101 Reasons to play at GoldToken

.Why I play at GoldTokenPlayer
1Because of all the Checker variants here and the dedication of GT Management to getting them rightT-Rex
2Because of all the neat people I meetBrnIdGirl
3Because there is much people and I do not become bored to playwilly
4Family FriendlySondra
5This site is the most friendly of the sites I play, and it has a great variety of games.superkaempe the gentle giant
6It's the people here who I am addicted to!im_larry_boy
7User Friendly, Easy to Navigate Site(((INTENSITY)))
8GT a safe site and is filled with friendly players of all ages but mostly it has great games and keeps my family in touch.Peg
9Hola, is my first time i play in a site like this, and is tremendously different of playing real time, but i am in love with GT now, the people is amazing, and u never get bored reading all what GT offers to u....THANKS!!.just lady
10GoldToken is the best game site online: plenty of games (new games/variations being added), everyone is so friendly and willing to play and there are various membership levels.Penguin123
11.I have played here since 2001 because this site has some of the greatest people, really good games and great management. It is a pleasure to come here and play!GrannyPatty
12the challenge of old and new games played with people who have become more than just friends. people you can share your joy and sorrows with.furryfeet
13very organized game site, great games, varity of discussion boards and met some very nice people here..dizzymind
14Family and friends here, meeting new people, such nice people running the site, enjoy the games, clubs and family atmosphere here at GoldToken.Kat
15Conjuring cat All of the fun Goldies!! Playing chessCATCHER211
16To meet and form wonderful online friendshipsNancy
18HUGE range of games x thousands of players = A game to suit every person regardless of age or skill level1karlos
19...to play fun games and meet lovely people. This site has the coolest graphics and a wonderful feel to it. it always brightens my day.wildgeese
20Friendly + Family + Fun = FantasticStraycat
21I play here because the games are fun and the people I play with are GOLDfatdaddy
22Fun, entertaining, friendships, safe, excellent management, reasonably priced, well maintained = ADDICTED = GOLD TOKEN SmilingBB
23The people are friendly, wide variety of games! It is a great place to go to forget everything else going on in your life!! LOLnana210
24I love playing here with the friends I meet and know. I love you guys. And I check into the Mental Ward from time to time, that's how much I am addicted to your site. Everyone has been really nice to me.dl2
25I play here to keep in touch with my friends, either playing a game, gabbing on the boards or having fun with plenty of laughstobalea
26I have met so many great people here. Everyone is very nice. And of course I love the different games. GoldToken is GREATmeme22
27This is the best site ever!!! I have been here since 2001 and I love all the people here that I have met over the years here!!! GOLDTOKEN Rocks!!!TaUrUsRoSe
28It is the greatest stress reliever in the world. You just play games, visit with friendly people and forget all about the stressful things going on in the world.Barbie
29Great new games soon to be added: GoldRush, Dipole, and Levee.MarkSteere
30Great games, lovely people, user friendly and expert tech support. The whole package!lab rat
31I play at GoldToken as my best friends in the whole world are here.Also the management team and owner are wonderful* Sassy_Angel *
32It is so wonderful here, you not only play games here you have the most caring people here that really care about you personally. And they are always there for you no matter whatKathyD
33Make friends, easy navigation, very helpful site owners, lots of fun! Cool ClubsAngel Baby
34Two words: "Lighthouse Club". And for good friends and good fun. Oh, and beating PK at Traxx.TBD
35It's a great place to meet people. And Everyone is so nice Smilingwldndn
36.Great value for money, and excellent graphics, super games and so friendly.Shakin Shakes
37Great place to play lots of Great Games and meet Nice peopleCindy
38Are you kidding?.. There is way more then 101 reasons..The best site ever...monkeytyper
39.When you join here, your not joining a game site, but a family!!!Richlyn
40It's always a nice get away for me to relax and catch up with all the wonderful friends that I have here.DINGEROO
41The games are fun, the people are funnier and you can always find someone to play with. Keep up the good work!!*Marie865*
42because i've meet some really awesome people over the years! and i love to play games .shirley
43All of the above, and did we mention the GOLDIES!?!? Twinkly Purple Horse Flying white horse Offering gift Playing with dog Flying red horse Conjuring cat Thank youffrebelfay
44because of all the wikis .Phantomias
45because is so much relaxing play at GoldToken than other sites.ESCORPIO
46Because it's a fun place to come, play and relax with friends.TN-T
47Because I have to. No, really.. I can't stop hitting refresh. Where did my day go?JonathanT
48Fantastic variety of games, and some of the best gamesters going SmilingSo glad to be a part of it .ditzyblue
49HypnotizedIt's a lot more fun than television!HypnotizedMr_Logic
50The best of all for me is the lots of tournaments I play every day, all the players are friendly and the hosts always watching and answering quickly all my needs, I feel I am not a number- $ here...Thanks for making me feel so good and important.ceci
51There is always something new to play on Goldtoken and you never stuck for choice also a great way to make and interesting matessMM David littlefair XI
52J *i* g *g* l *e* ~~ L *e* t *t* e *r* s !Serene Selene
53Smiling Best site online!!! SmilingScoopdedew
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