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 | A   B   C 	D   E 	 F   G 	 H 	 |---------------------------|      PLAYBACK  
8 				    8    |                           |      CONTROLS
                                         |                           |
7 				    7    |                           |
                                         |                           |
6 	    Chess Board 	    6    |                           |       1.
                                         |      Inst/Player          |       2.
5 				    5    |                           |       3.
                                         |      Chat  Area           |       4.
4 				    4    |                           |       5.
                                         |                           |       6.
3 				    3    |                           |       7.
                                         |                           |       8.
2 				    2    |                           |       9.
                                         |                           |      10.
1 				    1    |                           |      11. 
   A   B   C   D   E 	 F   G 	 H 	 |---------------------------|      12. 
   |-----------------------------------------------------------------|      14.
   |                                                                 |      15.
   |                    Observer Chat Area                           |      16.
   |                                                                 |      17.
   |                                                                 |      18.
   |                                                                 |      19.
   |-----------------------------------------------------------------|      20.     

I would like to make a proposal to Chad, Bouncer and the upper level chess players here at GT. This will not work unless upper level players volunteer to participate and Chad & Bouncer are willing to set up the area. This areas primary objective is education and helping new players get started.

My proposal is to set up an area where chess players play upper level players and get instruction on playing a better game, see demonstrations of various opening moves, watch upper level players play and have them explain why they are making their moves, players would be able to import a game from their completed games and discuss it with their opponent, you would be able to flip game boards around and take back moves, and this would be a completely unrated area that would not affect anyones ratings. This would be open to both members and guests.

Upper level players would choose to only instruct/play one or two players at a time ( I would recommend no more than two ) and players who would like help would sign up on a list ( on a first come bases ). There would be a scrolling window next to the board for instructor/player chat and another across the bottom for observer chat (this one could be turned off by the players if it caused confusion). For this area there would be no advertising or buttons at the top except for one to return to Game Sheet, this would allow more room for chat windows.

This would also be an area where anyone could come and play an unrated game, be able to flip the board, take back moves, and even switch sides in the middle of a game (with the opponents permission).

Why am I making this proposal? A couple months ago I found myself playing an opponent at another web site, it was his first game there. Almost from the beginning he was making really bad moves, as it turned out he was 10 years old and it was his first time playing on the internet. I felt I could have help him learn to play better if I would have had an area like I have proposed here.

You can find a rough set up of the game area above, ( sorry this is my first wiki so do not expect much ).

I would appreciate any input that would make this idea better. Please invite the members of your clubs to read this.




Here is another proposal ... I would like to have a practice board, just empty, and bunch of chessmen to use anyway I want.
This way I can test with other players some chess variants. We would agree beforehand on the rules (even crazy one) and play
according to them. You can play any imaginable chess-like games. Do you want to have 5 knights, you may have it. Do you want your Queen jumps like Knight plus one field, you may have it. Or maybe you would like King to move two fields, you may have it. And so on and so on can also serve as an analytical tool for chess problems
and studies.
Fobby Bischer.
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