How to create Jiggle words in your postings

How to create Jiggle words in your postings

As of December, 2006, GoldToken has a new graphic feature called Jiggle words.

Jiggle words shall be available anywhere in the system where Wiki formatting is permitted. In other words, if you can enter Wiki formatting, then you can enter some Jiggle words.

Within a posting, Jiggle words are indicated by surrounding whole words with double tilde characters ~~. The tilde character is the wavy line used in some languages, such as in Spanish above the letter n. Here is an example of how to indicate that word should be rendered as a Jiggle word. Note that the spaces are required in this example else the system will render the example itself as a Jiggle word. Do not use spaces anywhere within a word that is to be rendered as a Jiggle word. However, it is recommend that you put a space between adjacent Jiggle words.

~~ GoldToken ~~

There are some limitations in this introductory implementation of the Jiggle words feature.
The maximum number of Jiggle words per posting shall be 20.
The maximum number of letters per Jiggle word shall be 20.

Only alphanumeric words shall be rendered as Jiggle words. This means that only words comprised of the letters A to Z as well as the digits 0 to 9 shall be rendered as Jiggle words. All Jiggle words failing this condition shall be rendered as plain bold text. So, if you are trying to add some Jiggle words to your posting and the preview shows the word(s) as bold text, then you probably have some invalid characters in the word that you wish to render as a Jiggle word.

Have fun and let's get Jiggling with it!

NOTE: If you do not wish to view any Jiggle words, then you may turn them off using the same option as for the Goldies.
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