Halloween Fun. Or Is It?
Halloween Fun. Or Is It?

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • He's behind me, isn't he? (15%)
  • Hey Buddy...It's Daddy...I'm back from the grave (10%)
  • Excuse me can you please do your business else where. (8%)
  • An unexpected twist to "Greyfriar's Bobby" (8%)
  • Tag-You're it! (5%)
  • I said "Kiss my butt, not chew on me (5%)
  • Please get off my back (5%)
  • Get your butt outa my face. (5%)
  • A little more to the left...ahh that's it. (5%)
  • if you are looking for brains, you got the wrong end (5%)
  • Mmmmm, You smell so good I think I'll have a bite! Look Out (5%)
  • Give me back my Gold Token before I bite a chunk out of you!!! (5%)
  • Just look at what he is doing to me!! I sure hope you're going to get this thing off of my back (3%)
  • Tell me I'm hallucinating please and it's just all a bad dream!!! (3%)
  • I'm not wearing a tutu for Halloween,and that's that! (3%)
  • It's just my Dad. You can tell we're related by our eyes. (3%)
  • Smell like Chicken (3%)
  • Hey! Knock it off! There's dead people trying to rest in peace down here! (3%)
  • Ah? There's a what where? (3%)
  • You're taking me for a walk, bite me! (3%)
  • What do you mean "turn around" it was only a toot (0%)
  • These 2mean business I don't like there looks (0%)
  • I sure picked a great time to emerge from by grave - not! (0%)
  • "I think i stumbled on the movie set!? But this one isnt walking!" (0%)
  • I KNOW there is someone behind me...I am too scared to move! (0%)
Votes: 40
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