ClubvClub Chess Match

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Good luck
Club#2024 The Sallyp and Friends Club - Inviter 1
Club#1750 The Chess & Variants Club - Opponent 2
Club#1750 The Chess & Variants Club WINNERWay to go!!
3 days, loss of game

Please include link with invite!!
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InviterOpponentGame NumberWINNERCLUB
johnboyrabbitoid#84823012rabbitoidThe Chess & Variants Club
johnnyyboyRay of Light#84806442Ray of LightThe Chess & Variants Club
Hillbillythebodywall#85037501HillbillyThe Sallyp and Friends Club
Sir Silver of the GoldTableM3#84829842M3The Chess & Variants Club
AndrewBSir Gilmour of the GoldTable#84827132AndrewBThe Sallyp and Friends Club
The Chess & Variants ClubWins4Games1

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I had thought that the margin of games was 3 to 2 rather than 4 to 1; so, I inserted the number goldies. I was mistaken. M3
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