Tell Me, Please
Tell Me, Please

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • You always have to be the oddball and comedian, you're ruining our surprise Christmas portrait for the family. (11%)
  • He really didn't want to be seen with them! (9%)
  • This is my best side (9%)
  • Fine, you guys look at the camera guy, me I'm watching mom so I can get a treat first! (6%)
  • He is a camera shy dog. (6%)
  • Because I want you to see my tail…. (6%)
  • Talk to the tail! (6%)
  • You guessed it, I'm the one who tells tall tails! (6%)
  • Dont want my picture taken (6%)
  • I’m going to go the other way if the dog catcher comes. (3%)
  • no way r u going take my pic,anyway this is my good side (3%)
  • Not the wrong way, you all are backwards. (3%)
  • Sorry puppers, momma is not turning around until you three brush your teeth! (3%)
  • Because they photo bombed MY photo. (3%)
  • She thought she seen a squirrel! (3%)
  • Nope, I refuse to follow the crowd!!! (3%)
  • I'm the shy one (3%)
  • I'm not turning around until you say please.... (3%)
  • They call me Eddy that's backwards Eddy to you (3%)
  • Oh come on Mikey turn around, we love your dorky smile Smiling (3%)
  • Yeah that's right. I am the cable guy son, now beat it. I'm looking for that pesky crow that keeps bopping me in my head. (3%)
  • passed gas what to make sure they all smell it (3%)
  • It's really not that a big of a deal. I promise you won't be traumatized if you look. (0%)
  • The guard dogs of the main dog doing their job (0%)
  • I am mad are u going 2make it right (0%)
  • I know! They are all Beatles fans and they have recreated a photo from the Sgt. Peppers album. (0%)
  • These PUPS don't look like ME! (...:I don't care if they ARE cute!) (0%)
  • Because she forgot to comb her hair today and she still has her pajamas on! (0%)
Votes: 35
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