I Never Forget a Face But
I Never Forget a Face But

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..but I'll make an exception in your case (14%)
  • ..Remembering names is another story (11%)
  • ..i want to forget yours (8%)
  • ..There sure are a few I'd like too. (6%)
  • ..just who am I? (6%)
  • ..But that's a face only a Mother can love. Grinning (6%)
  • ..Unfortunately, he works for the A-team! (6%)
  • ..I really do....forget a face (6%)
  • ..I could be persuaded with the right incentive. (3%)
  • ..Can't remember your name (3%)
  • ..Sorry what's your name again (3%)
  • ..it's a relief knowing when God made your face, he broke that mold. (3%)
  • ..I always forget how much they owe me (3%)
  • ..sometimes I really want to! (3%)
  • ..Sometimes there's a reason to forget one. (3%)
  • ..Let's face it, we all have to face the inevitable facing of facts. (3%)
  • ..You remember weird stuff. (3%)
  • ..What the heck's the name of that man with green eyes, stubbly beard, and glasses who I've been living with for the past 50 years. (3%)
  • ..I swear I've never seen that person looking at me in the mirror. (3%)
  • ..well actually I do... (3%)
  • ..have difficulty connecting it with a person (3%)
  • ..I obviously met YOU without the wrinkles!! (3%)
  • ..Untill you see them next time and you ask who they are (0%)
  • ..I never forget Faces but names I always forget Names unless itís a name that I know already (0%)
Votes: 36
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