If Your Spouse Says You Cant' Cook
If Your Spouse Says You Cant' Cook

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Then don't! (19%)
  • ..Grin, your plan is working (13%)
  • ..Good, I hate cooking, your job from here on out. (6%)
  • ..TV dinner it is.. (6%)
  • ..agree and make dinner reservations (6%)
  • ..Say, "go on, show me how it should be done" (6%)
  • ..don't fret.... you can always use it as your defense! (6%)
  • ..Fine, cook it yourself Steaming face (3%)
  • ..Say, Nope I can't, and don't! (3%)
  • ..I take my apron off, tell him go ahead and cook, then turn the TV on and sit down with my feet up and a cold drink. (3%)
  • ..Simply reply "yours isn't great either" (3%)
  • ..I say "If you insist!" Smiling (3%)
  • ..Prove them wrong and make Stuffed Hamburgers (3%)
  • ..Tell him/her that the store is down the road. go shopping (3%)
  • ..But then I realized I have a Croc Pot. (3%)
  • ..Tell him he doesn't have to eat it. (3%)
  • ..Order a take away (3%)
  • ..Get out of the Kitchen. (3%)
  • ..They're saying it's time to get a takeaway and make sure you get it right by changing it all the time (0%)
  • ..Good I turn it 2u .let's see Mr . (0%)
  • ..Then my culinary skills are beyond her ken. (0%)
  • ..I'll fix mine, you fix yours. (0%)
Votes: 31
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