The Wicked Witch Put A Curse on Me and Now
The Wicked Witch Put A Curse on Me and Now

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..I can't stop doing the monster mash (16%)
  • broom keeps flying me in circles. (11%)
  • ..I look like Nancy Pelosi. (11%)
  • ..I'm a person of diminutive height, proceeding along an flaxen-coloured paved highway to a verdant jewelled conurbation (11%)
  • ..I cant remember where I parked my broom Duh (11%)
  • ..the last letter in words I type appear jiggly (11%)
  • ..Now I can't stop laughing, heh heh heh (5%)
  • ..I can't stop sprouting warts and riding my house broom. (5%)
  • ..I'm afraid of a bucket of water....... (5%)
  • ..She was Ex-Spelled! (5%)
  • ..I'm living in a Oscar Wilde three-act play. (5%)
  • ..I can't stop cursing at the wicked witch. (5%)
  • ..Now I am so beautiful I can't stand it. LOL (0%)
  • ..I sit on this lily pad waiting for true love (0%)
  • ..I will Reverse the Curse! (0%)
  • ..And I don't know witch way to go now (0%)
  • ..I turned into Frankenstein's bride. (0%)
Votes: 19
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