Which is Best Use of Synonym for "Exhausted?"
Which is Best Use of Synonym for "Exhausted?"

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  • 1. Though the daily responsibilities of maintaining GoldToken can leave you completely effete, { Badger }, along with the help of the { GoldToken Support } members, has made GT into a favorite gaming website. (38%)
  • 2. eliphont551 is a really nice person and although she tries keeping up with giving out tokens daily to all the GoldToken players, I imagine she feels kaput at the end of the day. (23%)
  • 3. Seems JanuarySnowAngel was "on her last legs" this Sunday to figure out what her puzzle would be for this week. (15%)
  • 4. Jools was frazzled after a hard day trying to recover an important document he had overwitten (15%)
  • 5. It was a dark and stormy night.............Yawn, Lover Of Darkness was just to debilitated to continue with writting her novel. (8%)
Votes: 13
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