My Cat Keeps Looking at Me Like
My Cat Keeps Looking at Me Like

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Wait! I donít even own a cat! (14%)
  • ..Why are you sitting in my chair (10%)
  • ..HEY.. This is My bed , My pillow and My blankie.... GET OFF already!!!! (10%)
  • ..What?? You're not going to eat the beheaded rabbit I just brought you? (10%)
  • ..They own me (7%)
  • ..He's wondering how these insane chimps got put in charge? Puzzled (7%)
  • ..See ya litter!! (7%)
  • ..What! Well maybe. I will think about it. Well maybe. (7%)
  • ..If to say well servant are you going to feed me. (3%)
  • ..Don't you forget I'm the Queen of this house. One wrong move it's off to the dungeon for you. 👸 (3%)
  • ..I"ve lost my mind, which I have. Anyone seen it? (3%)
  • ..and thinks I'm talking to him whenever I'm on the phone, and comes running over for pets and treats. (3%)
  • ..He has total control over me. (3%)
  •'s my turn to catch a mouse! (3%)
  • ..Really! you actually brought in another cat! (3%)
  • ..Itís past lunchtime! Get moving! (3%)
  • are getting very sleepy. Watch my whiskers. You will be asleep in one, two, . . . (0%)
  • ..Yes you are dreaming. You don't have cats. Go back to sleep. (0%)
  • ..She did not do it, I did! (0%)
Votes: 29
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