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I know what wood tokens are for, and gold tokens. I'm not clear on Silver or Onyx. Would it be possible for someone to post that information at the top of the respective token lists? Thanks!

As a point of discussion on the gold tokens - who is BUZ at the top - his profile quotes he has played on just more than 1000 games!!!

Profiles do not include unrated games in their totals, but Gamesheets do include unrated games; so, I have two different totals for Silver tokens--54 on the Profile but 58 on the Gamesheet. Which should I use here? TIA ! M3
It is the number of tokens you have that is counted, so it should in my opinion be what you have on your game sheet. That is at least how it was started some years ago.

Hi, this is johnbaker417. In the last month or so, I've been cleaning up the token wiki pages and removing entries more than a year old. This has produced much positive reaction from fellow participants, but there is definately room for improvement.
This page is for participants of the token wikis to leave their opinions on the matter.
Type them below and sign with your name. Thanks!

I think John did a great job ... the token wikis look WONDERFUL!!!
Thanks! hbdreamer02 Smiling

johnbaker417, I don't care what you do with other people's nic's but please leave my nic alone without asking me for permission to do anything with it. Yes the token boards do look better but DON'T assume that there are players that are inactive just because they don't update the entry date.

I am sorry to say that I don't like the changes, and I strongly oppose any entries being removed from the wikis just because they appear to be old. In my opinion nobody has the right to remove any entries without permission from the player whose entry it is with an exception from MIA and similar nics. Entries with my nic are not to be edited in any way without my permission.
superkaempe the gentle giant

I have to agree with superkaempe the gentle giant. Please do not touch my entry in any way shape form or fashion from now on. I am do not care about any prior talks we have had just do not touch my nic. I have paid good money to play here without someone coming in and playing around with any of the boards. I can understand moving up someone on the board if they need to be moved up but to delete their nic from the boards are uncalled for.

Hi - Being new to this site, I am evidently doing something in error. I cannot get my date of entry to 'take'. I have tried 3 times. Please help!! Date of entry should be March 4, 2006

Hi - Why not appoint someone who would do the job. That way the players would know that their entry will be "Cleaned Up" if not updated. I feel all our wikis could use a little order.
Thanks Tony Rome

Order is okay, but one man's order is another man's annoyance. It has never been mentioned as an issue until recently that entry dates should be updated, in fact from the beginning there was no entry date at all, it has been added later, and in my opinion it is the individual players choice if he or she wants to stick with the date first entered, change the entry date when updating or having no entry date at all. The only order issue there has been right from the beginning is the 'most on top' order.
superkaempe the gentle giant

From now on, I won't be removing entries without the express permission of the respective players. Thanks all for your input.

In our profiles the number of tokens we have is easy to see.
The whole list could be updated regularly which would give an accurate picture based on those players who have put their names on the list.
hANDYman the Rebel

Where is that in our profiles?

Look at the number of wins and losses and that will tell you the amount of gold or wood tokens. (If I am reading and understanding the profiles correctly on the game counts! IF I am wrong then please correct me!)


Yes, hANDYman the Rebel explained it to me. Those totals indicate how many tokens the player has. Using that information, do you think it would be safe to declare an entry outdated and deletable? Maybe we should make an attempt to contact the players first? What if they no longer play here?

I had been putting my gold token total on gold token 3 - but see my name is no longer there - if u dont want those of us who are not big winners and heavy players, maybe u should have a gold token 4 for those of us who have less than 300 - i dont recall right off hand what the beginning status for gold token 3 is - but i dont appreciate my totals being taken off without my being notified - or maybe even transferred to another wiki

Check the revision record to see who removed your name from the board. Once you figure that out, ask them why they removed your name. Gold Tokens 3 is the correct board for your number of gold tokens.

I cannot understand why the player chosen to mess with the WIKI before all players get warned of impending tampering is a person that has to ask "Where is this information in the profile" Duh I do not mean to come off arrogant because GT is my home when I sit at my PC but even though the site has an owner & helpers, it seems like everyone that pays the $$$ to play here is an owner just like a credit union. Nel Pappa

I can understand why some people might get upset at havnig their entries removed, but if they can't be bothered to keep their entry up-to-date (both the number and the date), I'd say it would be perfectly acceptable to remove it. It is a shame that you have decided not to remove any further entries without express permission. This negates the whole point of the clean-up process. Obviously players who are no longer around are not going to give consent, so they'll never get removed. A better approach I would say would be to send a message to a player letting them know that their entry on the wiki appears to be more than a year old, and suggest that they update it. If you get no response within a week or so, you could remove the entries then. Phil The Hat

I understand what you're saying and it makes perfect sense to me. However, there were a few people who were really upset that I would dare to touch someone else's entry. There was even one who freaked out at the "cleaning up" process, even if entries weren't removed. Something about extra spaces and having everything line up was annoying. Well, a couple people complained to management about it and I was asked to stop. As far as I can tell, there is nobody in charge of keeping the token wikis organized. The person who created them in the first place is no longer around and thus the wikis are ownerless. It was my intent to step in and help out with maintaining them, but you can see how that went over. Maybe if it was done "just right," someone else could adopt the job.

superkempe, I think what you're doing looks SO much better than before. Thank you for a job well done and keep up the good work!!

I can't take the honour for all that is going on, many people work on the wikis, including several of the original creators.
superkaempe the gentle giant

Who are the original creators?

It's a shame that it can't be done automatically by the site instead of having to manually enter it. It can't be that hard (being someone who works with databases myself).

*justme, I noticed you've edited a lot of entries on the Gold Tokens 2 and the Wood Tokens 2 wikis. I like the way all the dates are the same format now, but I have to warn you: I got in big trouble for doing that some time ago. Some people have a big problem with other peole editing their entries, even when it's as minor as changing the date format. Management informed me that changing text in entries even in the slightest way constitutes an invasion of privacy. I'm with you. I wish someone could keep the wikis updated and make sure they're accurate, but apparently it's not possible without getting in a heap of trouble.
As it is now, any player can put anything they want on those wikis (even innacurate information) and it can't be changed. Bummer.

Sometimes I have changed the order numbers to make them right after I inserted my own entry. On the other hand, in at least one case I did not. Is correcting the order numbers considered an invasion of privacy? Let us say that there are 120 players on a list and that I insert my entry at 99th position. To make the list right I would need to change all following entries' position numbers. Otherwise the list would have two 99s with everything after them wrong. Should the instructions be changed to allow this? June 10, 2010 M3

Changing the order numbers has this far not been any problem as far as I know. I have not seen complaints about it anywhere. I have been doing it myself when moving up or down on the list. I believe you can safely continue with that.
superkaempe the gentle giant

superkaempe the gentle giant, I'm still wanting to know who the original creators of the token wikis are. I'm interested in contacting them.
I assumed you knew who they were since you spoke of them in a previous post here.

I don't keep track of their names, for some of the wikis I have never known who the creator was, and for some I have forgotten, all I remember is that someone claiming to be the original creator of the very first one (gold > 1000) asked me why he/she had been removed. And I remember it was a female player who split the original wood token wiki when it became too large, and she talked to me about it, but who it was has escaped my mind a long time ago.
superkaempe the gentle giant

So might I be correct to say that there is currently nobody who actively participates in managing the token wikis? In my opinion, there should be somebody in charge of managing them. Without someone in charge, there is nothing to say that any of the data is accurate. There should also be someone listed as the go-to person for the wikis for those who need help with editing. (Many come to me already for whatever reason.) The manager should also be able to remove MIA entries (players who haven't logged in for a very long time) and possibly others who don't care about the token wikis anymore. Do you agree?

Nobody is managing and I don't agree that anybody should be in charge of that. There is no need for anybody to manage the wikis. As for the MIA players I think they should remain, but on the other hand it would not matter much to me if they were removed. As for players still active it does not matter how long there is between editing (on the original [ gold tokens ] wiki there was no space for entry date, it was added later), they should remain as they are until the players decide to edit or ask someone else to edit for them. I edit for others than myself for players with wiki problems.
superkaempe the gentle giant

johnbaker417 I am not going to ask or tell you again to please stop touching my nic entries in any shape form or fashion. I have left everyone else's alone so you need to do the same.

johnbaker417 has only been trying to help the people of this site...when i came, this was a friendly family atmosphere and everyone loved it...what is happening to GT? do we care so little for the site that has given us so much as to chew out each other...two years ago, that wouldn't have been considered...i don't know about anyone else but i'm always happy to see someone trying to help us...i love this site dearly and would be lost without it...please consider the overall effect of anything you are saying...thanks, john... Jane

*justme, I have not edited the text of your entries in any way. In fact, it was you who went through and changed the date format for all the entries on at least two different token wikis. At least one of my entries was included in the changes you made. I went to update my entry and found that my dates (along with everyone else's) had been changed. I went back through the revisions until I found the time when the changes were made and it was you. If you are denying this, then contact Goldtoken management because someone has been editing wikis using your username. Stolen identity or allegations thereof is a very serious matter.

As for the changes you made, I like them. I am not protesting the new date format (as I said in a previous post here - see above). In fact, I have no protest to you helping out by making the wikis look nicer. I just wanted to warn you that some people will become offended and will complain about it to management. It happened to me and I don't want to see someone else get in trouble just for being helpful. I don't quite understand the abrasiveness of your post here when I am only trying to help out and I did nothing to you.

I hope we can get along in the future. Sound okay?


johnbaker417 yes I did change formats back on one of the wikis and I went to another wiki and found whom did it on one of them. I did P.M. this player and asked them to stop touching my nic. The reason I asked for you to stop, was not to be rude or hateful to you, but I had noticed that after changes that BOTH of us have made that other players are going in and redoing things dealing with just thier nic only. I am sorry if I have come off as being mean and hateful to you because I never meant it that way. I would like for us to get along. I would like to see a uniform way to do the wikis. As far as my nic goes, with out my glasses on sitting here at the computer, it is easier for me to find my nic when I have it closer to the number standing I am at on any of the wikis. Thank you johnbaker417 Offering gift


Sounds like wer're in agreement there. I too would like to see a uniform way to do the wikis. Yay for uniformity! lol Maybe someday we can get it. Have a great day!

Hola, just want to ask something,ok?.. wood tokens are given to u when u lose a game, no? why would i bragg about my wood tokens???...
just lady

I know what you mean. I think the point of the token wikis is to be able to compare yourself with fellow players. So in that sense, I take pride in how FEW wood tokens I have. If obtaining gold tokens is a sort of race to see who can get the most, then obtaining wood tokens should be a race in the opposite direction, to see who can avoid them the best. If you see a player with not many wood tokens who has been playing on goldtoken for several years, then there you have a good player.

Then, you should change the way somebody can bragg about it, instead of saying, wood tokens 1 more than 500, u should say: wood tokens less than for example, sorry my english
just lady

I think I understand your point, but the wording defines what the wiki is for. For Wood Tokens 1, the wiki is for those with over 1500 wood tokens. There's really no other way to state that. There's no maximum for the wiki so there's no number for which we can say "fewer than." Wood Tokens 2 is for those with more than 500 and fewer than 1500. I did rearrange the wording so that the "fewer than" part comes before the "more than" part, but that's about all that can be done with that statement without changing the entire reason for the wiki. I think if you look through the wood token wikis you'll see that the statements at the top really are pretty accurate and don't need changing. Thanks for the suggestion though.

i am not on this page and i just found it, and since i do not know how to add my name on the lisit you are all talking about it is doudtful i will ever be on any lisit. and i agree with the person who said something about why would you brag about the wood tokens. my point being that it is the same when you go to some one profile and have to down though a lisit of all the tournys they have won to invite them to a game. on my profile you will see just one my frist that i ever won. i had to have help to put it there but that is all i have ever had on my profile. or will. just my point of veiw no offence to anyone else
forgot [ samantha1 of the wolf pack ]

Well, that's what I was trying to find out. Why would we care who has a bunch of WOOD tokens. I think if anything it should be the LEAST amount, not the most. Seems to be alot of back biting about nothing. And now that I'm making a comment, I do not want anyone editing my input or messing with my stats as well. Thanks
I wold like to put my name in the 500 gold token list, but i cant seem to do it without removing someone else, sorray, but if your newish here these things can be difficult to do, i just gave up
Simon the Pieman

I think if you want everyone to know how many Gold tokens you've got, you shpuld also say how many Wood tokens you've got. What's the point of saying 'Hey everyone, look at me, I've got 2,000 Golds!' if you've also got 7,000 woods? It's not how many Gold tokens you've got that says you're a good player, it's the number of Gold tokens you've got as a percentage of the overall tokens received.
Big Giant Head

I was just wondering what the onyx tokens are all about. Can someone tell me? ...Thanx

Onyx tokens are for winning automated club tournaments.

How do you update your amount on Gold Tokens without having to renumber all of those below you? It seems the list is maintained in numerical order so it might look funny if you just update in the original position if you are aaccruing faster than those who preceded you. Also is the entry date the first date you came onto the list or the last time you updated?
Many thanks.

You have to renumber all below you when you move up the list, or more correctly those that were above you and now are below you. As for the entry date there are no rules, but most as far as I can see change the entry date when they make a new entry unless of course what some do, several new entries are made the same day.
superkaempe the gentle giant

Hi this is dawglover58 I was wondering if you were going to add a wiki for ONYX stats like with Gold,Silver and Wood?

Anybody can make such a wiki

dawglover58 How?

I'll start it, then it can be filled out, just follow the link below. (The link creates the wiki)
[ Platinum Tokens ]
[ Onyx tokens ]
[ gold tokens ]
[ gold tokens II ]
[ gold tokens 3 ]
[ silver tokens ]
[ silver tokens II ]
[ wood tokens ]
[ wood tokens 2 ]
[ wood tokens 3 ]
[ tokens menu ]
[ Token Wiki Comments ]

Having these Token Wikis is cool, but, why not have everyone's tokens ( ALL TOKENS ) listed on their Game Sheet? I see all of my tokens listed on my Game Sheet, but when I look at, say, Jacob1987, I don't see that nice, neat little box listing all of his tokens. Sure, I can look at his Game Stats and see all his wins and losses, etc... But, I've always wondered why Game Tokens are left off of my opponents profile. Just curious.
~ quietman

Shouldn't it be very easy and much more meaningful to create a page about tokens that updates automatically?

I know this was an issue before, but someone is going through messing with the wiki's again. I won't put their name, but I enter mine every couple days, and I had things taken off and moved of mine. I looked and could trace it back to who did it. I thought all this was resolved with people messing with the wiki, other than their own entry and renumbering the ones below them when you move up? WhispyWillow 7/21/13
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