Questionable AnyGrabble Words

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Please post your Questionable English AnyGrabble Words here for the Grabble Crew to look up.

  • If the system rejects a word which you feel is a valid word, you may request that we add that word to our dictionary, but we cannot guarantee a timely response to such a request, nor will the game play be paused while we consider the request; in other words you must still make your move before the time runs out.
      • To request that we add a word to our dictionary, please provide us with a reference to that word in an existing, reputable, internet-accessible dictionary.
      • Please also let us know words that should be removed.

We are using the following printed dictionaries:

What kinds of words are not valid?

  • AnyGrabble does not allow acronyms, slang, non-English words, proper nouns, hyphenated words, abbreviations of multiple word phrases, infractions, interjections, plural endings, prefixes or suffixes unless it forms a word in its own right.
    • Variant spellings, alternative spellings, obscure words, and abbreviations of single words are fair game.
  • Any word that is not allowed on the discussion boards will not be allowed in AnyGrabble either so please, do not even ask.

Other words ] <~~ This is for words that have previously been checked.

Questionable wordBrief comment on why it should or should not allowed
imitDone abbreviation of imitation
vawNot Valid - not found in either accepted dictionary
permValid and Currently Working for AnyGrabble (not Grabble) - Please check game type and connections can be an abbreviation of permanent as in permanent wave, a term used by hairdressers in Britain.

Currently valid 2 letter words ~~~> Grabble Two Letter Word List & [ Main: AnyGrabble Two Letter Word List ]

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