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Time To Vote for Your Favorite Shareable Snack
Crispy Popcorn Chicken 29%
Monkey Bread 25%
No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars 21%
Caramel Corn 13%
Easy Peasy Cheesy Pinwheels 8%
Chocolate Caramel Pretzels 4%
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This month's recipe contest is: Sharable Snacks

  • You are welcome to share other recipes on this board, but please note in your post if it is NOT for the contest! Cooking

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  • Entries must be posted by the recipe guardian/creator.
  • Recipe must be original and have never been posted before.
    • Note -Recipes you have altered to suit and have used are ok.
  • Recipe must be posted on the Cutting Board no later than:
  • 11:59 pm, Pacific Time, Wednesday, February 1, 2023.
  • No soliciting for votes, please! Offering flower

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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5463728Time to Vote for January's Cutting Board Entries! oldog1 Feb 2023 10:07PM
5460094Moderated     TimeBomb21 Jan 2023 5:49PM
5460086Moderated     YB_Official21 Jan 2023 5:17PM
5459055Monkey Bread JanuarySnowAngel18 Jan 2023 2:28PM
5457670Easy~Peasy~Cheesy~Pinwheels Callie14 Jan 2023 7:29PM
5457652Shareable chocolate pretzel caramels hoof hearted14 Jan 2023 6:51PM
5457631Shareable Snacks Silkwood14 Jan 2023 5:12PM
5457221Shareable Snacks Gilbertei13 Jan 2023 3:45PM
5457114Shareable Snacks - Crispy Popcorn Chicken quietman13 Jan 2023 10:08AM
5453035Re: We're running out of time to vote! **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB1 Jan 2023 8:34PM
5453002We're running out of time to vote! oldog1 Jan 2023 6:00PM
5452479Re: All four recipes hoof hearted31 Dec 2022 8:15AM
5452476All four recipes Charini31 Dec 2022 8:10AM
5452336Re: French Onion Soup Jools30 Dec 2022 10:31PM
5452325Re: French Onion Soup quietman30 Dec 2022 8:06PM
5452306Time To Vote for Your Favorite Cooking Light Recipe! oldog30 Dec 2022 6:55PM
5452289Re: (no subject) oldog30 Dec 2022 6:14PM
5451857(no subject) hoof hearted29 Dec 2022 4:54PM
5448411Re: Cucumber Cups With Creamy Salmon Whip HeartOnFire19 Dec 2022 9:56PM
5448047Re: Cucumber Cups With Creamy Salmon Whip hoof hearted18 Dec 2022 5:32PM
5448025Cucumber Cups With Creamy Salmon Whip HeartOnFire18 Dec 2022 4:00PM
5447293French Onion Soup Jools16 Dec 2022 9:59AM
5446839Cooking light recipe Jewels2114 Dec 2022 8:41PM
5444276(no subject) oldog6 Dec 2022 11:16PM
5444126Re: Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce jroyster6 Dec 2022 3:55PM
5444125Re: Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce Lady Butterfly6 Dec 2022 3:52PM
5444042Re: Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce Jools6 Dec 2022 10:17AM
5443994Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce Silkwood6 Dec 2022 6:46AM
5443993cooking Light Silkwood6 Dec 2022 6:45AM
5442205Time to Vote for Your Favorite Holiday Recipe quietman1 Dec 2022 5:05PM
5442204Re: ROASTED KIELBASA with APPLES, ONIONS, AND POTATOES quietman1 Dec 2022 4:55PM
5442199Re: ROASTED KIELBASA with APPLES, ONIONS, AND POTATOES Lady Butterfly1 Dec 2022 4:25PM
5442164Cranberry Christmas Cake Watson1 Dec 2022 2:28PM

November's Cutting Board Entries - Please Vote!

oldog1 Dec 2022 7:26AM
5438600Re: October's Cutting Board Winner oldog21 Nov 2022 9:02PM
5438315No-Bake Eggnog Cream Pie Silkwood21 Nov 2022 6:12AM
5438299Praline Banana Nut Bread **Lover of Darkness**21 Nov 2022 5:15AM
5438131Re: October's Cutting Board Winner PRIMETIME20 Nov 2022 3:40PM
5437833Re: October's Cutting Board Winner **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB19 Nov 2022 8:50PM
5437832Re: October's Cutting Board Winner quietman19 Nov 2022 8:33PM
5437782Re: October's Cutting Board Winner JanuarySnowAngel19 Nov 2022 5:59PM
5437451October's Cutting Board Winner oldog18 Nov 2022 11:19PM
5433291Re: Apple au naturale pegaleeta5 Nov 2022 3:33PM
5432443OCTOBER RECIPES.....TIME TO VOTE for your favorite! oldog2 Nov 2022 11:51PM
5426602Re: ROASTED KIELBASA with APPLES, ONIONS, AND POTATOES Silkwood16 Oct 2022 12:02PM
5426443RED HOT CANDY APPLES GinnyB16 Oct 2022 1:19AM
5426044Re: ROASTED KIELBASA with APPLES, ONIONS, AND POTATOES hoof hearted14 Oct 2022 6:03PM
5424400ROASTED KIELBASA with APPLES, ONIONS, AND POTATOES karynsong9 Oct 2022 3:35PM
5424245Fresh Apple Cake Watson9 Oct 2022 6:00AM
5424204Vegan Apple Cake Candy Cane Kaz9 Oct 2022 3:24AM
5423429apple pie bread * Sassy_Angel *7 Oct 2022 1:14AM
5423233Caramel Apple Pizza JanuarySnowAngel6 Oct 2022 2:07PM
5423191Favorite Apple Recipes - Apple Crisp quietman6 Oct 2022 10:01AM
5423179Apple Dumplings **Lover of Darkness**6 Oct 2022 9:14AM
5423170Apple au naturale Jools6 Oct 2022 7:29AM
5423146Re: September Results Silkwood6 Oct 2022 6:20AM
5423053September Results oldog5 Oct 2022 10:59PM
5420540Re: left out recipes * Sassy_Angel *30 Sep 2022 11:49AM
5420531Re: left out recipes jroyster30 Sep 2022 11:01AM
5420266Please Vote Again Games Administrator29 Sep 2022 6:15PM
5420263left out recipes Silkwood29 Sep 2022 5:41PM
5420255Recipes for voting Games Administrator29 Sep 2022 5:03PM
5415750Copycat Orange Julius **Lover of Darkness**15 Sep 2022 10:15PM
5415361Copy Cat - Venus de Milo Minestrone Soup quietman14 Sep 2022 8:07PM
5415318Wolfgang Puck's Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf jroyster14 Sep 2022 5:05PM
5414908Re: =August Results **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB13 Sep 2022 2:40PM
5414023Re: =August Results hoof hearted10 Sep 2022 8:38PM

August Results

oldog9 Sep 2022 8:21PM
5413301Red robin cheesy biscuits hoof hearted8 Sep 2022 9:12AM
5412790Cracker Barrel Country Fried Steak Silkwood6 Sep 2022 6:26PM
5412783(no subject) Silkwood6 Sep 2022 5:59PM

Time To Vote For Your Favorite Chicken Recipe!

oldog1 Sep 2022 6:07AM
5409601Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken jroyster27 Aug 2022 7:23AM
5409311Crockpot BBQ Chicken Cornbread ladyvic26 Aug 2022 6:18AM

We Need Your Chicken Recipes!!

oldog25 Aug 2022 8:17PM
5407141Re: Parmesan Crusted Ranch Chicken JanuarySnowAngel18 Aug 2022 12:59PM
5407091Re: Parmesan Crusted Ranch Chicken hoof hearted18 Aug 2022 7:59AM
5405269Parmesan Crusted Ranch Chicken **Lover of Darkness**12 Aug 2022 5:18AM
5404877Cooking with Chicken GinnyB10 Aug 2022 11:15PM

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