What is a Wiki

This description isn't very good right now, so you may want to check out the original Wiki at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki. And feel free to edit this page to help others learn what you wish I had told you the first time.

The term Wiki comes from the Hawaiian phrase "wiki wiki," which means quick. A Wiki Wiki Web (or Wiki Web for short) is a website that can be quickly and easily edited by many people.

Basically, a Wiki provides the tools for a collaborative web publishing environment. This means that a Wiki lets you build a web of documents that everyone can contribute toward, refine, and expand, and screw up if they are in a bad mood.

Wahoo, you are probably thinking. Big deal. And you're probably right. But I have a hunch that this could be a pretty cool thing. And since I'm in charge here, I get to decide what we try out. <grin>

So, what is it good for?
I'm glad you asked. How about:sdfad

How does it work?
The magic is that anybody can change anything on a Wiki. Don't believe me? Go to the [ Wiki Sandbox ] and then click on the "Edit this page" link in the blue box on this page, and see for yourself. Go ahead. Erase the entire page. Experiment.... The Wiki is basically a huge chalkboard on which anyone can write and anyone can erase.

Try it out for yourself. The [ Wiki Sandbox ] is specifically designed for your tampering pleasure.
I am scared of sandboxes no telling what kinds of little kritters are buried under there!lol
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