Santa's Helpers?
Santa's Helpers?

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • Ba humbug! Looks like scrooge and grinchey leave nothing for Santa this year. (11%)
  • We have to taste test this first to make sure its good enough for Santa Santa (8%)
  • oh look Santa left us treats (8%)
  • Look what the humans left us! Is it your Birthday? (5%)
  • I don't think Santa will mind us taste-testing his milk and cookies beforehand to make absolutely sure he won't get sick on them when he gets here. (5%)
  • What's we do to deserve this.? and these hats. yum yum !! (5%)
  • And you Santa paws is coming (5%)
  • Mrs. Claus said to help Santa stay on his diet.. Yum yum (5%)
  • Do you think we will be on the naughty list, if you do this? (5%)
  • Yum, it's dog bones and milk. So glad Santa asked us to be elves this year. The treats are wonderful. (5%)
  • But we've been really good all year. (5%)
  • Just a few licks..I won't tell if you don't (5%)
  • You got it easy with the milk you know it's your favourite me on the other hand I don't know which one I want to try first off these treats from Santa's stockings they're left us (5%)
  • Maybe this will be enough for Santa, and hell give me something good. (3%)
  • Let's share, Santa. Santa (3%)
  • We must have been good, they left us treats! (3%)
  • If they didn't want us to have it, why did they put out dog biscuits and milk? (3%)
  • Nobody's looking, let's get stuck in but not literally Beau. (3%)
  • Let the reindeer have the carrots. We're good with the cookies! (3%)
  • You don't need all these Santa (3%)
Votes: 37
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