Santa Claus is Not Coming to Town Because
Santa Claus is Not Coming to Town Because

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..he had low Elf Esteem. (31%)
  • ..The toys are stuck on boats off the California coast (16%)
  • ..The dog and cat on the Pony Up! board ate his milk and cookies. (9%)
  • ..Rudolph refuses to wear a mask over his red nose (9%)
  • ..He hasn't had his vaccinations (6%)
  • ..The elves are on strike for longer hot chocolate and cookie breaks. (6%)
  • ..He did not pass the COVID-19 quarantine test. (3%)
  • ..Most of the world has travel restrictions! (3%)
  • ..We all were bad (3%)
  • ..Elon Musk lent him a fleet of electric self-driving sleighs for the elves to deliver the toys give Santa and the reindeer a break this year. (3%)
  • ..he has been replaced by Mrs Claus Santa (3%)
  • ..All his elves have or had Covid and he won’t have everything done (3%)
  • ..He is using fedex this year (3%)
  • ..Because he forgot his outfit and Claus his way back to it (0%)
  • ..He's only visiting children in poor countries this year and hasn't time to come as there are so many of them Sad (0%)
Votes: 32
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