Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have to be a member to join a club?
The added features of a club mean that players who are members of a club will:
    • Spend more time on the site
    • Add more data to the site in club discussion boards and club wikis
    • Play more games that are club-related
All of that means increased costs to run the site, so club members are asked to help support the site financially in return for these added features.

What do the colors of the Wiki links mean? I've noticed how some are black, some are purple, and some are light blue.
The black ones are pages that haven't been created yet. The purple ones are the ones that have changed since you last saw them. The light blue ones are the ones which you have seen the latest change in.

What is the deal with the wiki hotlist? It used to show up on my game page, but now it isn't there.

The hotlist only shows pages that have been changed since the last time you viewed them. So if a change hasn't been made, you will not see the page in your hotlist.
Whenever a change is made, it will show in your hotlist again.

Are Club Wikis secure? ie Editable by members only?
Yes, only club members may view or edit the club wikis.

How do you delete or rename a Wiki?
You can erase the contents of a Wiki, and all links to it. But you cannot actually remove its history and name. To rename a Wiki, you need to copy all of the stuff from the old Wiki into a new Wiki with the name you want. Then "delete" the old Wiki.

I forgot, how do I create a wiki page?
Go to the [ Wiki Start Page ] and type the name of the Wiki you want to create within brackets [x], making sure you put a space between the brackets and the name, as above. Once you are sure you have spelled it the way you want it, click Save. The new Wiki page will show up the first time in plain on it and it will ask you if you are sure you want to create this Wiki. Click on it again and you will be there. Also, see [ How to make a new wiki page ].

How do you fix a wiki once you already messed it up?
You can go back to an earlier revision, copy what is there, and paste it into the edit box.

Is there a way to duplicate a wiki cell multiple times, instead of typing the same thing over and over again, Such as a tournament wiki?
Does your computer have a copy/paste feature?
Yes, Now all I have to do is figure out what it does and how to use it. Thank you.
Info on how to copy and paste is here [ How to Copy and Paste ]
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