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PlayerName of BandInstrumentType of MusicLink or comments
The MachmanThe Bang On The Wall BandMelodeonCeilidh/Barn Dancehttp://www.bangonthewall.com/
Phil The HatThe Bang On The Wall BandPercussion & Tin Whistle
Triple DRumorsTrumpetPop/RockBand has since broken up.
RUSHmanDaveNothing SacredGuitarClassic rock of the 70's to current hits.http://users.rcn.com/nothingsacred/NothingSacred/nswebpage01
fatdaddynot in a band now but I play at church5string Bass GuitarLiturgical
faith64Pollock Family Gospel SingersKeyboard singerCountry Gospelhttp://community-2.webtv.net/lepollock/OneForAllMinistries/
dollyCheshire Constabulary Brass BandBBb Bass/TubaAll Sorts
MizEIndustrail Espionageguitarpop/rock
Quik Expense NHRAFallen Angel]Bass GuitarMetal/Hard Rock
Winter GalChurch BandFluteHymnalStarted with one flute Smiling now theres 10 instruments
{ Player: : Jay Engle }played in manyi play country and gospeli play piano,/ organ/keyboards/ electric base / mouth harps/ and a vocalist
Baby Cakesnot in one now, was in The Bluegrass Messengers Band with my Dadseveral different InstrumentsMostly countryI can play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Banjo, you name it I can play it.
ladyvicChurch BandGuitar & singContemperary and Gospel
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