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Phil The Hat The following code causes incorrect HTML code to be generated, resulting in a corrupted wiki:

So don't do that! <grin> --Chad
Phil The Hat This appears to be fixed now.

Phil The Hat If you click on a link in a club news item, the link behaves differently depending on whether you are a member of the club or not. I would expect a non-member to see a message saying that the club wiki is unavailable, but instead it tries to create a main wiki page with the same name.

If you use the Main: prefix in a link in a club wiki, the link always shows up in the colour representing a wiki that has been updated since you last visited, even if that wiki has not been updated.

You can only make whole words bold, not parts of words. Also it is not possible to make certain characters bold e.g. *&*

*If I have two lines that start with a > for indentation, it just puts the second line up with the first one.
What I really want is a bulleted list without the bullets, but it makes it the same paragraph. Observe:*

This is the first line.
This is the second line.

Phil The Hat This appears to have been fixed. Although, it now leaves a blank line between Sad

I tried a few times to make a new wiki what am I doing wrong?

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Phil The Hat You can't use certain special characters like & in a wiki name.

I think that I have had problems using the me feature in stays as me, or maybe it does that because it's me editing the wiki Missing 10300

If you type me instead of Me it won't work. superkaempe the gentle giant

Phil The Hat I've never seen this, but someone else did complain that when I used Me it stayed as Me when he edited it, and then changed to his name.
This was also in a club wiki. It certainly doesn't happen all the time, must be an intermittent problem.
superkaempe the gentle giant I remember that very well, I reported it to Chad a long time ago, and I think he has been dealing with it.
Phil The Hat This has now been fixed. The problem was if you added two spaces between Me and the }. There was also a similar (even more subtle) problem when using the normal Player: syntax, again if you have extra spaces before the }. I believe this is fixed now too, but could still potentially cause strange behaviour on some existing wikis where this was done.

If you omit the : after the word Player when making a link to a player, the link works, but it is not encoded into the player number in the wiki, so if the player subsequently changes their name, the link will stop working.

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