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Four in a row most wins, ... (for wins only.theres a best player list for whos the best this is just for who has the most games won )(please keep in order}

  • also on all the "wins" list please do not erase anyone if ya need help ask someone...
eddie spaghetti made these list i wanted to see how my wins compare to others...i dont care about the loses etc if ya wanna see someones losses click their name..i hope everyone enjoys these lists for there favorite games.. updatedtotal games played
1Kreator4397Jul 03 074867
3SWAMP FOX28112-02-06304
4eddie spaghetti274Oct 26,2002398
5* Sassy_Angel *218Feb.2nd 2003420
8hANDYman the Rebel116Feb 02,2003187
10violet unicorns108Oct.06,2007282
12Judy3Oct. 26, 200210
13{ Player }

quicksand wins ] [ Reversi wins ] [ Salvo wins ] [ Dice Pipe Wins ]
double trouble wins ] [ small reversi wins ] [ Decoy salvo wins ][ Dice Dot Wins ]
hotspot four in a row wins ] [ Blackhole reversi wins ] [ Devious salvo wins ]
blackhole four in a row wins ][ Large reversi wins ] [ Stealth salvo wins ]
giveaway four in a row wins ] [ Giveaway reversi wins ] [ chess wins ]
Zero-g four in a row wins ] [ giveaway backgammon wins ][ chessgi wins ]
Checker wins ] [ Backgammon wins ]
giveaway checkers wins ] [ Nackgammon wins ]
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