Photozone Competition

I have created this wiki page to inform players about the competition on the photozone board that I will be hosting.

All entries to the competitions are available to see from Photozone Zepher's Album

Please use these competitions to go and take photographs that fit the current months theme and enjoy yourself while doing so.


  • The images that you enter for the competition have to be taken by you personally and not searched for on the Internet or taken by anyone else.
  • There will be a new round each calender month
  • The current theme will be posted at the start of the round
  • Only one image can be submitted per round per player
    • If you decide to change your image please confirm this in your post
  • The closing date for entries is shown in the Photozone header
    • Due to the different time zones the players are in, we may be lenient with this rule.
  • There will be a different theme each month, shown in the Photozone header
  • When the current months competition closes the voting will begin
  • This is open for all members who can post messages on the Photozone board
    • Photos must be posted to your GoldToken album remember not to set them as private
  • Post your image on the Photozone with the subject of the current month and the theme
  • Post production images are welcome as long as they abide by the following conditions...
    • No detail was added or removed to make the change the main subject of the image
    • Increase/decrease existing detail such as colour, brightness, contrast and/or tone = Thumbs up
    • Adding / editing detail = Thumbs down
  • Each image must be unique and not been submitted for any previous themes
    • Images that are too similar to a previous submitted image will not be included

Details of previous competitions can be found in

[ Main: Photozone archive ]

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