New to Clubs

First and foremost I think you should have fun!
Meeting new people and getting involved.
After reading and understanding the club rules, you should mark the subscribe box next to to the discussion boards. So you get notified when a new post is made.

Vote This tells what the club members wants.

Marking the box next to games will put you on the club team. If this box is marked, you will be playing games automatically. Only click it if you are ready to play games.
Click white box under Wiki Up Dates to activate.
Click on game next to box to view the progress of the ladder game.

Click on any or all of the Wiki, to see what is going on. If you have never used a wiki ask, someone will be glad to help you.[ Main: Getting Started ]

Club games are started here at the club, and are posted on the Club Announcement board.

To play a club game, Add your name to the start up list!

After you sign up to play a game, Click on the Add to my Wiki Hotlist in the blue box at the bottom of the page. Then when the game is started Check the wiki sign up sheet for your name, and if you are listed as player #1, you invite the person who is listed next to your name. After the game has started copy the game #, from the bottom of game sheet, and place it into the wiki next to your name, or someone who you will play against, will start the game, and a game will come to your game board.

If you are listed as player #1 on the start of game sheet.

You invite players, and post the game# on sheet. [ How to enter a game number ]

Go to invite next to player's name (can be found on club page) or go to new games at the top of any page.
Choose the game you will be playing
Choose how many players in game (Triplet is a 3 & 4 player game)
Choose Let me be player 1
Choose 3 days (or what ever club requires)
Choose loss of game (or what ever club requires)
(click Next)
Select a chum (type in players name, or names, or use pull down feature)
Send a message (type of game if its triplet & club's name)
Send the game (post on message board, that game was sent)

Do not remove invitation from your game board.
If after a few days invitation was not excepted, please contact one of our club officers.
Once the game comes to your game board, copy the game # and post it on the game sheet.

Just a tip!

If you add the players to your chum's list, you can use the pull down feature when you go to invite.
After the game, you can remove them from the list if you would like.

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