Straycat2 Apr 2024 2:28PM
5592325Memories of Zworrisdeh - Ruins Big Giant Head2 Apr 2024 10:52AM
5592102Labeled With Love - Squeeze Straycat1 Apr 2024 1:10PM
5591744Kingmaker -- Megadeth Robyn Hode31 Mar 2024 2:19PM
5591704Jack and Diane - John Mellencamp HeartOnFire31 Mar 2024 11:21AM
5591611I Got The **** And My **** Fell Off - Lawnmower Deth Big Giant Head31 Mar 2024 6:02AM
5591451Hey There Lonely Boy fatdaddy30 Mar 2024 2:10PM
5591422Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr. Straycat30 Mar 2024 11:03AM
5591267Everlong - Foo Fighters HeartOnFire29 Mar 2024 6:27PM
5591219D-Days - Hazel O'Connor Straycat29 Mar 2024 3:03PM
5591103Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin HeartOnFire29 Mar 2024 6:46AM
5590983Re: Zor and Zam fatdaddy28 Mar 2024 9:00PM
5590913Black Light Machine - Frost Big Giant Head28 Mar 2024 3:36PM
5590912A Castle Full Of Rascals - Deep Purple Straycat28 Mar 2024 3:35PM
5590826Zor and Zam Big Giant Head28 Mar 2024 11:08AM
5590674You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet fatdaddy27 Mar 2024 7:47PM
5590647X Offender - Blondie Straycat27 Mar 2024 4:02PM
5590475Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers HeartOnFire27 Mar 2024 4:04AM
5590359Vagabond Ways - Marianne Faithfull Straycat26 Mar 2024 4:21PM
5590153U + Ur Hand -- P!nk Robyn Hode25 Mar 2024 5:03PM
5590140T.N.T. - AC/DC Straycat25 Mar 2024 3:31PM
5590068Sultan of Swing - Dire Straits HeartOnFire25 Mar 2024 11:20AM
5590065Runnin' with the Devil -- Van Halen Robyn Hode25 Mar 2024 11:09AM
5590060Quiet Houses - Fleet Foxes HeartOnFire25 Mar 2024 10:52AM
5589857Perpetual Change fatdaddy24 Mar 2024 2:15PM
5589833Our Truth -- Lacuna Coil Robyn Hode24 Mar 2024 1:46PM
5589740Night Moves - Bob Seger HeartOnFire24 Mar 2024 7:41AM
5589594Mexico fatdaddy23 Mar 2024 3:25PM
5589498Labeled With Love - Squeeze Straycat23 Mar 2024 7:36AM
5589356Kashmir - Led Zeppelin HeartOnFire22 Mar 2024 5:36PM
5589288Just You 'N' Me -- Chicago Robyn Hode22 Mar 2024 1:15PM
5588988I Am Stretched On Your Grave - Sinéad O'Connor Straycat21 Mar 2024 9:24AM
5588630Hurts so Good - John Mellencamp HeartOnFire19 Mar 2024 9:20PM
5588626Great Balls of Fire fatdaddy19 Mar 2024 9:08PM
5587586Fool For The City - Foghat HeartOnFire15 Mar 2024 5:18PM
5587493(Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams Straycat15 Mar 2024 10:36AM
5587446Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins HeartOnFire15 Mar 2024 7:25AM
5587307Cold as Ice --Foreigner Robyn Hode14 Mar 2024 8:31PM
5587079Bulletproof Heart - My Chemical Romance HeartOnFire13 Mar 2024 8:10PM
5586748A Child's Claim To Fame - Buffalo Springfield Straycat12 Mar 2024 9:54AM
5586570Zoom -- The Commodores Robyn Hode11 Mar 2024 6:13PM
5585324Yellow and Rose - James Taylor Straycat6 Mar 2024 3:18PM
5585138Xscape - Michael Jackson HeartOnFire5 Mar 2024 10:21PM
5580750Wild Horses -- The Rolling Stones Robyn Hode19 Feb 2024 8:57PM
5580727Valleys Of Neptune - Jimi Hendrix HeartOnFire19 Feb 2024 6:01PM
5580720Utopia fatdaddy19 Feb 2024 5:45PM
5580601Tangk - Idles Big Giant Head19 Feb 2024 7:23AM
5580134So Much in Love fatdaddy17 Feb 2024 12:46PM
5578783Rihanna - Fleetwood Mac HeartOnFire12 Feb 2024 9:11AM
5578372Quero -- Elis Regina Robyn Hode10 Feb 2024 1:15PM
5578294Penny Lane - The Beatles HeartOnFire10 Feb 2024 6:42AM
5578135Out of the Blue fatdaddy9 Feb 2024 5:02PM
5576604Night Moves - Bob Seger HeartOnFire3 Feb 2024 3:01PM
5576153Moonlight Feels Right fatdaddy1 Feb 2024 4:13PM
5576097Light - The Dear Hunter Big Giant Head1 Feb 2024 12:58PM
5575924Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan HeartOnFire31 Jan 2024 10:32PM
5575799Juke Box Hero -- Foreigner Robyn Hode31 Jan 2024 12:50PM
5575615I Just Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew HeartOnFire30 Jan 2024 10:51PM
5575592House at Pooh Corner fatdaddy30 Jan 2024 7:32PM

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