Tournament FAQ

What happens if I tie for the most points with one or more players in a round robin tournament section?

All players with the same high score advance to the next round. This is true even when only one section remains: The tournament is extended, and all players with the same high score advance.

How is a round robin tournament seeded?

Sections are filled randomly.

What types of tournaments are available?

To date, the round robin tournament is the only type of tournament that has been played.

What does Round Robin mean? Are there going to be other types of tournaments?

[ Types of Tournament ]

What type of membership is required to play in an official tournament?

Most tournaments require a minimum of a Wood Level Membership. Some promotional tournaments may be open to all players!

Can I join a tournament if I have already reached my limit for the number of concurrent games?

I think that, It will go above your limit and let you play, but you won't be able to start new games untill it goes below the limit...

Can I join a tournament if doing so will put me over my limit for the number of concurrent games? Will I be prevented from starting new games while I'm over my limit?

When a new round in a tournament starts, the tournament games are started regardless of the number of games you are currently playing, even if starting those games puts you over your limit. However, tournament games do count in your total games, so while you are over the limit you cannot start any new non-tournament games.

If my membership runs out during a tournament, will I be allowed to continue?

Yes. Your membership status is examined only at the start of the tournament.

Will we ever get in club tournaments?
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