You Might Be a Redneck If
You Might Be a Redneck If

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • think beer cans make good Christmas tree ornaments!! (15%)
  • ..If you have mouse traps in your car. (12%)
  • ..You have three first names. (9%)
  • ..You see a sign saying, "Say No to Crack," and it reminds you to pull your pants up. 😮 (9%)
  • ..You have a working tv on top of one that doesn't work. (9%)
  • ..the only male names you need to remember is Bubba and Junior. (9%)
  • ..If you believe Jools flying saucer is in your barn (6%)
  • ..You make a milking machine out of junk laying around your Dairy Farm and it actually works (6%)
  • ..Your kitchen doubles as a bait store. (6%)
  • ..You're related to all the townspeople in some way. (6%)
  • don't watch out. (3%)
  • ..You have to mow your yard to find your car (3%)
  • ..If you run out of beer and call 911 (3%)
  • ..if your IQ is in relation to the number of teeth (3%)
  • married your cousin Bride Groom (3%)
  • save your McDonald's bags to use as toilet paper. (0%)
  • ..You pay no attention to the man standing next to Bubba (Jeff Dunham). (0%)
  • ..If you bruise for a cruising and got saw (0%)
Votes: 34
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