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Goldie Suggestions ]Jiggle words - How to create them

Put your suggestions for new Goldies here.

Please note:

  • All Goldies should be of a GoldToken horse in some situation or other. :SINGL:
  • Goldies can't be any higher than 25 pixels and the currrent ones are already at the maximum height... :TREE:
      • So feet aren't really an option. :walkdog:
      • Headgear is awkward too. Nothing can be higher than the Goldtoken horse's ears. :HATR::::king:

Apologies for the delay in Goldie Making, life has been hectic recently.
Hopefully I'll be able to start making them again next year. Thanks for your patience.


I would like to suggest a Goldie being stretched into a Black Hole. I realize this may not be possible considering the pixel limits.
How about an ice skating Goldie?
Black Bullet You already made other colors: ;;bulletw;; ;;bulletb;; ;;bulletr;; ;;bullety;; ;;bulletpl;; Maybe use ; bulletbk ; to avoid confusion about blue vs black from using ; bulletbl ; Thanks in advance.
Oh, yes! A Goldie for Thank you in advance Thanks in advance again !
Smiling goldie blowing a bubble, and it breaks on his face.
SUN, SUNSHINE, SKY BACKGROUND Please and thank you.
RUBBING CHIN how about a goldie rubbing their chin as if contemplating
OLD BENT GOLDIE HOLDING BACK is that too much detail?
COFFEE do we have coffee??? And how 'bout a WTG sign?
ELEPHANT Could we have an elephant Goldie?
TUMBLEWEED It would be nice to have a tumbleweed too, though it would really need to be animated to blow from one side of the screen to the other. I don't know how that would work unless there was a sequence of animated Goldies that contained all, part or none of it...

DISCUSSION BOARDS It would be nice to have a :JUDGE: Goldie banging its gavel. It could be created from elements of :PREACH: (the glasses and the black shirt without the dog collar) and :HAMMER: (possibly a little smaller and completely of whood). Maybe a word or to accompany it being banged. :)

NEW SIGNS: "jus-A-thought"; ..some dont take kindly to others helpful "2-cents" on the way they do/did/forgot something,''(tho' u PM it); Also...
"Fact not FicTion";
"myOP" or "my Opinion";
"K.I.S.S." = keep it short & simple;
"2MALSS" = To make a long story short;
"Typo" = typing error
"My Bad" = my fault //

I dont know if anyone else has suggested this but when I play a game, I say gg and gl and you have goldies for that but if its a wiki game, I try to post the game if my opponent and thought it would be nice if we had a goldie that said ""posted"". Just a thought.

A Goldie tipping his hat to you as in thank you, your welcome or even hello or goodbye.

How about some HAPPY NEW YEAR goldies ie fireworks, wine glass, etc ;;4th;; ;;memorial;; ;;labor;; ;;newyear;; ;;gobble;; ;;patsday;; ;;veterans;; ;;halloween;; ;;valentine;; ;;easter;; ;;aprilfools;;

A "Your Welcome" Goldie. ;;welcome;;

Goldies "Shaking Hands". Goes nice with the Goldies "High Five". ;;shake;;

I would love to have a "headless horseman" please

I would love to have a goldie for clapping :clap: and for yahoo. Thanks, I'm platinum for the icons too
I was wondering if we can get some for sports....american football, baseball, basketball ;;mom;; ;;dad;; ;;bigsis;; ;;jr;; ;;sissy;; ;;teen;; ;;uncle;; ;;grampa;; ;;grandma;;

Punctuation marks for *Jiggle* Words. Exclamation points, commas, asterisks, quote marks, question marks, ampersands, apostrophes etc! :) !&*

Goldie Grouping: Take a few suggestions below, use some for Platinum & Gold, others for Gold & Silver, others for Silver & Wood!

I'd like a few more "action/feelings" goldies ... a 'card-player' or 'dealer' would be a great addition ;;blunder;; ... one playing dominoes (fives and three's gaining popularity) ... perhaps 'weather' ;;cloudy;;Goldies ... rain, sun, snow, cloudy, and fair/dreary

goldies hi-fiving together ... BFF ... getting sleepy ... Santa Goldie w/Christmas List

Love the goldies !!!

Hi can we have a birthday cake please - There is one: :BIRTHDAY:

Can we have a goldie on fire? :flame:

Is there any way you can make the :dice6: Goldie, randomly stoping on different number :Diceroll: (Platinum Level) - sorry, I don't think this is possible.
a sign for HELLO
a TYU2 for replies to GL
More Good luck hourseys
Make a goldie for each card suit (Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds). Handy for recording which cards you passed and where passed to you in Hearts!
:HEA: ::CLU::, :SPA:, :DIA: ::DHEA:: :DCLU:, :DSPA:, :DDIA:
How about ones for a policeman and a fireman>? ;;police;; ;;policewoman;; ;;fireman;;
Two little horseys facing one another then their hands extend and move up and down to simulate shaking hands. ;;shake;;
Bronze token for Olympics
How about an *I*dea *L*ight *B*ulb? He can hold it and it lights up? ;;idea;;
Shakes scolding finger at someone
CROSSES FINGERS ;;crossed;; :crossed: ; ;crossed; ; : crossed :
Holding sparkelers or other fireworks ;;4th;; ;;4th;;
Jumping for joy <like snoopy does>
Clapping hands in applause :clap:
To You..
in traction (maybe after the cartwheel above?)
victory dance
blow kisses
"Staying Alive" goldie
Goldie reading a book :read: *?!* That is urging someone to read something rather than saying that one is reading a book, the difference between urging one to walk the dog and walking the dog. Nice to have though.
itch ;;dead;;
spinning pink goldie
dizzy ;;dizzy;;
sigh (or sighing)
Shrug of the shoulders? (Disdain) or (Who KNOWS?)
Phew! Wiping sweat off forehead in relief (Rather Whew! wiping sweat off forehead in relief maybe because opponent overlooked a good move. To me "Phew!" means something stinks.) :YUCK:
Goldie that bites ;;bite;;
WESTERN Goldies, ;;yeehaw;; ;;cowboy;; ;;sticklady;;
Headbanging Goldie
throwing water balloon
mad scientist
shower ;;rain;;
ice cream
touchdown dance w/ a token
sad violin
light bulb ;;idea;;
cheerleader ;;cheer;;
party ;;confetti;;
holiday and sport ones ;;labor;; ;;veterans;; ;;4th;; ;;memorial;; ;;labor;; ;;newyear;; ;;gobble;; ;;patsday;; ;;veterans;; ;;halloween;; ;;valentine;; ;;easter;; ;;aprilfools;;
gymnastic goldie that flips around and says "Wheeeeeeee"
being stabbed in the back
figure on crutches and in a cast
"Cowboy" goldie, wearing a cowboy hat, maybe have him saying, "Make my day" ;;yeehaw;; ;;cowboy;; ;;sticklady;;
dramatic death scene ;;dead;;
UK soldier with tall black hat - part of the guard ;;guard;;
nurse ;;nurse;;
"Soldier" goldie, wearing a helmet with a red & gold banner above saying the Marine ;;soldierman;; ;;soldierwoman;;
whip ;;whip;;
shaking his butt ;;neener;;
goldie with an umbrella that opens. ;;rain;;
A military goldie. ( backpack & helmet ) ;;soldierman;; ;;soldierwoman;;
fireman goldie with hose (for keeping troublemakers in line) ;;fireman;;
wearing a mustash, star badge and a cowboy hat that pulls up a pistol and goes "POW"
carrying a saddlebag w/ a 'special delivery' envelope?
A bag tied to the end of a hobo stick? ;;hiatus;;
sweatband and a tennis racket
Greedy or hoarding apples [or sugar cubes, whatever is fitting] Holding them with hooves?
Crossed Hooves (like crossing fingers to ward off bad luck when telling a fib, maybe accompanied with eyes looking off in wrong direction) ;;crossed;;
Small version of logos
small verson of Picture hunt photos
pinkie swear goldie
scolar (with graduation hat)
with coffee
Taking off its hat ;;tiphat;;
boot kick!
throwing dice
Holiding Olympic torch
Please dont delete game
Dressed like a chicken ;;chicken;;
Doing back flip
Pointing ;;read;;
giving chocolate
Elvis with sideburns, sunglasses and flowing cape saying "Thank you very much" :THANKSVM:
ROFLOL - horsehead rolling horizontally saying "haha" or "hoho" ;;lol;; :rofl:
Eating ;;hungry;;
Rubbing Tummy in a sign of "Yum-Yum!Yummy"
Family (Mother & Father w/ 2 or 3 mini goldies) ;;father;; ;;mother;;
Golden horse leaning forward with hand over head, looking for something...Goldie wearing a straw hat like this: [ ] ;;straw;;
Lorel winners sheath
"crazy" gesture ;;mad;;
Jumping up and down
Little Birdie talking into the ear of the Gold Token Horse? Or something like that for "A little birdy told me"
A knight guarding a square
Lady Justice with her scale
Twinkles of all 50 states ~ THE CHADster
Night owl
Pirates ;;yarr;; ;;patch;;
BALLOONS- please
fairy goldie
I'm wondering if these suggestions actually get read? Seems it's been a long while since any new goldies have appeared ;;smile;; yes they do, I read each time it's edited. I don't have much time. ;;cry;;
the capability to write in a specific colour
coloured numbers for Rummikub

Something that indicates the arrival of a race. For example the line of arrival or a horse with the checkered flag.

the card signs.... spade, diamond, club and heart :HEA: ::CLU::, :SPA:, :DIA: ::DHEA:: :DCLU:, :DSPA:, :DDIA:
traffic light
stop sign ;;stop;;
checkered flag
Goldie with platinum & onyx tokens
Goldie watching tv, sitting on the sofa, sitting at a table

Goldie adding 'points' or doing Math (for Rummikub games ... esp initial meld)
'Grabbling' Goldie
Flying plane
Goldie at computer (as in online at GT)
Line dancing Goldies
"Sweeping Goldie (as in 'cleaning house') ;;sweep;;
Goldie delivering mail (referring to sent PM)
Goldie taking and/or holding picture)
Not sure if this one can be done, but, may as well suggest it - a truck driving Goldie.
Posted, I always tell my opponent when i post the number for our game so they won't waste their time checking.


santa hat giving present
wearing mittens
being cold
sholving snow
making a snow angle
Sun Goldie
Goldie with an inside out umbrella ;;rain;;
Spring time type stuff - sprouting/blooming flowers, bunnies, chicks
Goldie popping out of Easter egg
Easter egg
A Cross
Happy Easter ;;easter;;
Turkey goldie ;;gobble;;
indian goldie
pilgrim goldie
mayflower ship or something
scarecrow (not scary)
leaves (red/gold/brown)
Pumpkin pie
gobble gobble ;;gobble;;
Horse Trotting with a goldtoken horse face. :SMILE: ;;cowboy;;
rabbit hopping. with goldtoken horse face. no bunny ears. ;;bunnylove;;
dog, with a goldtoken horse holding lead, waving flag saying: Merry Christmas.
candy cane
can can dancing goldie
warming himself in fornt of a fire
something for Yule
Thanksgiving goldies for our Thanksgiving games ;;gobble;;


making a funny face with hands winggling fingers on head for imitation horns
Evil grin!
frown ;;sad;;
Halo for Innocence ;;devilangel;;
Feigned Innocence ;;devilangel;;
A beaten-up goldie with a black-eye and seeing stars ;;dizzy;;
Sudden IDEA: Front-facing horse gets a sudden grin / bugeye combination :grin: ::bugeye:: then a glowing light bulb comes on ;;idea;;
or appears above his head, and maybe saying ahh haa! all about the same time.. Git Me Sum


ROFLMBO - Similar to the Yahoo little guy I guess who lays on the floor & laughs & pounds his hand. :rofl:
You're welcome.
Good morning
Corp motto, "Semper Fi"
sorry offering a bouquet
Goldie yelling "Woo Hoo!" like Homer Simpson does
Goldie yelling "Doe!" like Homer Simpson does ;;doh;;
Welcome to the Finals
Good Luck in The Final Round
Take heart, that is, be encouraged.
screaming eeek ;;eeek;;
Good Morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
Good Day
Or "jajajaja" - not from just lady, but one of her sayings!
All Holidays ;;4th;; ;;memorial;; ;;labor;; ;;newyear;; ;;gobble;; ;;patsday;; ;;veterans;; ;;halloween;; ;;valentine;; ;;easter;; ;;aprilfools;; ;;mother;; ;;father;;
Honkers (from Sesame Street)
Our infamous GT Horse with signs saying MerryChristmas/Happy New Year, ETC,(Covering all holidays)
goldie looks likes thinking saying Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;;agreed;;
One saying ENJOY!

I'd like to be able to use the Goldie that is already in use by GT support. It's a hand pointing and saying 'That Way'. that way

Games for Silver Goldies and above

Under Game


  • :GOp: for empty points rather than GOs because Go has points, not squares or spaces.
  • top left corner
  • top right corner
  • bottom left corner
  • bottom right corner
  • top edge
  • right edge
  • bottom edge
  • left edge
  • Star Points also known as Handicap Points
  • Special Importance Marker on stones - needed to instruct
  • Special Importance Marker on points - handy to instruct
  • numbered stones - graphics like in Kifu
  • numbers to go along the right and left edges of the board for coordinates
  • letters to go above and beneath the board for coordinates


  • rocket
  • bombs
  • force field

New style trax pieces

GRABBLE- please

Compass points
One way sign
stop sign ;;stop;;
do not enter sign
dead end sign
Goldie saying SUP! The MC of GoldToken
umbrella ;;rain;;
rain gear
fog & rain gear
cloud w/lightning ;;cloudy;;
sun w/rays
Take a bow

How about some royal goldies ie.
And to celibrate the the Birth of the UK`s newest Prince how about.
A goldie `Its a Prince` or `Its a Princess` a small baby Goldie

Would like to see a motorcycle or biker goldie.
Maybe a "hippy peace" bus?

Profile Pictures ]
Gold, Silver, Bronze medal for over all Olympic winners Profile

I was going to suggest these, but noticed they are already there, so I'm suggesting them again
Turkey goldie ;;thnksgiving;;
Spring time type stuff - sprouting/blooming flower(s), bunnies, chicks ;;bunny;;
Goldie/bunny/chick popping out of Easter egg
Easter egg

How about a picture of fruit and one of vegetables,I noticed you have a burger,so why not the healthy option??

How about daily greetings such as "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", "Good Evening", "Good Nite", "Pleasant Dreams", etc.. "Happy Birthday" also comes to mind

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More Goldies on the way!!! :UP:
Any special requests can be added here~~~~>[ Goldie Suggestions ]

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