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Sorry, don't quite understand the question....Use the Club News on right hand side..

LyndiLoo would like to know how to make a link that will work from the game sheet when club news is sent to all members... any takers?

{ Club: ClubX }
{ Board: #XXX }
Wiki Title ]

See above

[ test create ( weird wiki name ) ]
[ test create / weird wiki name / ]
test create weird wiki name ]
first players ]

test ]
My club game links just do not work

[ Friendship:;club:1943 ]
try this
Friendship: Chilling Chinese Checkers ]


a *b* c *d* e *f* g *h* i *j* k *l* m *n*
o *p* q *r* s *t* u
v *w* x *y* z

hello everybody!

I *can* do *Words*

If anyone would like to practice new found skills in WIKI work, consider my club { Club }

Just ask Pappa for an invite


My ClubvsSomeone ElseGame#Result
{ Player: 1: }vs{ Player: 2: }{Game# }.
{ }{ }{ }{ }**

Unique's teamvsThemGame#The Result
{Player1: }vs{ Player: 2: }{Game# }.

sam1 of the wolf pack[game12345 ]

X *O*
I am so lost, got no idea how to navigate any of this lol, prolly to old anywho.
oh im blessed child or bcog fer short, full screen name is blessed child of god, im not pushy, ill not preach to any one, if you ask me about God ill tell ya, if you dont want to know, dont ask. I like to play gammon and I think im a fun guy, ive a sense of humor some where, I may have left it in my other pair of pants, ill check. come play gammon with me. thanks all.
gary aka(bcog)
Club Chat ]


I feel like such a knob, I just can't get this.

{ for providing this sand_box I would have been in a fix without it }
thank you

Re: posting a picture
Posted by wildgeese on 13 Mar 2010 at 2:21AM
Firstly you need the picture to be out there on the web, so you need something like or

Once your picture is saved there, select the medium size version of it - you want the http link
(here's one for example)

now you bring that over to GT by copying and pasting
the last step is to delete the


part. Then type before the "farm" bit

{ Image:

Leave a space after the colon. At the end of the link put a space and a


Hit preview and it should load...i hope that makes sence....

test 1test2

Multi-Hit Salvo ]
Mahjong ]

Just a test ]

hello ] test

** mooyup
test ok


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