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This month's recipe contest is: Favorite Salad

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  • Entries must be posted by the recipe guardian/creator.
  • Recipe must be original and have never been posted before.
    • Note -Recipes you have altered to suit and have used are ok.
  • Recipe must be posted on the Cutting Board no later than:
  • 11:59 pm, Pacific Time, Wednesday, June 29, 2022.
  • No soliciting for votes, please! Offering flower
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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5388644Re: Tuna pasta salad JGY21 Jun 2022 10:09AM
5388643Tuna sandwich//salad laura lee21 Jun 2022 10:07AM
5388636Re: Tuna pasta salad Jools21 Jun 2022 9:46AM
5388632Re: Tuna pasta salad JGY21 Jun 2022 9:35AM
5387086Tuna pasta salad Jools17 Jun 2022 12:11PM
5387048Tomato-Melon Chicken Salad **Lover of Darkness**17 Jun 2022 9:18AM
5384345Favorite Salad karynsong8 Jun 2022 8:39PM
5383615Re: =May's Cutting Board Entries.....Please vote! Silkwood6 Jun 2022 5:50PM

May's Cutting Board Entries.....Please vote!

oldog3 Jun 2022 1:34AM
5379768Corn salad Yenta27 May 2022 10:14AM
5373769Easy Mixed Berry Pie Silkwood9 May 2022 8:49PM
5373733Berries **Lover of Darkness**9 May 2022 4:42PM
5372814Re: April's Cutting Board Winner Is..... Watson7 May 2022 1:15AM
5372797April's Cutting Board Winner Is..... oldog6 May 2022 9:10PM
5370544Re: Universal dump cake Games Administrator30 Apr 2022 5:10PM
5370525Re: Universal dump cake hoof hearted30 Apr 2022 3:54PM
5370271Re: Universal dump cake Jools30 Apr 2022 3:24AM
5370174Re: Universal dump cake oldog29 Apr 2022 5:39PM
5369649Re: Universal dump cake Jools28 Apr 2022 8:04AM
5369631Re: Universal dump cake ladyvic28 Apr 2022 7:08AM
5369604Re: Universal dump cake Jools28 Apr 2022 5:00AM

April Cutting Board Entries - Time to Vote!

oldog27 Apr 2022 10:32PM
5366466Cherry Dump Cake junelee20 Apr 2022 9:08AM
5366173Peanut Butter Cookie Chocolate Dump Cake HeartOnFire19 Apr 2022 7:56AM
5361762Snickers Dump Cake Lil Red6 Apr 2022 3:30PM
5361714Pineapple Upside Down Dump Cake Watson6 Apr 2022 1:06PM
5361581Re: =March Cutting Board Winner! ladyvic6 Apr 2022 6:16AM
5361482Christmas Dump Cake, or anytimeSmiling **Lover of Darkness**5 Apr 2022 11:20PM
5361442Apple Dump Cake Silkwood5 Apr 2022 6:27PM
5361354Easy Blueberry Cheesecake Dump Cake quietman5 Apr 2022 1:31PM
5361353Universal dump cake Jools5 Apr 2022 1:25PM
5361335German Chocolate Dump Cake Watson5 Apr 2022 12:41PM
5361333Cherry-Pineapple Dump Cake Watson5 Apr 2022 12:29PM

March Cutting Board Winner!

oldog5 Apr 2022 11:55AM

March Cutting Board Entries - Please Vote!!

oldog31 Mar 2022 6:26AM
5356919Brunch-Coffee Cake **Lover of Darkness**24 Mar 2022 10:45PM
5355009Re: Brunch - Spinach and Potato Frittata Silkwood19 Mar 2022 6:37AM
5354831Brunch - Spinach and Potato Frittata quietman18 Mar 2022 3:17PM
5354722Re: brunch Silkwood18 Mar 2022 6:21AM
5351957brunch Silkwood9 Mar 2022 9:14PM
5351735Re: =February's Cutting Board Winner Is..... quietman9 Mar 2022 11:59AM
5351700Sausage & Bacon Quiche ladyvic9 Mar 2022 9:32AM

February's Cutting Board Winner Is.....

oldog9 Mar 2022 9:12AM

February Cutting Board Entries. Time To Vote!

oldog2 Mar 2022 8:45PM
5346561Re: corn dog=chili cheese quietman22 Feb 2022 7:04PM
5346548Re: corn dog=chili cheese laura lee22 Feb 2022 6:16PM
5346517Re: corn dog=chili cheese quietman22 Feb 2022 4:01PM
5346512Global Favorites - Swedish Meatballs quietman22 Feb 2022 3:55PM
5346200Beef with Ginger and Oyster Sauce Jools22 Feb 2022 12:50AM
5346130Haluski JanuarySnowAngel21 Feb 2022 5:49PM
5345458Zoldsegleves - Hungerian vegetable soup contest entry. MM David littlefair XI20 Feb 2022 5:43AM
5345315Re: Quick and Easy Crab Pasta Lou Siffer19 Feb 2022 5:46PM
5345161Quick and Easy Crab Pasta HeartOnFire19 Feb 2022 11:54AM
5344887Scandinavian Pecan Cookies **Lover of Darkness**18 Feb 2022 11:06PM
5343821corn dog=chili cheese laura lee16 Feb 2022 3:50AM
5343728Re: Pre salting your steak hoof hearted15 Feb 2022 8:47PM
5342268Re: Pre salting your steak Lou Siffer12 Feb 2022 5:40AM
5342001Re: January Cutting Board Results Silkwood11 Feb 2022 10:30AM
5341972Re: Pre salting your steak oldog11 Feb 2022 8:17AM
5341971Re: January Cutting Board Results oldog11 Feb 2022 8:16AM
5341185Re: January Cutting Board Results Silkwood9 Feb 2022 5:46AM
5341088Re: Pre salting your steak Lou Siffer9 Feb 2022 12:23AM
5341086Re: Pre salting your steak Lou Siffer9 Feb 2022 12:20AM
5341085January Cutting Board Results oldog8 Feb 2022 11:53PM
5341073Re: Pre salting your steak oldog8 Feb 2022 11:21PM
5341064Re: Pre salting your steak fatdaddy8 Feb 2022 10:15PM
5340859Re: Pre salting your steak hoof hearted8 Feb 2022 8:03AM
5340715Re: Pre salting your steak Lou Siffer7 Feb 2022 11:35PM
5340503Re: Pre salting your steak oldog7 Feb 2022 9:37AM
5340461Re: Pre salting your steak Lou Siffer7 Feb 2022 6:09AM
5340343Re: Pre salting your steak oldog6 Feb 2022 8:11PM
5340071Pre salting your steak Lou Siffer6 Feb 2022 6:48AM

January Cutting Board Entries - Please Vote!

oldog2 Feb 2022 11:04PM
5338013Crockpot Tuscan Chicken HeartOnFire1 Feb 2022 2:46AM
5337755Slow Cooker Caramel Pecan Pumpkin Cake quietman31 Jan 2022 8:36AM
5337724OOOPS! oldog31 Jan 2022 6:42AM

January Cutting Board Entries - Don't Forget to Vote!

oldog31 Jan 2022 6:24AM
5336141Crockpot chilli crow5727 Jan 2022 9:57AM
5334327Crockpot Cooking Gilbertei23 Jan 2022 4:31AM
5334046Crockpot Cooking squirly13822 Jan 2022 12:05PM
5334041Chicken Supreme RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack22 Jan 2022 11:54AM
5331681Re: Buffalo Chicken Dip TimeBomb15 Jan 2022 10:52PM
5330786Buffalo Chicken Dip **Lover of Darkness**13 Jan 2022 11:51PM
5328938Slow Cooker BBQ ladyvic9 Jan 2022 9:05AM
5328934Easy Slow-Cooked Pork Tenderloin Watson9 Jan 2022 8:52AM
5328595Broccoli Cheese Dip JGY8 Jan 2022 10:45AM
5328528Crock Pot Beef Stew Silkwood8 Jan 2022 6:35AM
5327532Re: December Cutting Board Results oldog5 Jan 2022 6:22PM
5327211crockpot taco soup mystori5 Jan 2022 4:30AM
5327206Re: December Cutting Board Results MM David littlefair XI5 Jan 2022 4:08AM
5327083December Cutting Board Results oldog4 Jan 2022 11:30PM

December Cutting Board Entries - Please Vote!!

oldog29 Dec 2021 9:10PM
5323573Get Your Cutting Board Entries In! oldog27 Dec 2021 7:20PM

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