I Was Offered a Part in The Walking Dead Movie
I Was Offered a Part in The Walking Dead Movie

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..It only cost me an arm and a leg (18%)
  • ..Talk about DEADication! (12%)
  • ..And I didn't even need any make up (9%)
  • ..and told I was a natural, don't know if that's a compliment or not! (9%)
  • ..they seen how I look in the mornings (9%)
  • ..But I was still Alive. (6%)
  • ..but I turned it down because eating brains gives me heartburn. (6%)
  • ..Just Kidding, I was never really offered a part. (6%)
  • ..they liked my gimpy walk (3%)
  • ..They needed someone to die in the opening credits! (3%)
  • ..and I said "Let me know when you need someone for 'The Touring Dead'". (3%)
  • ..You would know it's me, I would be one of the dead in the back, photo bombing everyone. 👻 (3%)
  • ..As one of the MM David littlefair XI zombies. (3%)
  • ..but I turned it down. It looked a little gamey. (3%)
  • ..Now I am Grateful Dead (3%)
  • ..Even though my mummy said I'd never make it without a brain (3%)
  • ..Because I kept coming back from the dead better than before to wake them all out off there induse comatose (0%)
  • ..Let's get these things (0%)
Votes: 33
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