Batman Inspired Goldies

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Goldies may be used on games, discussion boards, in messages and wikis.


If you don't know how to use Goldies yet, it's about time you learn!

;;12;; Follow these easy instructions:

;;12;; Simply type two colons : : followed by the desired word and end with two colons.

;;12;; There should be no spaces anywhere.


;;pow!;; ;;whap;; ;;Thwack;; ;;oucheth;; ;;Flrbbb;; ;;Clank;;

;;zzzzwap;; ;;whack;; ;;Thunk;; ;;ouch;; ;;eeeyow;; ;;bonk;;

;;zowie;; ;;vronk;; ;;Splatt;; ;;oooff;; ;;Cruncheth;; ;;boff;;

;;zlopp;; ;;Uggh;; ;;Sock!;; ;;klonk;; ;;Crunch;; ;;bloop;;

;;zlonk;; ;;Urkkk;; ;;Slosh;; ;;kayo;; ;;Crash;; ;;biff!;;

;;zap!;; ;;Touche;; ;;aieee;; ;;kapow;; ;;Craaack;; ;;bang;;

;;zammm;; ;;Thwape;; ;;Rakkk;; ;;Glurpp;; ;;Clunk;; ;;bam;;

;;whammm;; ;;Thwacke;; ;;Powie;; ;;Glipp;; ;;Clash;; ;;Awkkk;;

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More Goldies on the way!!! :UP:
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