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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5287532.Yes It Is - The Beatles Abby Normal30 Sep 2021 6:27PM
5287518Xhaka Robyn Hode30 Sep 2021 5:59PM
5284670.Waters, Roger Abby Normal21 Sep 2021 4:06PM
5284665Van der Graaf Generator fatdaddy21 Sep 2021 3:40PM
5283483.Under The Boardwalk Abby Normal18 Sep 2021 11:20AM
5283459Take the "A" Train fatdaddy18 Sep 2021 9:49AM
5282373.Smoke On The Water Abby Normal15 Sep 2021 7:43PM
5281715.Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley... Abby Normal14 Sep 2021 12:08PM
5281456Queen of the Highway fatdaddy13 Sep 2021 6:25PM
5281091.Parsons, Alan Abby Normal12 Sep 2021 8:14PM
5280184Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) fatdaddy11 Sep 2021 12:50AM
5279378.Nowhere Man Abby Normal8 Sep 2021 4:51PM
5279376My Ding-A-Ling fatdaddy8 Sep 2021 4:43PM
5278972.Leadbelly - Gallows Pole Abby Normal7 Sep 2021 5:50PM
5278939Kimono My House fatdaddy7 Sep 2021 4:16PM
5278936.Juke Joint Jump - Elvin Bishop Abby Normal7 Sep 2021 4:07PM
5278924Indigo Girls fatdaddy7 Sep 2021 3:28PM
5278057.How Do You Sleep At Night - Orianthi Abby Normal5 Sep 2021 9:45PM
5278052Get 'em Out by Friday fatdaddy5 Sep 2021 9:25PM
5277880.For Your Love Abby Normal5 Sep 2021 2:23PM
5277677Evil Ways fatdaddy5 Sep 2021 1:56AM
5276698.Down By The River Abby Normal2 Sep 2021 2:11PM
5276549Crabby Appleton fatdaddy2 Sep 2021 5:49AM
5275624.Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Abby Normal31 Aug 2021 12:17PM
5275438Air Big Giant Head31 Aug 2021 12:51AM
5275405.ZZ TOP - Legs Abby Normal30 Aug 2021 8:10PM
5274911.Yes - Roundabout Abby Normal29 Aug 2021 3:36PM
5274863(no subject) curlywolf29 Aug 2021 2:35PM
5274836XYZ fatdaddy29 Aug 2021 12:43PM
5274812.Wipeout or Wipe Out Abby Normal29 Aug 2021 11:31AM
5274624Victory fatdaddy29 Aug 2021 12:16AM
5274563.Under The Boardwalk Abby Normal28 Aug 2021 6:23PM
5274562Toujours L'amou fatdaddy28 Aug 2021 6:13PM
5274472.Sincerely Abby Normal28 Aug 2021 12:56PM
5274234Rock Steady fatdaddy28 Aug 2021 12:15AM
5273826.Queen Abby Normal26 Aug 2021 11:56PM
5273813Polk Salad Annie fatdaddy26 Aug 2021 8:57PM
5273616.Oh Darlin' - Beatles Abby Normal26 Aug 2021 9:22AM
5273419Never Ending Song of Love fatdaddy25 Aug 2021 9:35PM
5273386.Manic Depression - Hendrix Abby Normal25 Aug 2021 7:01PM
5273250Little by Little fatdaddy25 Aug 2021 2:05PM
5272771.Knock On Wood Abby Normal24 Aug 2021 10:00AM
5272618Judas Priest fatdaddy23 Aug 2021 11:18PM
5272616.Imagine Dragons Abby Normal23 Aug 2021 10:52PM

.R.I.P. Don Everly

Abby Normal22 Aug 2021 8:26PM
5272097Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers, The fatdaddy22 Aug 2021 5:14PM
5271880.Good Golly Miss Molly Abby Normal22 Aug 2021 3:39AM
5271785For Your Love fatdaddy22 Aug 2021 1:42AM
5271781Electrcity Big Giant Head22 Aug 2021 1:24AM
5271741.Doolin' Daltons Abby Normal21 Aug 2021 7:33PM
5271679Closer to Home fatdaddy21 Aug 2021 3:50PM
5271677.Blak and Blu - Gary Clark Jr. Abby Normal21 Aug 2021 3:45PM
5271676.Blak and Abby Normal21 Aug 2021 3:44PM
5271653Are You Receiving Me? fatdaddy21 Aug 2021 3:07PM
5271581.ZZ TOP Abby Normal21 Aug 2021 11:24AM
5271534You Know My Name, Look Up the Number fatdaddy21 Aug 2021 7:29AM
5271458.Xamadu Abby Normal21 Aug 2021 3:13AM
5271457Re: Woofer-Goofer-Mama-Toofer Abby Normal21 Aug 2021 3:12AM
5271454Re: Woofer-Goofer-Mama-Toofer fatdaddy21 Aug 2021 3:00AM
5271408Woofer-Goofer-Mama-Toofer fatdaddy21 Aug 2021 2:01AM
5271404.Venus - Shockig Blue Abby Normal21 Aug 2021 1:45AM
5271403Under My Skin fatdaddy21 Aug 2021 1:44AM
5271273.Thunderstruck - AC/DC Abby Normal20 Aug 2021 1:47PM
5271232Sugar 'n Spikes fatdaddy20 Aug 2021 10:51AM
5271214.Rumble - Link Wray Abby Normal20 Aug 2021 9:29AM
5271079Question fatdaddy20 Aug 2021 12:10AM
5271022.Puttin' On The Ritz from Young Frankenstein Abby Normal19 Aug 2021 7:31PM
5270979Out on the Tiles fatdaddy19 Aug 2021 4:01PM
5270787.Nowhere Man Abby Normal18 Aug 2021 10:54PM
5270783Mystery to Me fatdaddy18 Aug 2021 10:14PM
5270779.La Bamba Abby Normal18 Aug 2021 9:44PM
5270692Keep Yourself Alive fatdaddy18 Aug 2021 3:27PM
5270103.Janis Joplin Abby Normal16 Aug 2021 5:37PM
5269759.I Can't Tell You Why - The Eagles Abby Normal15 Aug 2021 3:39PM
5269719Heaven's On Fire Big Giant Head15 Aug 2021 12:41PM
5269708(no subject) curlywolf15 Aug 2021 11:56AM
5269694.Gene Vincent Abby Normal15 Aug 2021 9:12AM
5269557First We Take Manhattan Diabeditor14 Aug 2021 8:44PM
5269556.Eve Of Desttruction Abby Normal14 Aug 2021 8:37PM
5269436Don't Do That Dope Anymore fatdaddy14 Aug 2021 2:33PM
5269420.Can't Buy Me Love Abby Normal14 Aug 2021 12:39PM
5269419Bela Lugosi's Dead Big Giant Head14 Aug 2021 12:34PM
5269391.Another Brick In The Wall Abby Normal14 Aug 2021 9:57AM
5269204Zydeco Bounce fatdaddy13 Aug 2021 10:54PM
5269034.Yesterday Abby Normal13 Aug 2021 10:21AM
5268853X Marks fatdaddy13 Aug 2021 1:09AM
5268747.Where Were You - Paul Thorn Abby Normal12 Aug 2021 7:04PM
5268729Vanishing Twin fatdaddy12 Aug 2021 5:28PM
5268708.U2 Abby Normal12 Aug 2021 3:50PM
5268523_itties & Beer fatdaddy12 Aug 2021 1:45PM
5268520.Shake, Rattle and Roll Abby Normal12 Aug 2021 1:36PM
5268496Roll Away the Stone fatdaddy12 Aug 2021 12:50PM
5268472.Quinn, The Mighty Abby Normal12 Aug 2021 10:40AM
5268372Peace Like a River fatdaddy12 Aug 2021 3:39AM
5268206.Ophelia - The Band Abby Normal11 Aug 2021 6:25PM
5268104No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature fatdaddy11 Aug 2021 1:03PM
5267853.Moore, Gary Abby Normal10 Aug 2021 5:46PM
5267840Let it Be fatdaddy10 Aug 2021 4:16PM
5267743.K C And The Sunshine Band Abby Normal10 Aug 2021 10:56AM
5267638Joshua Judges Ruth fatdaddy10 Aug 2021 1:34AM
5267468.Isn't It A Pity - George Abby Normal9 Aug 2021 11:33AM
5267279High and Mighty Big Giant Head9 Aug 2021 1:11AM
5267255.Good Golly Miss Molly Abby Normal8 Aug 2021 9:28PM
5267235Frankenstein fatdaddy8 Aug 2021 8:07PM
5267223.Elvin Bishop Abby Normal8 Aug 2021 7:01PM
5267178Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) fatdaddy8 Aug 2021 3:43PM
5267108.Couldn't Stand The Weather - SRV Abby Normal8 Aug 2021 10:02AM
5267103Been to Canaan fatdaddy8 Aug 2021 9:46AM
5267074.Alvin Lee Abby Normal8 Aug 2021 7:48AM
5266942Zoom fatdaddy7 Aug 2021 10:31PM
5266903.Y.M.C.A. Abby Normal7 Aug 2021 6:27PM
5266895X fatdaddy7 Aug 2021 5:55PM
5266887.White Stripes, The Abby Normal7 Aug 2021 4:46PM
5266874Venus fatdaddy7 Aug 2021 3:42PM
5266814.Uriah Heep Abby Normal7 Aug 2021 2:38PM
5266809Tubular Bells Big Giant Head7 Aug 2021 2:16PM
5266765.Samantha Fish - Lay It Down Abby Normal7 Aug 2021 9:26AM
5266763Romeo and Juliet -- Dire Straits Robyn Hode7 Aug 2021 9:14AM
5266743.Quiet Riot Abby Normal7 Aug 2021 8:15AM
5266738Paradise fatdaddy7 Aug 2021 7:47AM
5266589.Orianthi Abby Normal6 Aug 2021 9:22PM
5266585Nazareth. Robyn Hode6 Aug 2021 8:57PM
5266390.Muddy Waters Abby Normal6 Aug 2021 1:27PM
5266380Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) fatdaddy6 Aug 2021 12:06PM
5266352.Kaleo Abby Normal6 Aug 2021 9:06AM
5265938Jimmy Castor Bunch, The fatdaddy5 Aug 2021 6:12AM
5265708.Iggy Pop Abby Normal4 Aug 2021 1:52PM
5265498Helpless fatdaddy4 Aug 2021 12:46AM
5264871.George Thorogood Abby Normal2 Aug 2021 9:52AM
5264864Frank Sidebottom fatdaddy2 Aug 2021 9:22AM
5264527.Elwood Francis - not Jeffries (sorry) Abby Normal1 Aug 2021 2:17PM
5264525.Elwood Jeffries - Dusty Hill's replacement Abby Normal1 Aug 2021 2:14PM
5264508Daddy Cool -- Boney M. Robyn Hode1 Aug 2021 1:11PM
5264486Crazy World of Arthur Brown, The fatdaddy1 Aug 2021 11:36AM
5264470.Band Of Gypsies Abby Normal1 Aug 2021 10:50AM
5264453A National Acrobat -- Black Sabbath Robyn Hode1 Aug 2021 10:02AM
5264364Zorro fatdaddy1 Aug 2021 4:23AM
5264183.Yesterday - The Beatles Abby Normal31 Jul 2021 12:52PM
5264038Xenon Codex (The) fatdaddy31 Jul 2021 2:56AM
5263939Waters, Muddy Abby Normal30 Jul 2021 6:44PM
5263758Velcro Fly fatdaddy30 Jul 2021 7:06AM
5263757Re: =R.I.P. Dusty Hill Crying fatdaddy30 Jul 2021 7:05AM
5263247Re: =R.I.P. Dusty Hill Crying **Lover of Darkness**28 Jul 2021 5:01PM

R.I.P. Dusty Hill Crying

Abby Normal28 Jul 2021 3:38PM
5262743.Under The Boardwalk Abby Normal27 Jul 2021 9:51AM
5262489.Thunderstruck - AC/DC Abby Normal26 Jul 2021 1:59PM
5262457Sundown-Gordon Lightfoot **Lover of Darkness**26 Jul 2021 12:31PM
5262374.Redemption - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal26 Jul 2021 6:49AM
5262265Quiver fatdaddy26 Jul 2021 1:27AM
5262234.Pushin To Hard - The Seeds Abby Normal25 Jul 2021 9:24PM
5262196Ought to be a Law fatdaddy25 Jul 2021 5:31PM
5262058.Night Moves - Bob Seger Abby Normal25 Jul 2021 9:46AM
5261968Re: Anderson, Jon Big Giant Head25 Jul 2021 4:20AM
5261877My Boomerang Won't Come Back fatdaddy25 Jul 2021 1:49AM
5261811Livin' Easy -- Joe Bonamassa Robyn Hode24 Jul 2021 6:27PM
5261721.Kingbee Shakedown - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal24 Jul 2021 1:52PM
5261702Joe Bonamassa Robyn Hode24 Jul 2021 12:19PM
5261697In Every Dream Home a Heartache fatdaddy24 Jul 2021 11:10AM
5261688.High Class Girl - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal24 Jul 2021 10:54AM
5261680Get Back My Tomorrow -- Joe Bonamasa Robyn Hode24 Jul 2021 10:31AM
5261677Family Affair fatdaddy24 Jul 2021 10:31AM
5261670.Evil - The Buddaheads Abby Normal24 Jul 2021 10:27AM
5261662Dust Bowl -- Joe Bonamassa Robyn Hode24 Jul 2021 9:31AM
5261517Cokane In My Brain fatdaddy24 Jul 2021 12:43AM
5261512.Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 11:24PM
5261509Anderson, Jon fatdaddy23 Jul 2021 10:57PM
5261495.ZZ Top - Master Of Sparks Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 9:02PM
5261480You're the One fatdaddy23 Jul 2021 8:23PM
5261476X - 21 Savage Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 8:08PM
5261469Wild About You Baby -- Joe Bonamassa Robyn Hode23 Jul 2021 7:56PM
5261466.Van Halen - Hot For Teacher Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 7:54PM
5261447Uncle Kracker Robyn Hode23 Jul 2021 6:52PM
5261439.The Weight - The Band Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 6:20PM
5261382Seven Bridges Road fatdaddy23 Jul 2021 2:33PM
5261376Roadhouse Blues -- Albert King Robyn Hode23 Jul 2021 2:15PM
5261375.Quarterflash Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 2:12PM
5261357Paraniod fatdaddy23 Jul 2021 12:53PM
5261352Opus De Soul -- Steve Cropper, Pop Staples, Albert King Robyn Hode23 Jul 2021 12:29PM
5261350No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator fatdaddy23 Jul 2021 12:22PM
5261309.Muddy Waters Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 9:58AM
5261303Last Good Time in Town -- Eagles Robyn Hode23 Jul 2021 9:34AM
5261299.KISS Abby Normal23 Jul 2021 9:30AM
5261110Jailhouse Rock -- Elvis Robyn Hode22 Jul 2021 9:12PM
5261101.Imagine - John Lennon Abby Normal22 Jul 2021 8:30PM
5261095Heaven Knows -- The Pretty Reckless Robyn Hode22 Jul 2021 8:10PM
5261089.Got To Get You into My Life - The Beatles Abby Normal22 Jul 2021 7:57PM
5261088Follow Your Heart -- Scorpions Robyn Hode22 Jul 2021 7:55PM
5261086.Eight Days A Week Abby Normal22 Jul 2021 7:45PM
5261081Duke of Prunes (The) fatdaddy22 Jul 2021 7:09PM
5261029.Concert for George Abby Normal22 Jul 2021 3:17PM
5261012Baby One More Time (Hit me) -by J2 **Lover of Darkness**22 Jul 2021 2:44PM
5260994Always Somewhere -- Scorpions Robyn Hode22 Jul 2021 1:32PM
5260962.ZZ Hill - Down Home Blues Abby Normal22 Jul 2021 11:33AM
5260961You Say When -- As December Falls Robyn Hode22 Jul 2021 11:31AM
5260960.Xanadu - Olivia Newton John Abby Normal22 Jul 2021 11:29AM
5260959Where's the Love -- Bowling for Soup, Hanson Robyn Hode22 Jul 2021 11:26AM
5260957.Velcro Fly - ZZ Top Abby Normal22 Jul 2021 11:25AM
5260921Undone -- Calling All Captains Robyn Hode22 Jul 2021 8:54AM
5260600Tattoo You fatdaddy22 Jul 2021 12:32AM
5260470.Sincerely - The Moonglows Abby Normal21 Jul 2021 3:48PM
5260462Radioactive-Imagine Dragons **Lover of Darkness**21 Jul 2021 3:15PM
5260460.Unchain My Heart - Ray Charles Abby Normal21 Jul 2021 3:12PM
5260446The Ghost of You -- My Chemical Romance Robyn Hode21 Jul 2021 2:39PM
5260425Sarah of Snow (The) fatdaddy21 Jul 2021 2:07PM
5260104.Rock Around The Clock Abby Normal20 Jul 2021 11:46AM
5260103Question-Moody Blues **Lover of Darkness**20 Jul 2021 11:39AM
5260067.Preston, Billy Abby Normal20 Jul 2021 6:09AM
5259981Ohmnidirectional Bhadra Big Giant Head19 Jul 2021 11:53PM
5259846.No Shoes - John Lee Hooker Abby Normal19 Jul 2021 11:26AM
5259694Melancholy Man-Moody Blues **Lover of Darkness**18 Jul 2021 10:46PM
5259692Lean on me-By j2 (epic pop) **Lover of Darkness**18 Jul 2021 10:44PM
5259691Killing me softly-Roberta Flack **Lover of Darkness**18 Jul 2021 10:42PM
5259674.Jealous Guy - John Lennon Abby Normal18 Jul 2021 8:32PM
5259633I Can't Quit You Baby -- Willie Dixon Robyn Hode18 Jul 2021 4:36PM
5259576.Hooked - Tinsley Ellis Abby Normal18 Jul 2021 11:08AM
5259553Give Me Back My Wig -- Hound Dog Taylor Robyn Hode18 Jul 2021 9:02AM
5259494Fanfare For The Common Man Big Giant Head18 Jul 2021 3:11AM
5259423Every Now And Then - The Buddaheads Abby Normal17 Jul 2021 8:49PM
5259417Double Trouble -- Otis Rush Robyn Hode17 Jul 2021 8:33PM
5259412.Cherry Red Wine - Luther Allison Abby Normal17 Jul 2021 7:35PM
5259410Bad News Coming -- Luther Allison Robyn Hode17 Jul 2021 7:19PM
5259385.Anytime At All - The Beatles Abby Normal17 Jul 2021 4:02PM
5259331Zucchero Robyn Hode17 Jul 2021 2:05PM
5259320.You Shook Me Abby Normal17 Jul 2021 12:57PM
5259280X -- Ed Sheeran Robyn Hode17 Jul 2021 9:04AM
5259082.When A Man Loves A Woman - P. Sledge Abby Normal16 Jul 2021 5:58PM
5259002Viva La Vida-Coldplay **Lover of Darkness**16 Jul 2021 2:26PM
5258470.U Can't Touch This Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 8:44PM
5258402Thank the Lord for the Night Time-Neil Diamond **Lover of Darkness**14 Jul 2021 4:57PM
5258369Say the Word -- Mr. Sipp Robyn Hode14 Jul 2021 2:59PM
5258365Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows (The) fatdaddy14 Jul 2021 2:56PM
5258337.Prinoner - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 2:22PM
5258335Re: Outside Of This Town - Christone “Kingfish” Ingram Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 2:22PM
5258329Outside Of This Town - Christone “Kingfish” Ingram Robyn Hode14 Jul 2021 2:07PM
5258328.Never Make Your Move To Soon - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 2:01PM
5258326My Best Day Big Giant Head14 Jul 2021 1:58PM
5258324Medicine Man -- Elles Bailey Robyn Hode14 Jul 2021 1:57PM
5258318Re: Kiss of Death -- Tinsley Ellis Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 1:45PM
5258317.Leadbelly Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 1:44PM
5258316Kiss of Death -- Tinsley Ellis Robyn Hode14 Jul 2021 1:40PM
5258315,.Joe Bonamassa - Reconsider Baby Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 1:35PM
5258311Is There Anybody There? -- Scorpions Robyn Hode14 Jul 2021 1:18PM
5258307.How Deep This River Runs - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 1:13PM
5258303Gator Country -- Molly Hatchet Robyn Hode14 Jul 2021 12:35PM
5258294Fade To Black-Metallica **Lover of Darkness**14 Jul 2021 11:47AM
5258289.Emergency - Larry Miller Abby Normal14 Jul 2021 11:37AM
5258242Don't Pass Me By -- The Georgia Satellites Robyn Hode14 Jul 2021 8:03AM
5258153Cat's in the Cradle-Harry Chapin **Lover of Darkness**14 Jul 2021 3:59AM
5258097Better The Devil You Know thebodywall14 Jul 2021 12:39AM
5258094All I Want Big Giant Head14 Jul 2021 12:23AM
5258041.Zack and Codeine Abby Normal13 Jul 2021 4:52PM
5257987You Ain't Worth the Fight -- Hannah Aldridge Robyn Hode13 Jul 2021 1:18PM
5257984.X-Caliber Abby Normal13 Jul 2021 1:12PM
5257957Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd Robyn Hode13 Jul 2021 11:26AM
5257950Vapor Trail- Rush **Lover of Darkness**13 Jul 2021 11:08AM
5257882.U Get Me High Abby Normal13 Jul 2021 7:02AM
5257763Time Has Come Today fatdaddy12 Jul 2021 11:52PM
5257721Still of the Night -- Halestorm Robyn Hode12 Jul 2021 6:58PM
5257714.Rory Gallagher Abby Normal12 Jul 2021 6:28PM
5257633Quicksand Jesus -- Skid Row Robyn Hode12 Jul 2021 2:04PM
5257617Paint It, Black....Hidden Citizens, or the Rolling Stones **Lover of Darkness**12 Jul 2021 12:23PM
5257583.Offspring - Come Out And Play Abby Normal12 Jul 2021 10:48AM
5257500Now That I'm Down -- Son Seals Robyn Hode12 Jul 2021 7:36AM
5257350Morning has Broken fatdaddy11 Jul 2021 7:59PM
5257349My Way, Soon -- Greta Van Fleet Robyn Hode11 Jul 2021 7:57PM
5257343.Los Lobos Abby Normal11 Jul 2021 7:37PM
5257338Kamikazi --Eminem Robyn Hode11 Jul 2021 7:27PM
5257327.JJ Cale - After Midnight Abby Normal11 Jul 2021 7:11PM
5257325I'm Going Home -- Ten Years After Robyn Hode11 Jul 2021 7:10PM
5257307.HELP! Abby Normal11 Jul 2021 6:12PM
5257210Guinnevere -- Crosby, Stills & Nash Robyn Hode11 Jul 2021 11:23AM
5257198"Fish" Cheer (The)/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag" fatdaddy11 Jul 2021 10:59AM
5257185Everything's Gonna Be Alright -- The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Robyn Hode11 Jul 2021 10:03AM
5257016.Danny Bryant - Prisoner of the Blues Abby Normal10 Jul 2021 11:35PM
5256984Creep-Radiohead **Lover of Darkness**10 Jul 2021 6:00PM
5256944Breathe--Faith Hill Robyn Hode10 Jul 2021 2:55PM
5256905American Pie fatdaddy10 Jul 2021 1:13PM
5256650.Zac Brown Band Abby Normal9 Jul 2021 1:19PM
5256643Your Power -- Billie Eilish Robyn Hode9 Jul 2021 12:56PM
5256391.XTC Abby Normal8 Jul 2021 5:31PM
5256286Without You-Harry Nilsson **Lover of Darkness**8 Jul 2021 1:16PM
5256284Vincent-Don McLean **Lover of Darkness**8 Jul 2021 1:13PM
5255788.Vai, Steve Abby Normal7 Jul 2021 8:04AM
5255659Ugly Kid Joe fatdaddy6 Jul 2021 10:49PM
5255485.T-Bone Walker Abby Normal6 Jul 2021 7:56AM
5255467Slang of Ages fatdaddy6 Jul 2021 6:12AM
5255225Ringo Starr Abby Normal5 Jul 2021 1:40PM
5255207Quaaludes Again fatdaddy5 Jul 2021 12:14PM
5254933.Paul Revere and the Raiders Abby Normal4 Jul 2021 2:45PM
5254893Ocean fatdaddy4 Jul 2021 12:23PM
5254888.Nazareth Abby Normal4 Jul 2021 12:20PM
5254846Moonlight on Vermont fatdaddy4 Jul 2021 11:04AM
5254828.Lou Reed Abby Normal4 Jul 2021 10:12AM
5254809Keep it Dark fatdaddy4 Jul 2021 9:39AM
5254805.Johnson, Robert Abby Normal4 Jul 2021 9:29AM
5254798Is There Anybody Out There fatdaddy4 Jul 2021 9:16AM
5254783.Heavy - Albert Castiglia Abby Normal4 Jul 2021 8:09AM
5254780Great Balls of Fire fatdaddy4 Jul 2021 7:57AM
5254739Re: Don't Cross the River Abby Normal4 Jul 2021 6:50AM
5254737.Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Abby Normal4 Jul 2021 6:49AM
5254678Endless Enigma Big Giant Head4 Jul 2021 2:36AM
5254670Re: Don't Cross the River fatdaddy4 Jul 2021 2:32AM
5254647Don't Cross the River fatdaddy4 Jul 2021 2:01AM
5254421.Can't You See Abby Normal3 Jul 2021 9:26AM
5254312Buffin fatdaddy3 Jul 2021 3:05AM
5254243.AC/DC Abby Normal2 Jul 2021 7:22PM
5254198Zal Cleminson fatdaddy2 Jul 2021 3:43PM
5253579.Yesterday Abby Normal1 Jul 2021 10:03AM
5253401X-Ray Spex fatdaddy1 Jul 2021 12:49AM
5253331.Woke Up This Morning - JJ Cal;e Abby Normal30 Jun 2021 7:36PM
5253300Veronica fatdaddy30 Jun 2021 6:06PM
5253262.U Get Me High - Tom Petty Abby Normal30 Jun 2021 3:36PM
5253244Timewind Big Giant Head30 Jun 2021 2:36PM
5253204.Something Abby Normal30 Jun 2021 11:10AM
5253203Royal Scam, The fatdaddy30 Jun 2021 11:08AM
5253193.Questions 67 and 68 Abby Normal30 Jun 2021 10:45AM
5253190Re: Peter and Gordon fatdaddy30 Jun 2021 10:35AM
5253189Peter and Gordon fatdaddy30 Jun 2021 10:34AM
5253187Picture Music Big Giant Head30 Jun 2021 10:30AM
5252858.Only You - The Platters Abby Normal29 Jun 2021 1:10PM
5252840Napoleon XIV fatdaddy29 Jun 2021 11:32AM
5252822.My Sharona Abby Normal29 Jun 2021 9:16AM
5252781Little Deuce Coupe fatdaddy29 Jun 2021 5:25AM
5252509.Karla Bonoff Abby Normal28 Jun 2021 8:33AM
5252338Joy to the World fatdaddy28 Jun 2021 1:13AM
5252317Incense & Peppermints jamchug27 Jun 2021 10:59PM
5252171.HELP! - The Beatles Abby Normal27 Jun 2021 1:16PM
5252122George Trakl Big Giant Head27 Jun 2021 8:44AM
5252078Fame fatdaddy27 Jun 2021 6:34AM
5251785En=Trance Big Giant Head26 Jun 2021 11:26AM
5251783.Drive My Car Abby Normal26 Jun 2021 10:46AM
5251772Come and Get It fatdaddy26 Jun 2021 10:25AM
5251770.Baby It's Cold Outside Abby Normal26 Jun 2021 10:16AM
5251760Another One Rides the Bus fatdaddy26 Jun 2021 10:00AM
5251759.Zero - The Smashing Pumpkins Abby Normal26 Jun 2021 9:57AM
5251751Year of the Cat (The) fatdaddy26 Jun 2021 9:45AM
5251749.X - System Of A Down Abby Normal26 Jun 2021 9:42AM
5251730Why Can't We Be Friends? fatdaddy26 Jun 2021 9:31AM
5251694.Vacation - The Go-Go's Abby Normal26 Jun 2021 7:11AM
5251435Used To Be In Evil Gazebo Big Giant Head25 Jun 2021 3:42PM
5251318.Trower, Robin Abby Normal25 Jun 2021 8:28AM
5251297See That My Bike's Kept Clean Big Giant Head25 Jun 2021 8:08AM
5251285.Robert Palmer Abby Normal25 Jun 2021 7:34AM
5251284Re: .Nantucket Sleighride - Mountain Abby Normal25 Jun 2021 7:33AM
5251065Re: .Nantucket Sleighride - Mountain Big Giant Head25 Jun 2021 4:41AM
5251064Quality Janitor Big Giant Head25 Jun 2021 4:41AM
5250921.Prisoner - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal24 Jun 2021 10:10PM
5250910Over My Head fatdaddy24 Jun 2021 9:30PM
5250744.Nantucket Sleighride - Mountain Abby Normal24 Jun 2021 11:09AM
5250737Mathematically Safe Big Giant Head24 Jun 2021 10:44AM
5250591.Little Feat Abby Normal23 Jun 2021 10:21PM
5250513Keeping Two Chevrons Apart Big Giant Head23 Jun 2021 4:52PM
5250458Jack and Jill fatdaddy23 Jun 2021 3:33PM
5250329.I Can't Stop Lovin' You Abby Normal23 Jun 2021 8:39AM
5250321Helpless fatdaddy23 Jun 2021 7:52AM
5250293.Goin' Home - Alvin Lee Abby Normal23 Jun 2021 6:46AM
5250162Four Skinny Indie Kids Big Giant Head23 Jun 2021 12:17AM
5250135.Everybody's Talkin' At Me Abby Normal22 Jun 2021 9:40PM
5250108Don't Bogart that Joint fatdaddy22 Jun 2021 6:37PM
5249966.Can't You Hear Me Knockin'? Abby Normal22 Jun 2021 9:19AM
5249824Busy Little Market Town Big Giant Head22 Jun 2021 3:18AM
5249771Allman Brothers Band, The fatdaddy21 Jun 2021 10:04PM
5249770.Ziggy Stardust Abby Normal21 Jun 2021 9:52PM
5249753Yes We Have No Mañanas (So Get Your Mañanas Today) fatdaddy21 Jun 2021 8:17PM
5249701.XTC Abby Normal21 Jun 2021 4:04PM
5249592Wolfman Jack fatdaddy21 Jun 2021 6:41AM
5249417.Velcro Fly - ZZ Top Abby Normal20 Jun 2021 5:18PM
5249377Up the Ladder to the Roof fatdaddy20 Jun 2021 3:45PM
5249297.Turn, Turn, Turn Abby Normal20 Jun 2021 8:24AM
5248799Siberian Khatru fatdaddy18 Jun 2021 5:21PM
5248733.Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin Abby Normal18 Jun 2021 2:41PM
5248661Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) fatdaddy18 Jun 2021 10:35AM
5248621.Prisoner - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal18 Jun 2021 7:49AM
5248350One Trick Pony fatdaddy17 Jun 2021 3:25PM
5248330.Nobody Loves Me But My Mother Abby Normal17 Jun 2021 2:03PM
5248027Manfred Mann fatdaddy16 Jun 2021 7:24PM
5247911.Love Shack Abby Normal16 Jun 2021 2:25PM
5247561Kimono My House fatdaddy15 Jun 2021 7:18PM
5247446.Joe Bonamassa (I got 2nd row seats in Dec.!!!) Abby Normal15 Jun 2021 11:45AM
5247435It Ain't Easy fatdaddy15 Jun 2021 11:03AM
5247227Human League Big Giant Head15 Jun 2021 12:22AM
5247143Good Golly, Miss Molly fatdaddy14 Jun 2021 5:03PM
5247004.For What It's Worth Abby Normal14 Jun 2021 6:23AM
5246826Entangled fatdaddy13 Jun 2021 9:07PM
5246733.Dancing In The Dark Abby Normal13 Jun 2021 3:59PM
5246625Close to the Egde fatdaddy13 Jun 2021 2:39PM
5246591.Billy Gibbons Abby Normal13 Jun 2021 12:05PM
5246543singers blujckfan13 Jun 2021 5:51AM
5246536Amyl and The Nitrates Big Giant Head13 Jun 2021 5:37AM
5246268.ZZ Top - Just Got Paid Abby Normal12 Jun 2021 9:07AM
5246266Yes Big Giant Head12 Jun 2021 8:45AM
5246259.X - System Of A Down Abby Normal12 Jun 2021 8:08AM
5245756West Eats Meat fatdaddy10 Jun 2021 10:30PM
5245726.Velcro Fly - ZZ Top Abby Normal10 Jun 2021 8:17PM
5245651Urge Overkill fatdaddy10 Jun 2021 3:02PM
5245581.Tom Walsh (Supertramp) Abby Normal10 Jun 2021 11:19AM
5245526Supertramp Big Giant Head10 Jun 2021 9:25AM
5245511Roxy Music fatdaddy10 Jun 2021 8:25AM
5245472.Quarterflash Abby Normal10 Jun 2021 6:32AM
5245372Polsfuss, Lester William fatdaddy9 Jun 2021 9:00PM
5245254.Orbison, Roy Abby Normal9 Jun 2021 12:56PM

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