My Psychiatrist Told Me I Needed To
My Psychiatrist Told Me I Needed To

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • his bill (19%)
  • ..Bring a straight jacket to show him I'm committed. (16%)
  • ..join a social club, be part of a TEAM ("Already did... It's Me, Myself, & I") (6%)
  • ..Listen to the voices (6%)
  • ..Stop listening to my own bad advice (6%)
  • ..Go Trick or Treating as my altered self (6%)
  • .."let it go", so I let her go and demanded a refund. (6%)
  • ..Quit seeing a Psychiatrist. (6%)
  • ..Be less addicted to the light. So I decided not to be a moth. (3%)
  • ..find someone else as he was contemplating suicide. (3%)
  • ..Get a life (3%)
  • ..That I was the 'sane' one (unlike the voices in my head) (3%)
  • ..Be more like him (By the way his name is Hannibal Lecter). (3%)
  • ..find someone else because my problems were too complex. (3%)
  • ..Stop talking to yourself in front of others.. Crazy (3%)
  • ..really have my head examined! (3%)
  • ..realize that just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that everyone's not out to get me. (3%)
  • ..To start to give him therapy as they couldn't cope with the pressure (0%)
  • ..Take your meds (0%)
Votes: 32
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