Video Tutorials-How to Play in Wiki Tournaments

Video Tutorials-How to Play in Wiki Tournaments ]

marcmandy has created a set of video tutorials aimed at people who are both curious about and afraid to get involved in playing Wiki Tournaments. They are designed to take the fear and mystery out of the tournaments. The first one is the longest and explains what a Wiki Tournament is. The remaining 4 are relatively short and were created with simple to understand, step-by-step directions on how players can enter their names during sign-up, send invitations for the tourneys, entering the game numbers and entering the winner of the game.

1- What is a Wiki Tournament?

2- So you want to join a Wiki Tournament: Signing up

3- How to send an invitation to play a game

4- How to Edit a Wiki Page: Number entry

5- How to Edit a Wiki Page: Entering the winner
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