Nascar driver

Who do you think is/was the best nascar driver ever?

...Rusty Wallace....1 of the smart ones to get out while still on top....
Dale Earnhardt/Richard PettyBoth 7 Time ChampionsSushi Warrior
Ryan NewmanRocketman!marlisam
Jeff Gordon~(**)(**) Bunny Toes
Dale Earnhardt~workinman
Richard Petty "The King"~hayleesam
Richard Petty7 time champ, 200 wins, 27 wins in one year-including 10 in a row, 7 time Daytona 500 winner, named nine times Most Popular Driver by the NASCAR Fans. The Greatest Of All Time, No one will ever come close to The KingThe Mad Hatter
Mark MartinGordon should be running Sprints, or go-cartsSo Very Addicted
Dale Earnhardt7 time champ, died before his time (nobody dies before their time; when they die - that's their time) (another vote for Earnhardt)Crispies
Dale EarnhardtThe Best of the Best!!! He is missed!!! Now I root for Carl Edwards!!!WizOz MIA
Jeff GordonMaybe not the greatest, but I've watched him foreverAustralia
Dave BlaneyMay not win a nascar race but he was awsome to watch in the WoO: one of the best there was GO DAVEpauchie
Andy Santerre~~~~*Dragons Angel
Dale EarnhardtTruely a Remarkable ManPamper Me
Dale EarnhardtThe Best of All The RestRockinRon
Dale EarnhardtRight on WizOzMikeyB
Dale EarnhardtA TRUE LEGENDemereth
Richard Petty "The King"This is a no brainer.... nobody compares to The King !RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack
Smokin Joewhat ever happened to himPEEJAY
Darrell Waltriplike to see him back with a good team to back him* Sassy_Angel *
Dale Earnhardt JrI went to school with him and talk to him weekly. Good guy thru and thru.SunDrop Kid MIA
RICKY RUDDIRONMAN on the track and off the track! One of the few drivers left that don't need a spotter!BlueJeans NASCAR
Jimmie JohnsonDefending 2006 Nextel Champ! He's awesome!Richlyn
Richard PettyJust because HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!Catz52Meow
Dale EarnhardtDefinitely the best!Juniorholic
Jeff GordonHe is the greatest NASCAR driver ever! Amen! Thumbs upTHE CHADster
...Jimmie Johnson5 Alive Championship Winner~!! They dont get much better than that!!!Redbee
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