which pun is the best?
which pun is the best?

Poll assigned to board: Jest for Puns

  • The Brunette said to the Blonde, Christmas falls on a Friday this year. The Blonde said, I hope it's not Friday the 13th! (25%)
  • What do you call a spy who bleaches his hair? James Blonde (25%)
  • She Was What We Used To Call A Suicide Blond - Dyed By Her Own Hand! (20%)
  • A blonde yelled across the river to the other, "how do you get to the other side?" She replies, "it's girls like you give us a bad name,, you ARE on the other side" (20%)
  • I rang my blonde girlfriend to tell her that I was staying home because I had bronchitis. She said, "Awww, at least you have company. I wish I had a dinosaur." (5%)
  • I asked my blonde g/f, "What do you call a creature that is half man and half animal?" In a flash she said, "Buffalo Bill (5%)
Votes: 20
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