which pun is the best?
which pun is the best?

Poll assigned to board: Jest for Puns

  • What is an eggís least favorite day of the week? Fry-day! (36%)
  • I had an eggcellent punny yolk, but then realised it wasn't all it was cracked-up to be (18%)
  • Making an eggception, omelet you get away with it this time (14%)
  • Why should you be careful about what you say around egg whites? Everyone knows they canít take a yolk (9%)
  • Why did the egg cross the road? To get to the Shell station! (9%)
  • do you know whatís a chickenís favorite coffee drink? An egg-spresso! (5%)
  • It is no eggsageration that this is the best omelet (5%)
  • EggPlant Boss (5%)
  • That was a most eggscellent quiche! (0%)
  • Eggsactly! (0%)
  • Eggsqissite humpty dumpy (0%)
Votes: 22
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