My Halloween Party Was So Scary
My Halloween Party Was So Scary

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..NOONE came!!!!!! (15%)
  • ..I scared myself! Frightened (11%)
  • ..I didn't even go to it. (11%)
  • ..Vincent Price came back from the dead and told me that he wouldn't have missed it for the underworld. (11%)
  • ..That even MM David littlefair XI was scared! (7%)
  • ..Stephen King wanted to put it in his next movie! (7%)
  • ..I called in an exorcist. (4%)
  • ..I was still under the bed on New Year's day! (4%)
  • ..That the real Dracula, Frankenstein and werewolf ran away. (4%)
  • ..because I cooked all the food. (4%)
  • ..We all will finally be wearing Masks! (4%)
  • ..It was the talk of the town the next day (4%)
  • ..The Military had to be called in for back up. (4%)
  • ..that I hid under my bed for a week Smiling (4%)
  • ..The houses 3 blocks away were still frightened after a week. (4%)
  • ..I left Ghost saying BOO (4%)
  • ..They were having a howling time (0%)
  • ..because it was held in a graveyard! (0%)
Votes: 27
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